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Four out of five J-Star readers “angry” at Najib’s call to strengthen unity

The screen capture below shows reader responses to the article ‘Najib: It’s time to strengthen unity, not dwell on 1MDB‘ published in The J-Star today.

Please look at the reader feedback at the bottom of the page. The EvangeliSTAR crowd is 87 percent against Najib Razak.

What say the newly minted BN strategic communications director and his colleague the Multimedia Minister about this?

Screencap of the page is taken at 8.40am

Najib strengthen unity emoticons

A total of 78 percent The J-Star readers clicked the ‘ANGRY’ emoticon. Another nine percent reacted with annoyance (‘ANNOYED’) at the Prime Minister’s call to strengthen national unity among Malaysians.

Only five percent of the paper’s readers reacted positively (‘HAPPY’) to the news.

None … zero … are ‘INSPIRED’ by Najib’s stated resolve to focus on strengthening national unity and improving the welfare of the people.

Click to enlarge full page view

Najib strengthen unity

Note: The J-Star readership is half Chinese, a quarter Malay and a quarter Indian – see pie chart below

Malays reading this paper tidak mungkin akan teruja dengan kerajaan Barisan Nasional. It’s most likely from the Malay readership pool of the J-Star that the DAP ‘moderate’ Malays like Dyana Samad and Syerleena Abdul Rashid are drawn.

Gunting dalam Lipatan

After this expose, I wouldn’t put it past the MCA-owned paper to tweak the responses so that the public sentiment among its readers does not appear so skewed. Kena jaga periuk nasi mah. After all, the J-Star staff are paid their salaries by the MCA as controlling share-holder of the paper.

It’s hardly surprising that the J-Star‘s coverage of 1MDB’s news had prompted a personal complaint from 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda. The MCA paper’s slant in reporting this issue comes close to mirroring Sarawak Report and The Edge.


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MB Negeri Sembilan: “Kalau yang lain tu (MCA) nak mampuih, pergi lah”

Nih pikul biawak hidup jer

Even though the MCA owns and controls the J-Star, this parti bangkai has nonetheless allowed its media conglomerate to be controlled by the evangelistas.

Since the J-Star is a veritable Nest of Evangelistas, it is only natural that its vast readership is anti-Najib – as appears here – and staunch cheerleaders of the opposition, particularly the DAP.

Najib has a lot of enemies all around but the sneakiest is the enemy within continually stabbing him in the back with its pair of poisoned-tipped scissors.


UPDATED: 9.15am

Now only three percent (dropping from the earlier 5%) of J-Star readers are ‘HAPPY’ with Najib’s announcement that the government wants to strengthen national unity.

Najib strengthen unity emoticons2


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36 thoughts on “Four out of five J-Star readers “angry” at Najib’s call to strengthen unity

  1. The way the racist dictator has carried on this week, I’m surprised 100% are not angry with the thieving hypocrite. You Helen, are getting increasingly pathetic on a daily basis.

    1. Wow.

      ~ “racist”
      ~ “dictator”
      ~ thief (“thieving”)
      ~ “hypocrite”

      Nanti bila buku bertemu ruas, baru lah kekawan hang kat Jerusubang akan tahu langit itu tinggi rendah.


      “Beneath Najib’s polished Malay gentleman demeanour lies some very shrewd survival instincts. Those who continue to cross him will probably regret it because having tasted blood, it will be easier the next time around. In fact, he may even come to enjoy the taste of it.” – Joceline Tan in her column today headlined Velvet gloves come off

      1. You have to forgive the kid. He is after all the product of holy juice politics. Look at the words coming from him, words like racist, dictator l o l thief, hypocrite, all so righteous sounding but ultimately self defeating because the same words can also be used to describe the opposition. l o !

          1. I’m just not as stupid as you and the rest of the plums to continue to continue to support a thief who is actually stealing your hard earned money. Even Dr M, a hardcore UMNO man has had enough of Najib and his shenanigans. The fact that you are happy to be continued to be dictated to tells me everythgiing about your submissive mentality, Islam1st. Learn to be independent in your thinking for a change.

            1. Did you go to #tangkapnajib? If you didnt get arrested yesterday, you have NOTHING you can say to us regarding this matter. You didnt do ANYTHING just like us. The difference is we know that getting angry and riled up is not going to change a thing and going there is simply looking for trouble. If you got a solution, pls share. All this sniping and name calling is getting old. So before i break out my BFG2000, you better shush or bring something to the table.

