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UPDATED: Small good news, big bad news

First a small piece of good news – my blog passed six million hits yesterday. See hits counter in the right sidebar below my avatar.

six million

Thanks Mahaguru58, real name Haji Zainol Abideen and protem president of Muslim Bloggers Alliance, for including me in the pantheon of old school bloggers alongside Rocky, Voicey and other seniors – see below.

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Needless to say, the great-granddaddy of Malaysian bloggers is Raja Petra Kamarudin who is also the most influential opinion shaper in Malaysian blogosphere.

RPK wrote something interesting yesterday about the New Hope, as follows:

“Now DAP is helping to finance the defeated group to set up a new Islamic party that will replace PAS in Pakatan Rakyat. DAP is really pushing its luck and bringing Malaysia to the brink of turmoil. The Malays can only tolerate so much Chinese interference in Malay affairs. Go over the limit and all hell will break loose.”

Now for the bad news.

Yeah, I agree with Raja Petra that DAP is really pushing its luck and bringing Malaysia to the brink of turmoil. Of late, I see the DAP evangelista leaders, their political operatives/Red Beanies and their ABU supporters going over the limit as Raja Petra rightly observes.

Hannah Yeoh for instance has been deliberately instigating public anger.

She is spreading her anger and multiplying the number of angry people among her Twitter followers. See below Hannah’s tweet where she vented on how “really angry” she is.

Hannah managed to get almost 1,000 of her followers to echo and multiply her “really” anger and then send out more waves and waves of anger. That’s what DAP evangelista politics is all about. Creating anger and inciting resentment among the rakyat.

Hannah Wah I am really angry

In a series of angry tweets, Hannah also ranted “This is too much already!” and “This nonsense given by BN is no longer amusing” (retweeted 839 times).

She further asked her 115,000 twits, i.e. followers on Twitter, “Do you think MACC has just assisted in mobilising a big crowd for Bersih 4.0 by releasing that fairy tale statement?”

The opposition had previously managed to mobilize big crowds for the Pakatan hate fests such as the Blackout rallies by fanning anger among their supporters through feeding the mob resentment and hatred.

Evangelista leaders have been successful in peddling their Politics of Hate to the point that hate has become the rocket fuel propelling the DAP into the second biggest party in Parliament.

But as Raja Petra has warned, “Go over the limit and all hell will break loose.”

The DAP playing on and pushing public anger – like what Hannah Yeoh is so adept at doing – to attract a mammoth crowd for the Bersih 4.0 street demo is a case of going over the limit. It is very foolhardy for the evangelical party to play with fire, considering the tinder box of race and religion tensions that we’re already saddled with.

It’s quite possible that they’re going to cause all hell to break loose, like Raja Petra is predicting. But then again, these greedy gold and self glory-seeking evangelista politicians don’t care about the consequences of their calculated mob incitement.

Pic taken fr hotel room where we sought shelter

That’s because the politicians themselves will not be caught in the hell that’s broken loose. They will be safe and protected somewhere.

It is only their unthinking followers who will be caught in the crossfire. Like when the Dapsters were being teargassed during Bersih 3.0 and Hannah Yeoh was watching the mayhem occurring below from the window of her hotel room a few storeys up.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is impossible to get any modicum of reason or sense through to the brain-addled DAP followers. These no-hope, no-cure Malaysians are so deeply indoctrinated that they’re actually raring for a confrontation in Bersih 4.0.

Ambiga with Hannah Yeoh

Updated 9.00am

The Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak says:

“[…] the British opposition, while it objects to the move, does not ask the people to take to the streets and riot so that the government can be brought down through violent means. It disagrees with the government action but it still can look at the whole thing with maturity.

“It is time that the Malaysian opposition, too, became more mature and not treat any disagreement with any government decision as a reason to take to the streets and riot.

“This street culture is what brought down governments in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries. However, the changes that happened after that were not always for the better and many times the country became even worse.

“Malaysia needs an opposition but an opposition that is more responsible. History has shown that any government that is changed through violent means is later also brought down through the same violent means. And Malaysia’s racial balance is too delicate to take such risks.” – excerpt from SSK’s blog (5 Aug 2015)

Helen’s reminder: Hannah Yeoh is most immature and irresponsible for inciting anger and instigating her rabid followers to take to the streets at this time when (in the words of Communications Minister Salleh Keruak) “Malaysia’s racial balance is too delicate to take such risks”.

Hannah preaches love-love-love but she is full of hate.


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50 thoughts on “UPDATED: Small good news, big bad news

  1. Tahniah Cik Helen.

    Hannah tu ada inferiority complex. Perasan diri dia ‘kaya’ tapi tak ‘kaya’. Talak ‘kekayaan’ dari segi budi pekerti, adat, budaya, keimanan dan wang ringgit.

