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Scrap 1Malaysia already! It reminds angry M’sians of 1MDB

Dear PM’s people
(I mean the locals, not the omputih consultants with vested interests),

The slogan “1Malaysia” is poison now. Nothing positive will come out of it anymore.

When you trot out 1Malaysia, it automatically reminds the rakyat of 1MDB. And when 1MDB is brought to mind, ordinary citizens get angry at Najib Razak.

And it is not only the Star-reading, DAP-voting people who are angry at Najib. Utusan-reading, Umno-voting people are angry at the PM too.

Please don’t bother bringing up ‘National Unity’ even though August is Merdeka month. Instead of being made to feel warm and fuzzy over the idea of 1Malaysia, the cynical rakyat only think you’re trying to use the ‘unity’ appeal – and its converse, the spectre of race riots and Chinese scapegoat – to divert public attention from 1MDB.

The feeling 1Malaysia invokes is symbolized by the ‘ANGRY’ icon in the J-Star‘s reader feedback – screencapped below – to the article ‘Najib: It’s time to strengthen unity, not dwell on 1MDB‘.

A total of 85 percent of EvangeliSTARs are angry at Najib even when he calls for “unity”. Pro-establishment folks are no less turned off by 1Malaysia unity blah-blah-blah.

Screenshot taken at 1.45pm

Najib strengthen unity emoticons3

If No.1 wades into an event like #nothingtohide that day, and his Rent-a-Crowd wave the “I love PM” placards, there’s no guarantee that they won’t be manhandled and the placards stomped upon.

I believe that the ‘1Malaysia’, ‘I love PM’ and ‘Im4u’ placards are made of plastic. Send them to the landfill immediately. Also stop giving out 1Malaysia souvenirs (mugs, flasks, T-shirts, etc) at government functions.

Drop 1Malaysia to the bottom of the sea. It’s better that the empty rhetoric 1Malaysia concept, coined by overpriced image and publicity consultants, be drowned rather than have the BN Titanic sink and its caption along with the listing, leaking ship.

The less 1Malaysia is in sight, the less reminders there are of 1MDB. How stupid is it to splash 1Malaysia everywhere and have people reminded of 1MDB constantly?

1MDB is a four-letter word. 1Malaysia is getting to be a dirty word too and associated in public perception with Rosmah.

So stop dwelling on 1Malaysia already. It’s like a sado-masochist compulsively slicing at his own toes with a Bugis keris. Do read the adverse reactions by pro-BN Malays here.

And by the way, The J-Star has selected a subtly unflattering photo of the PM, don’t you think? The look on his face is a bit like a deer caught in the headlights.

Such sneaky bastards – these EvangeliSTARs!

Najib strengthen unity tweet


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

19 thoughts on “Scrap 1Malaysia already! It reminds angry M’sians of 1MDB

  1. The PM has not for no good reason begun to round up trouble makers and to do so at this particular time.

    The British Prime Minister does not dislike or has any desire to embarrass the man. The Brits have been ably assisting the man with his social media and cyberapace intelligence gathering. If the information I have been given is correct which I have no reason at this stage not to, there has been much planning in nationwide anti government protests for the Merdeka day celebration period when all eyes will be (will they?) on Malaysia.

    Amah is target and it is but a matter of time now.

  2. Every time I see people wearing 1Malaysia t-shirt it reminds me of $700 million

  3. 1 Malaysia? 1Malaysia is only for Najib and Rosmah.

    And “I Love PM” and “IM4U” are acts of self-gratification, to put it politely.

    This doesn’t mean I have fallen in love with the evangelistas or the J-Star. They are still shitty sneaky bastards.

  4. Never mind that. Did you the LOOK Rosmah jeling at Zahid’s wife? Either in Gunting or NST (at Sharizat’s Raya do).

    I got frisson of fear.

  5. I’m not done scrapping the 1M4U logos printed on the helmet which my friend gave me. Though a staunch supporter of BN, I feel ashamed donning anything associated with Najib.

    1. I had watched a video on “Suara Akar Umbi – Mesyuarat Pemuda Bahagian UMNO Kuala Kedah” this evening.
      One person was telling the panel of leaders that if PRU is tomorrow(and pointing to the audiences), that those guys are the ones to “pasang and pegang poster … termasuk saya … tak sanggup. Malu …!!!”
      I guess they expect negative things headed their way … from the public …

  6. Najib is super major liability for UMNO/BN. Even some pro BNers are nauseated by him.

    Throwing away the 1Malaysia slogan is next to impossible. Too widely disseminated already.

    Even if we can wipe off 1Malaysia out of people’s minds, how on earth are we going to wipe Najib’s own face off people’s mind?

    As long as people see Najib when they are awake and sleep, BN’s ship will continue to sink. To keep BN alive, we have to replace la. No choice.

    Rajraman: No point flogging a dead horse. No. 1 = dead horse.

    1. He should just drop the slogans and alphabet soup acronymns altogether.

      Btw, once you give up on Najib, then Zahid becomes PM. Unless you fancy a DAP puppet if the gomen goes to the other side.

      1. Yeah, Zahid, tough call that.

        But I’ve come to a point where I don’t want Najib as the No. 1. If the next PM is Zahid then so be it. Hopefully he will do the right thing and that is to call for Umno elections immediately so the members can vote in some new faces. (I’m not a member, fyi)

        1. Then the members will vote Zahid. He was the most popular VP in the last party election. No.2 TSMY was unchallenged for the post.

          As for the new faces, they might be the KJ10Q types just like how the new faces in the DAP (e.g. Yeo Bee Yin, Ong Kian Ming) are the Hannah types.

          1. If its Zahid vs TSMY for President, there’s a likely chance that TSMY may win. The KJ10Q types, hmm maybe some. But I think people have become more wary of them and will gravitate towards what’s comfortable for them, so we are probably gonna get real melayu conservative type.

            Of course this is reaching. Najib has to go before we can get a clearer picture.

  7. Never believe in 1 Malaysia in the first place , how could, while there is wast of differences .

    Slogan and propaganda just wont do ,it’s need’s more than that.

    1. One this … one that … mere slogan propagandas … I shouldn’t expect these coming for sometime(or maybe none) since the person wholly/mostly responsible for the president-like charade is ‘no longer available’.
      With current issues at hand … ‘The Man’ must realise that he needs to buck-up plus use other kind/s of approach … or bye-bye, maybe.

  8. 1malaysia is ok. It should be fine. A lot of pakciks in my hometown has that logo on their helmet or motorbike. Najib still has a lot of supporters, to say the least. PRU14 is still BN’s. For sure.

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