              1. Something to the table? Dude, has Helen written anything new in the last few weeks? Ok, I will admit that she has brought in a new enemy to the table in Zaid Ibrahim. Apart from that, it’s the same old cut and paste job on a daily basis…Hannah and her weight, Dapsters, Evangelistas, creepy Christians, Jstar etc. This blog is now just worth a few trolling comments every now and again until Helen can come up with new material.

                You would have thought that with all that has gone on over the last few days, she would at least have touched on the some of the issues within UMNO that has captivated and divided the country.

                1. re: “some of the issues within UMNO that has captivated and divided the country”

                  Like what? Your Jerusubang idol thinks that our side is on fire. So what do you think we’re talking about?

                2. Where is the Where’s The Justice blog? What is new there? Any solution on 1MDB/UMNO issues there? Any pearl of wisdom about good governance?

                  If Helen dont want to write on this issue then you write la. If she want to recycle ctrl-c ctrl-v, well it is her blog. So what did you do with yours?

                  Stop being so oppo la. Opposing for the sake of opposing. Dpt kuasa pun bukan tau nak buat apa sebab never have the solution in the first place. Akhirnya takde beza pun…

                  1. ‘Akhirnya takde beza pun…’

                    And worst!

                    ‘Where’s the Justice’ kalau tak suka Malaysia boleh berambus pi Singapore! SIMPLE!

                    1. Another Malay with the standard leave Malaysia if you are not happy line. Such a simplistic way of thinking. Can’t you and your ilk come up with something more original than this standard rhetoric? When Najib referred to loyalty over intelligence, I’m sure he had people like you in mind, Islam1st.

                      And don’t take isolated incidents like the one above to discredit a country, you will be laughed at by most. A simple google search on crime/corruption statistics in Malaysia will tell you that the country is up shit creek without a paddle, and certainly far worse off than our southern neighbours.

                      FYI, Bronwyn Bishop, an Australian mp has resigned from her post as Speaker in the House of Representatives for using $5,000 of taxpayers money to cover her travel expenses. $5,000 and she is forced to resign! This is what I call true transparency and accountability, while crooks like your UMNO masters are swindling millions from the rakyat and continue along their merry ways due to the unconditional support afforded to them by people like you.

                    2. ‘while crooks like your UMNO masters’

                      WOW JUST LISTEN TO YOU. So much of common sense eh?

                      ‘Where’s the Justice’ since when I’m answerable for the wrong doings of those crooks in UMNO? I’m not a member. Never has been.

                      And how come those crooks are MY UMNO masters? Because Aku Melayu is it? So all Malays must be answerable for the wrong doings of those crooks in UMNO?

                      How racists can you be? See not that hard to see you true colours ain’t it?

                      Or is this something along the ‘Sins of the Father’, punya konsep? Sorry la brader, Muslims tak subscribe into this kind of nonsense!

                      As for ‘simplistic way of thinking’, I must say, you are the expert!

      2. Helen,

        As for DAP worshippers, Najib deserves no credit at all.

        No doubt 1mdb IS MESSY. I must admit that Najib’ s administration initial remark on 1MDB is not helping.

        But with latest developments with Justo’s detained inThailand and subsequent shady deals by many quarters (such as intention to pay Rm2milion ) gave credence to what Najib has been saying that manipulation by some people to make him, BN look bad.

        Though I share Muhyidddin’s concern on 1MDB, I do not agree with his remark that UMNO will lose if tommorow is PRU14. that is very damaging and demoralising.

        NAJIB has shown to Muhyiddin the exit. what about showing MCA the exit too.

          1. Helen,

            Thanks for the correction.

            This is my advice to Najib, Dr zahid and who’s who in UMNO.

            Remember this. No matter what UMNO, Najib do to the non malays such as granting to their wishes for additional Chinese schools, scholarships, UMNO or NAJIB WILL NO LONGER ENJOY THEIR (chinese) SUPPORT.

            Whether Najib is involved(meaning stealing 1MD money) or not is immaterial to them. And even if Rosmah does not buy that RM24 million ring is immaterial.

            They want Najib to be crucified. They want to “bungkus”UMNO and throw it into indian Ocean.

            UMNO continues to irritate them. For too long this party is standing on their way. How could Lim Dynasty be immortaised with UMNO on its way.

            My advice is Najib to go on ground and explain directly to the malays. Meaning “masuk gelanggang” and start explaining and destroy Rafizi’s logic.

