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1Bugis, 1Jawa, 1Liberal, 1Mandarin song

The RTM tagline is no longer Salam 1Malaysia. It has changed to Salam sehati sejiwa, orangkampung informs us @ 2015/07/29 at 1:26 pm.


Forget Malaysian First. Our PM is Bugis. The DPM is orang Jawa.


Zahid Hamidi hands


Zaid Ibrahim roadshow


Najib raise hands

Emil Chau


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11 thoughts on “1Bugis, 1Jawa, 1Liberal, 1Mandarin song

  1. DAP has superb opportunity here. But chances are they are going to screw it up.

    Play acting la sikit. 3 tahun je.

  2. re: “Forget Malaysian First. Our PM is Bugis. The DPM is orang Jawa”
    Habis tu, sebelah utara ada darah Siam … sebelah selatan ada darah Riau. To be inclusive, RTM kena beri salam 1Nusantara atau salam 1Asean, kot?

  3. thank you for the 1Mandarin song.To break up Malays the way you did is disgusting.Lee Kuang Yu (LKY) used that tag (Bugis,jawa…boyan..orang laut,orang darat..) successfully 50 years ago and win Singapore.

    1. Bugis and Jawa and the rest kan semuanya rumpun Melayu juga?

      Najib’s 1Malaysia is dead. The Chinese tore up the Alliance-BN social contract through the tsunami.

      Umno and PAS are moving towards Malay unity. Like the Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan just said, Umno does not need the BN component parties to rule the peninsula.

      Using the GE13 result calculus, what Mohamad Hassan says is true.

      MCA is the duri dalam daging that is allowing its media empire and other resources to menangkan pihak pembangkang come GE14.

      1. Caught between Machiavellian calculations (picking the likely winner). Malaysia belongs to all Malaysian.Minority or majority have a place in DEwan Rakyat and Dewan parlimen.
        Najib economic tranfomasi is dead.Najib is dead,Why are there Zombies still walking.?His cabinet is no longer first pick.The Manager is struggling.He is beyond repair.
        Winner cannot be allow to take all…in Malaysia or any.

        1. Things are not looking up for BN at the moment, I concede.

          However Najib will be able to maintain control until 2018 – note that Tun is (temporarily) backing off – and thereafter, it is the voting public that will decide.

          The delusional Dapsters think they have a choice between the GOOD (to them, it’s the DAP evangelistas) and the BAD (wicked Umno).

          BN voters, on the other hand, believe that we’re forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. We’re the realists.

  4. Contrast this video(what Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan said) to this video in Cheras(what Muyiddin said).

    If Najib got his way…..Malays will abandon Umno.

    1. Thank you Helan for the platform.
      I believe Malays loves Umno but not the personality in Umno.Umno is not wicked.
      Thanks from USA….some unique Malay diaspora here.

  5. Was told the sehati sejiwa would be used up until Sept 16th as it’s the theme for the National Day celebrations. It has been used since June when Shabery launched the National Day celebrations with a do at Dataran Merdeka.

    1. Okay.

      Not sure who Najib still wants to sell 1Malaysia to.

      Sarawak under Adenan Satem is taking greater and greater pride in S’wak statehood. Sabah harbours the secessionists while in the peninsula the oppo are stepping on the logo like they how injak-injak his gambar.

      His own Umno constituency agrees with Tun – the 1Malaysia adsell is as much a Money-Falling-from-the-Sky con-sultancy as “I love PM” and “Iam4u”. Cukup-cukup lah.

      Rakyat marhaen dah meluat dengan cogankata-cogankata kosong yang dijaja ke hulu ke hilir.

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