Zaid takes a poke at Zahid

Zahid Hamidi has a reputation for being a Malay hardliner.

Zahid is also among the rare Umno leaders to wear jubah on occasion and with the ability to lead congregational prayers (pix below).

He demonstrated his ease with Islamic parlance when in his acceptance speech, he said his appointment as DPM is God’s will – “Saya terima ini sebagai Qada dan Qadar” – and rolling some Quranic verses in Arabic off his tongue.

Zahid sembahyang

Meanwhile, Zaid Ibrahim has a reputation for being a Malay liberal.

Zaid has the ability to says the kind of things that the Chinese and Christians love to hear.

Some oppo supporters believe that Pakatan 2.0 should tap him for a key leadership role. They’re looking for a Malay political messiah to act as their figurehead, like the role once assumed previously by the guy in the picture below.


Koon Yew Yin, a Christian multi-millionaire, believes that Zaid “has a big following among the educated and upper middle class which cuts across race”. (For the record, Zaid Ibrahim has 87,000 Twitter followers.)

Writing today in Kit Siang’s blog, Koon said that Zaid “has been fighting a lone battle against Islamic extremism and for moderation and sanity in religious and racial politics”.

Koon considers Zaid to be an asset to the opposition because he is “one of the clearest political thinkers in the country”.


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11 thoughts on “Zaid takes a poke at Zahid

  1. Zaid will be used as tissue paper. Once used, will get thrown into dustbin by the “non”

  2. DAP ni take idea nak kutip Melayu mana to join them
    Kena tunggu yang dah layu2 gugur ketanah baru boleh kutip.

      1. bukan DAP ni takde idea cik RINA. idea DAP ni memang ada. mereka bukan kutip melayu yang dah layu2 gugur ke tanah. mereka kutip melayu yang boleh mereka ‘boneka’kan, yang boleh di’perkudakan’ dan yang boleh mereka jadikan macai kemudian hari selepas hari ini dijanjikan segala bagai.

        melayu yang mereka kutip ni jenis yang mimpikan bulan dan bintang tapi tak sedar diuntung.

        sesuai sangatla dengan aspirasi dan matlamat DAP ni….!

    1. RINA,

      A “good” malay from perspective of DAP is the person must be critical of Malay rights, aspirations.

      He must be willing to “bantai” UMNO, malays and paint entire Malay community as racist. He must be willing to mock Malays and portrayc Chinese as being cruelly treated by UMNO(meaninG malay led government”.

      1. shamshul anuar

        Ada buah yang ranum, keteghaq nak luruh org lain nak petik pun tak mau pasai rasa dah tak enak.

        Dah luruh kadang2 binatang pun takmau sentuh pasai tak fresh selalunya dah berulat!

        Hmm. Apa boleh buat kalo takde pilihan, pejam mata makan aje la…

  3. Political opportunists are seldom successful in their political leadership and career. Zaid is an unpredictable politician and his time is over. A politician must have high principle and integrity.

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