            How to “masuk gelanggang”.

            TAK TAHU?

            Why not learn from someone who knows. Learn from Mohd Hassan , MB of NS. He seems able to read what malays arethinking.

            It is the politician like him that make Malays cling to UMNO.

            AND what better way to “masuk gelanggang” by punishing RAFIZI DEARLY for lying on RM24 million ring. Rafizi said he joked only on that ring

            1. Boss Shamsul … I seemed to have read and understood differently.
              > the 24m ring was a much earlier ‘story’.
              > Rafizi’s joke was something about “with GST … Rosmah can afford to buy more rings …”

      3. We can add the following to the above list, as usual :
        – scissoretti
        – spaghetti
        – pepperoni
        – evangelists’ list
        haahaha, I am not buying.
        Why are they prone to use all those ‘superlatives’? ahaks!

    2. Calm down.

      Melayu pun ramai tak nak Najib. Tapi kalau aggressive macam ni, susahlah …….

    1. He is speaking to his enemies in the language they best understand.

      Democracy is wasted on them.

      1. ‘He is speaking to his enemies in the language they best understand.’

        And to his ‘votes bank’ oso apparently, the so called ‘orang kampungs’, with dakyah orang putih segala.

        Alumni Najib kat UK tak terkejut beruk ke?!

  2. Najib’s own actions are not helping. He has avoided answering all questions directly and always asking his stooges to do it for him. He said wait for PAC report then he disrupted it by taking out 4 members. He sacked AG and disrupted the special task force. He has yet to sue WSJ and SR. He ran away from Nothing2Hide forum. He sacked TSMY for talking about 1MDB. He himself is the single major factor causing the outpouring of negative emotions and perceptions against him. He cannot just hope that people will forget about 1MDB when he himself has done nothing concrete to answer all doubts. Any such attempt will only add more fuel to the fire.

  3. I subscribe Utusan for the past 30 years. Few years back i stopped subscribing The Star and opted for NST.

    Unity is a nice word and everyone want to be associated with it. But to people not to dwell with 1mdb by using the unity card is not a smart call by Najib. I think people tend to take it as a diversion attempt. People are demanding that Najib settled the 1mdb and 2.6 billions alleged scandal. Until then, people dont care about unity or other things Najib says.

    In fact i believe 4 out of 5 Utusan readers are “angry” at Najib’s handling of 1mdb. In my house, it is 7 out of 7, from a malay family whom none has voted or supported opposition before. This time, if Najib dont step down, all of us will vote for Pas in P. Titiwangsa.

    Mr clueless Najib, we want to know “Units, just units” not “Unity, just Unity”. We are not The Star readers. We are Utusan Malaysia readers.

  4. Kepimpinan melalui teladan.

    Apa teladan baik yang mampu dipamerkan oleh PM sekarang Kak Helen? Kehilangan berbillion duit dari 1mdb…susahlah nak terima kalau penyamun nak beri nasihat.

  5. This time I have to agree with the disillusionment expressed by the commenters above. Najib has done nothing about uniting the rakyat except having all those Aidilfitri open houses all over the country.

    His cabinet is not a unity cabinet but a 1MDB cabinet. His most ardent spokesman from Sabah has been doubly rewarded and by his own action there he is seen to be dividing the Sabah base.

    People will still be talking about 1MDB and the tactics he has used to stall the investigations. He may have made some ‘smart’ moves but the jury is still out. There is more division in UMNO now for sure.

  6. Helen you got the wrong gull you thought you abstain from this worst fiasco and you are not strong in the sense that purposely you put the star readers are great jitters dengan lakonan najib and I mdb orang seperti Zeti dan Abu Kasim terpalit dengan sandiwara najib yang got not end jika filem P.Ramlee yang disiar berulang-ulang pun ada ending dan tak rasa jemu ini kan isu I mdb rasa nak muntah

    1. Please sir, can you get your message across clearly? Say it in Malay or English but please say it well.

  7. Tiada masaalah pun kalau nak ampu pun tak kisah as long others faham and got the massage dah good enough yang marah sangat kenapa

    1. Kinda lose interest when i need to decipher your writing message not recieved because i only read halfway use commas and periods la dey pening la baca beli la keyboard baru kalau banyak key rosak tak baik mengata orang yang tegur kita walaupun kita tak suka apa dia cakap tapi dia cakap betul perangai evangelista tu sekian terima kasih :)

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