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Wah, Hannah Yeoh is “really angry” now

It looks like the DAP is expecting a big turnout of “angry” people for Bersih 4.0.

Will Hannah be in the thick of the crowd or will she be watching the action from the window of a hotel room? wakakakaka

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s tweet during Bersih 3.0

Pic taken fr hotel room where we sought shelter

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s latest tweets … incitement much?

Hannah Yeoh is angry because (she alleges) the government thinks she is “stupid enough to believe this kind of lame justification”.

She also thinks, “This nonsense given by BN is no longer amusing.”


Will Hannah’s ANGER counter hit 1k joules?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

21 thoughts on “Wah, Hannah Yeoh is “really angry” now

  1. There you have it. It’s there for all to see. The Holy Juicy Juice merchant has spoken. She is indeed a dimwit.

    1. re: “She is indeed a dimwit.”

      Hell hath no fury like a “really angry” woman.

      She might follow Papa Dapster’s leadership by example and say, You dare call me a dimwit?! You wait, you just wait lah, and see what I do to you.

    1. I agree. She should.

      Rebels without a cause are best suited to feckless youth. Madame Speaker is already creeping into her late 30s and with two kids in tow.

      The Angry Young Man posture may work for young men (and young women) but when you have a short, suburban Ah Soh trying to do the thing, it’s not an edifying sight to behold.

      1. She may be creeping into her late 30s but she has the money. You know, in this day and age money can do wonders, you know, the Prada bags and the Chanel accessories.

        1. And her clunky wedge shoes may give a few added inches so that she doesn’t appear like a pygmy beside Dyana and Rara but she’ll sprain her ankles one of these days.

          (Hope she doesn’t say it is the BN’s fault when she trips over something wearing those high platforms.)

      2. Helen,

        Previously, support from PAS resulted in decent crowd.

        But PAS did learn a lesson. malay community though critical with UMNO, is not comfortable with PAS submitting to DAP.The result cann be seen where PAS share of malay votes drop in comparison to that UMNO.

        Hannah is angry as malays too wise up. Demonstration after demonstration is testing them too.

        Meaning these people( angry young people) realise why must Uncle Lim and Hannah live in comfort while thdey battle the police.


  2. “Fairy tale” ? That’s a very irresponsible statement from the Speaker of the Selangor State Government.

    With so many followers and her official position, she should be mindful of what she says; especially on agencies like MACC, BNM and others.

    Too immature to be on that seat …

  3. Oh OK… this time let the DAP lovers and evangelist worshippers be the main body of the demonstration… Boleh ker?????

    And… “Wah I am really angry. I am angry because the government thinks I am stupid enough to believe this kind of lame justification.”

    Not only the govt think you are stupid, I and probably many more think so too. If the govt think you are stupid, then for once, the govt is correct….

      1. It is donation money and Najib is willing to reveal the names of the donors. What we the rakyat want is all political parties should come clear who are their donors and not just UMNO. So to Where’s the justice, I ask you this question: Where is the justice that only UMNO should reveal the names of its financial donors but DAP and PKR are reluctant to do so?

        1. “It is donation money and Najib is willing to reveal the names of the donors. ”

          I am prepared to be listed as one of the donors, no problems whatsoever. All I ask in return is for RM1 million in compensation from my old mate Jibby. Sorry lah, but Najib has lost all credibility and most of us, including many UMNO supporters clearly don’t buy into this donor bs. It’s just too convenient and if you believe that a list revealing the donors is going to be legitimate, then you have clearly been brainwashed by UMNO’s spin masters.

  4. What happen to that ‘love thy neighbors’. Church going people like HY should restrain from being angry on anything.

    Getting old when in the same time getting really angry is not wise and soon all the pradas and high heels will mismatch the looks.

    In the past Bersih gatherings the Malays in PAS and PKR plus NGO that made the difference. Not anymore as these Malays had had enough of Dapsters and Evangelistas deceits and lies.

    “Stupid people if they keep learning can turn wise but wise people if they stop learning will become fools”. – myQuote. 😁

  5. I am amused by the reaction to the MACC statement by the PM’s supporters. I am also amused by the oppositions’s reaction. Everyone seems to be tripping over themselves to justify or annihilate the PM. I am also at the same time angry over the issue BUT not enough to join Bersih whatever no. they are on. Nothing the PM does will ever make me join the opposition in their street demos, no matter how angry he makes me.

    But I definitely would love to see HY in the midst of the Bersih rally. Kalau kena tahan lagi bagus. Tapi tweet saja berani Yo Mama Dapster ni.

    1. ‘I am also at the same time angry over the issue BUT not enough to join Bersih whatever no. they are on.’

      Jaga-jaga nanti ada orang tuduh OK sokong perbuatan crooks dalam UMNO pulak. Al maklumlah kita semua ni kan ‘macai’ UMNO masters.

      Tak begitu ‘Where’s the Justice’?

      1. Yeah, jaga2. Dia orang ada freedom of speech. Kita tak berhak. Kalau joint crowd dia orang you jadi rakyat bertanggungjawab kalau tak penjilat jibby (of course kalau you kena tangkap kalau tak viral & popular pandai2 lah lepaskan diri ya


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