    Maybe she is trying so hard to be noticed? Macam Namawee Dan Alvin Tan? Sekok trying so hard to be loqlaq. The other even freely showing his dangling private parts with a huge tattooed cross.

    Haiyaaa.. Cheap publicity using free social media.

    1. Teresa dah terikut Namawee keluarkan video.
      Just hope Hannah tak terikut macam Alvin Tan sudah le.

      1. re: “Hannah tak terikut macam Alvin”

        Kalau gitu, pasti kita yang tersiksa. Aeeiiiee…

  2. You deserve praise for clocking up 6,000,000 hits. You are perhaps the most prolific and skilled blogger on the next where local affairs is concerned.

    Your linguistic skills, and your ability to write short and to the point prose without the speculative nonsense found elsewhere says a lot about you as a writer and a person.

    Never a dull moment on your blog.

    What I enjoy most about your blog is the dexterity of phrases and words in Bahasa, English, pasar Chinese and Tamil (curly wurly writings) that cuts across all sectors without repetitive cliches,

    Din Merican does not even come close. He may have a following but thats one of a cultivated group of the converted in his social circle and thats not really a barometer of his intellect, his writing skills or his capacity to carry an argument. When people censor that which is inconvenient they lack credibility. Popularity maybe their creed but not the truth or good robust intellect. None of the others like Rocky (perhaps a little different category to be kind to him) and certainly not the incredulous Malaysia Today can hold a candle to you.

    Like Merican the vast majority of Malaysian ‘bloggers’ are mere intellectual lightweights who do it to reinforce their sense of self. They need to re assure themselves that they are alive and relevant (to themselves)………its the “Mirror mirror on the wall” syndrome. Like Merican if you say something they do not agree with they will censor you. Thats not blogging, that’s not free debate, that’s the Wicked Queen in Snow White at work before the mirror.

    One final thing, you deserve congratulations for being able to resist the temptation to spread unsubstantiated rumours to be popular and to do so consistently and still maintain a very large following. Just goes to show that the lowest common denominator is not everything and not everywhere. Amongst the opposition maybe but not elsewhere.

    Keep going

  3. I come here not only for the information and the latest news but also for the language and manner of writing. There is a lot to pick up from here. Not to forget, the commentators remark which are equally inspiring.

  4. And I remain your avid follower. Always and eagerly waiting your next postings

    Thank you Ms Ang

  5. Helen,

    If the evangelist want to brake lose the Hell ,is their choice , nobody could stop them. They must have calculated this is the best time where they see the Malays, are further divided into so many clan’s with the latest development in Malaysia political scene . Now we have pro Najib and anti Najib ,Pasma and anti Pasma part from the long existing one like pro PAS and pro PKR @Anuar ,and others that we might never knows.

    The evangelist are seen to be strongly together, with their common goal ,could it’s, be any other time better ?.

    Hence if Hell are broke loose ,should “we” ( I can’t imagine who’s) blamed them , they are just taking the opportunity that had been lay out to them .
    I would rather believe, the present leadership should be blamed ,given them a better opportunity ,which cannot be missed .

    1. believe me, when all hell break loose, the government will be the one to blame. I can already read the script : umno using racist approach, police meddling with the ‘peace’ rally, isma trump the pendatang word which will all point to either government or malay/muslim organizations. the malays especially the supporters and the fence sitters will shun away from voting due to scandals and mismanagement from najib administration. meanwhile, evangelista will keep on attacking and reflecting at the same time until they succeed in the game of throne. after that, Singapore 2.0 for you and me.

  6. Congratulations Helen!

    Anecdotally, the older Chinese seem to be growing wary and weary of the DAP shenanigans but they are not vocal about it. As the elections are a long way off; most are going on with their lives and taking a wait and see attitude. ..

      1. Postscript

        MCA must tell the older Chinese that the DAP is today controlled by evangelical Born Again Christians.

    1. You would notice the barrage of jokes from the DAP side making fun of the DONATION. You would also notice that there are calls for DAP and PKR to disclose their donor.

      I have got a question. Anybody questioning the wealth of the Evangelista churches.The super sized church in the Klang Valley is stadium sized. How can that be funded? Imagine if every devotee gave RM250 a week which RM1000 a month, I don’t the church of that size can be built. RM1000 a month means the devotee earns RM10,000 a month (assuming the 10% tithe rule).The Anglican even with a government grant found it tough to finance the restoration of the church. In fact where does the mall sized City Harvest get their funds and is able to build a mall sized church on prime land?

      Does anyone question their funding? In fact where does the devotees get so much money to donate to the building a stadium or mall sized churches?

      1. re: Anybody questioning the wealth of the Evangelista churches.

        Why question wealth owned by private individuals/bodies?

        1. If they’re registered as RM2 companies, then their wealth would be business profits and taxable. They’re not registered as religious organizations or charities to be tax exempt.

