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Madame Speaker’s female aide arrested during demo

‘Lady Miss’ Azira, who is Hannah Yeoh’s aide, claims she “was roughened up during arrest”.

Pandai ye si Cina evangelista. While their Malay cannon fodder go and guling-guling di atas jalan raya, the Chinese boss safely at home satisfying the incessant food cravings.


Btw, please lah give the Jalan TAR businesses and Sogo a break. Move on to somewhere else for a change.

Updated (8.40pm):

Eric Paulsen said the charges levied against the #TangkapNajib protesters are “absurd”.


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5 thoughts on “Madame Speaker’s female aide arrested during demo

  1. Tangkap saja semua ni dan kasi 10 lashes of rotan each. Kasi ajaq macam Ahso Apek ajar anak2 mereka, tak rasa betoi2 sakit tak faham bahasa.

    Really sickening.
    The traffic crawls in and out of KL really menyusahkan org.

  2. ‘Btw, please lah give the Jalan TAR businesses and Sogo a break. Move on to somewhere else for a change.’

    Berjaya Times Square or Lot 10 for change? Low Yat?

  3. This is a challenge to Ambiga and all those Pakatan clowns. Have the biggest demonstration in Penang against the PM. Make sure that PKR, DAP, GHB and all the NGOs are involved and the Penangites can join you,

    It should be a successful one, why not? No guts??? Why never in Penang when there are so many of your supporters and the supporters of those political parties who love you so much.

    Make it a weekly affair in Penang??? Why not in Penang????? Scare to do it in Penang or are you scare of LGE??? Don’t claim yourself to be leading an NGO if you are scared of LGE !!!

    Let’s face the truth. LGE will be the first person to ask the police to arrest you if you were to do it in Penang. That’s what hypocrites and hypocrisy are all about.

  4. Lady Miss should learn a lesson from this. Lain kali aid Madam Speaker bab-bab makan, lawat masjid (boleh tambah ilmu), duk ofis ambil nota dan sebagainya. Bab-bab guling tengah jalan, panas-panas ni bagi tau madam tak sesuai. Suruh lah aide yang lelaki buat.

  5. A question for ” anak Malaysia” DAP supporters. Why in the quest of Malaysian Malaysia status, do you allow a blatant use of name of foreign country China among Malaysian Chinese organization zhong guo bao or sjk(c) Chung kwok by doing this other Malaysian is suspicious of Malaysian Chinese. Quit being a racist to the point of becoming a traitor.

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