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J-Star extols nasi lemak and promotes congkak

The J-Star editorial today put a “focus on spreading love”.

The paper says that if you’re unable to respond and reciprocate the loving kindness that the Jom Kawan do-gooders – see pix below – are proffering to perfect strangers, then you must be “the most selfish and cold-hearted” person indeed.

The EvangeliSTARs support this and other unity projects to “get people of different races, religions and political stripes to sit and be friends”.

My comment: They wanna kawan-kawan this week but the week after next, they’re still taking to the streets for Bersih 4.0 and chanting not so-loving slogans like “tangkap Najib”, “kuburkan Umno” and “hancur BN”, correct?

BELOW: The ‘Jom Kawan’ publicity event highlighted by The J-Star today



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14 thoughts on “J-Star extols nasi lemak and promotes congkak

  1. First of all, we are in Malaysia not some God-forsaken-moral-deficit country. There are certain “adab” when you greet people. You don’t just buat kecoh and hold banners and what not trying tomake friends.

    If a perfect stranger approach me and say “jom kawan” or “jom kita makan-makan”, I would feel suspicious and most likely decline.

    Why would I want to waste my time makan2 with someone I don’t know and don’t want to know?

    Its funny – look at the photo… that uncle’s face shows how confused he is when a yound women suddenly jump in front of him and “jom kawan”…what a mad thing to do.

    Cant they just do something more intelligent? Oopps….sorry, I forgot. YOu need brains to do that…

    1. re: “when a young woman suddenly jumps in front of him and “jom kawan”… what a mad thing to do”

      Just like the ‘Scratch and Win’ salesgirl. Niat is suspect.

  2. Kak Helen

    Got to show you this kurang ajar post by Liew Chin Tong. The poor SPCA need funds for the animals and this idiot is using the poor animals to poke fun at Najib. So this is what high class people do.

    Really low class.

  3. Helen,

    Their promotion is just like the evangelist is promoting , ” Jom pergi Masjid ” , well, the notion could be appreciated but the sincerity is very much in question .
    Propaganda on unity, has been proven failed ,it’s need more then that.

  4. Ah, the ‘We love everything Malaysia’ season has started. Let us unite over teh tarik, roti canai, nasi lemak, pisang goreng. Did they forget to distribute flags?

    Btw jom kawan, nak ajak pi mana? Macam tak lengkap aje ayatnya.

  5. ‘Jom kawan’ thing is mere nonsence. 2015 baru nak mula buat2 kawan, MCA (J-star) selama ni dok buat ape?

    Melayu bukan setakat main-main jom kawan aje.

    As early as the ’50s my grandpa already adopted 2 chinese unwanted baby girls.

    My SIL is a Chinese

    My siblings attended SJKC

    Few of their kids also attend SJKC

    I live in a 98% Chinese community,

    My parents and I employ Chinese maids (locals)

    J-Star giving away ‘jom kawan’ t-shirts?

    Real jokers….try harder la.

  6. The gomen has been organising many events towards achieving this course. Have they been participating?

          1. ‘Jom Kawan’…..?
            Biasanya orang berkawan bukanlah sebab politik. Orang berkawan sebab ada tarikan dan minat antara satu sama lain. Orang jugak berkawan sebab ada hobi yang sama.

            Kalau ada orang berkawan kerana kempen ‘Jom Kawan’… bukan ke itu hanya berideologi politik?

            Kawan dalam politik ni, sekejap lagi boleh jadi bermusuh.

            Takmo kawanlah!

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