          1. Let say the church building cost RM10 mil. The church is registered as corporate entity and liable to pay income tax. Somehow, no such tax is paid. It will not render the church or the building as illegal. At most, the church or the directors of the RM2.00 company will be fined or imprisoned.

            1. re: “At most, the church or the directors of the RM2.00 company will be fined or imprisoned.”


  7. Congrats helen. Keep up the good work. :) Don’t stop being interesting.
    A word for the opposition. Maybe i don’t trust the ruling party about money but i don’t trust you lot to govern over me.

  8. Congrats!

    3 main reasons why I read Helen:
    1. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is.
    2. She allows all comments to go through with very minimum censorship.
    3. She will argue with you base on facts, not emotions. I don’t get curses and swears when I disagree with her.

    To borrow the clown’s absurd phrase – Kipidap, Helen!

  9. “3. She will argue with you base on facts, not emotions.”

    You must be taking the piss.

    1. There you are. I knew that would bring you out. I’m just slightly disappointed the sentence is so mild. I guess you’re easier on me than on Islam1st.

      Anyway, I wish you a nice day. Go easy, don’t want you to burst a blood vessel yet.

      1. Islam1st appears to be taking things very personally and keeps on quoting my past statements. I feel bad that I might have hurt his feelings somewhat and if you may have noticed, I have not responded to him over the last couple of days due to this. The kid means well and I have been overly harsh with him. I have nothing against you whatsoever, my fellow brother in humanity, just thought that point no 3 must have been a joke.

        1. That’s all right. You have your opinion and I have mine (neither one is right or wrong), and someday maybe the twain shall meet.

        2. ‘Islam1st appears to be taking things very personally’

          I thought senile people like you needs some TLC once in a while, no?

          ‘and keeps on quoting my past statements.’

          I’m doing you a favour la, worried you go hilang ingatan pulak, one of these days.

    2. It is actually the other way around. She “argues with emotions, not facts”.

      If Christian-bashing is written off as articulate arguments and ‘dexterity of phrases and words’ means creating childish primary school insults such as ‘Hannah Banana’, and ‘Dapster’, then it appears the cyberbloggers on the government’s side is far short of the mark. And they wonder why they keep losing the war on social media and the internet.

      No wonder Najib himself calls them ‘blogger bangang’.

      1. re: “creating childish primary school insults such as ‘Hannah Banana’”

        Aiyah, AC-DC. Pls lah, check your facts first before you simply accuse. It was not me who coined “Hannah Banana”. That’s what her own friends call her b’cos obviously that’s what she is.



        1. Double click on the picture to enlarge the “Hannah Banana” greeting circled in red.

      2. But when you speak to the Hannah Banana types of this world you have to speak slowly and write in such terms as you suggest Helen does lest it goes over their collective heads. They are not waiting for Helen or a change of government, they are waiting for the second coming of the messiah. And he is neither a Bumiputera, Malay or Muslim.

        “Cyberbloggers,?” I am surprised you haven’t used the term cybertroopers, or UMNO cybertroopers or BN cybertroopers.

  10. Congrats 6 million…. tapi kerja belum habis lagi.Lawan tetap lawan the Evangelistas.
    BTW. You were mentioned in the comment section of Ridzuan Tee.
    12:05 PM, August 03, 2015
    Anonymous said…

    Kita ada dua orang kaum Cina yang sanggup menelanjangkan tipu helah ultra kiasu; seorang muslim Prof Ridhuan Tee dan seorang lagi blogger non-muslim Helen Ang. Kedua-dua sedang teruk diserang ultra kiasu demi menyatakan kebenaran. Mungkin yang kedua boleh ditarbiyah supaya setuju dengan apa yang Prof perjuangkan.

  11. Hmmm … 6 million hits i.e. units la tu … I wonder, apa Boss Helen akan buat kalau dapat 6 million RINGGIT, instead … A nice long holiday is in the list, I guess … hi hi hi
    Anyway … congratulations.

    1. re: “units la tu”


      re: “A nice long holiday is in the list”

      Sekarang pun rasa nak cuti … sakit. Sedang batuk dan selsema.

  12. ‘“We are where we are because many of us are scared to speak up and defend what is right. We think that so long as the transgressions do not affect us why should we get involved.

    “Only when the whole system becomes rotten, and the police start behaving like the Gestapo then we realise our lives and our businesses are all affected,” he said.
    – See more at:

    Zaid should by now realise that Islam is not the enemy. But the lacks of it, is.

  13. Salam. Ada betulnya yg penyokong DAP, PKR dan G18 di alam maya susah hendak menerima perspektif lain terutama dalam sentimen Melayu dan bumiputera dalam pengundian pilihanraya. Mereka terlalu yakin yang akhirnya undi Melayu dan bumiputera akan mereka dapat cukup untuk menakluki Puterajaya dalam PRU nanti. Hakikatnya, majoriti Melayu terutamanya akan menolak mereka disebabkan sikap yang melampau. Wassalam.

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