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Will Hannah’s ANGER counter hit 1k joules?

Recording below taken at 2.00pm. The Hannah ‘Anger’ meter continues to rise. Madame Speaker is further provoking more rage among her supporters with her follow-up tweets.

That’s right, go on and multiply your anti-establishment anger wave everywhere. It’s what the DAP evangelista politicians do best anyway.

Hannah Wah I am really angry

One of @hannahyeoh’s Twitter followers – see below – wants a vote of No Confidence mooted against Najib in Parliament. Now here’s certainly a more pragmatic suggestion.

A vote in the House is a concrete course of action to take unlike the huffing, puffing, venting and inciting by blowhard politicians such as Hannah.

After all, the sheeple elected the DAP evangelistas as Yang Berhormats. The work of YBs is in the legislative assembly, and not in cyberspace fanning mob sentiment.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

13 thoughts on “Will Hannah’s ANGER counter hit 1k joules?

  1. Ms H. Comparatively, in Singapore, no one talks about the humongous loss of US$ 108 Billions (RM 420 Billions) in October 2008 on Wall Street by the dysfunctional Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats with the smartest fellow on top ! Vide Channelnewsasia Lee Kuan Yew November 2008. Financial Times London Gillian Tett April 2010.

    1. In Australia, mp Bishop has had to resign from her post for using $5,000 of taxpayer money to cover her travel expenses. Just $5,000.

      It comes down to expectations of a society/country/government. In Malaysia, we all know of the underlying corruption and are happy to let certain things slide, but most have had enough of this 1mdb/Najib fiasco. Even hard core UMNO guys like twitter users eddydaud and Rais Hussin appear to have lost faith in the current government.

      1. Who ? Eddydaud ? Rais Hussin ? Who dat ? We might have lost faith in Najib BUT NOT in the current government. I for sure do not want DAPsters Dapjjal to run the country. Thought you’re leaving the country already. No ?

        Greedy people wants to take control of the country, thats all you wanted, you don’t want goodness prevails in this country. You DAPjjal just want more ways to make money, without the government and any moral values interfering with it. Theres so much wrong in our society that needs attention. Its the people. Like YOU.

        1. Helen knows of eddydaud and has used his tweets in her articles.

          Funny how you automatically associate anyone who is anti government as being a DAP member/supporter. In my case it’s so far from the truth. I’m definitely part of the ABU camp because I have seen the BN government become progressively worse post Mahathir.

          Am not convinced about the opposition either, but my distrust towards the government makes them the default party that I will cast my vote to in the next elections.

          “We might have lost faith in Najib BUT NOT in the current government

          Doesn’t look like Najib is going to relinquish his position anytime soon.

          “Greedy people wants to take control of the country, thats all you wanted, you don’t want goodness prevails in this country. ”

          Really? In the current climate with the whole IMDB/Najib/Cabinet reshuffle issues, now is probably not the right time to be pointing fingers.

          “without the government and any moral values interfering with it.”

          Facepalm. I really don’t know what to say lah, some UMNO supporters just refuse to acknowledge reality.

          1. ‘Funny how you automatically associate anyone who is anti government as being a DAP member/supporter.’

            ‘I’m definitely part of the ABU camp’

            Ala dua kali lima la tu!

  2. Quote: “Everyone’s talking about it in the parks”
    If she had said at mamak shop, it would sound more believable. Orang Malaysia jarang pegi parks pagi-pagi, tambah pulak pagi hari Kerja. Unless she meant car parks.

    So, when is the Bersih demo again? I don’t wanna miss watching HY being arrested.

    1. Probably she’s thinking of this sort of parks kut.

      Kalau kat kawasan saya ada le dalam 5-6 orang tua tua dok senam hari2.

    2. Haha, everybody, how many bodies did she manage to encounter? This is purely dilussional propagating. She means she went to the park this morning? Unbelievable. Btw.she should go there often to loose a few inches.

  3. I don’t like Hannah Teoh sebab dia evangelist. US Republicans sometimes come across as crazies due to the behaviors of their core supporters are evangelical christians whites.

    Tapi dalam hal ini. Sentimen Hannah tu sentimen ramai rakyat Malaysia. Orang kampung semua dah kecoh.

    Bagi can la Helen. Jangan Sasha Fierce sangat.

      1. betoi jugak kata RINA… dah keje dia speaker, memang kena speak la kan…
        tapi kan, masalah dia ni cuma 1 aje…..
        bila dia diam…kelihatan macam orang yang bodoh.
        bila dia buka mulut…sahih pulak kebodohannya!

        lepas tu dia marah-marah because the government think she is stupid enuf….

        abih tu takkan nak kata dia pandai walhal dia sendiri yang punya soalan mulut!

        haiya nyonya….!

  4. Kinda weird to see the “politically enlightened” to be unaware of the fact that Madame Speaker is not a Member of Parliament thus is unable to move a motion of no confidence in the Dewan Rakyat. If I may make a prediction for the next GE, I suspect she’ll be given a “promotion” & will be asked to contest a parliamentary seat in view of making her the first woman speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.

    Btw, saw that your blog is less than 1k from going 6 tons up. Quite a monumental achievement & rightly you should be proud of that. Cheers!

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