Zaid’s wannabe 100,000 rally to unite M’sians in HATE

Zaid Ibrahim has joined the DAP Hate & Hypocrisy brigade.

Zaid urged, “So perhaps a rally of a 100,000 Malaysians is necessary for two reasons: to show that Malaysians are not afraid to save this country and that the support for Najib is skin deep.”

He is inciting the masses, just like Hannah Yeoh.

Zaid 100000 against Najib
Hannah really angry

A couple of days ago, Zaid Ibrahim addressed “senior representatives of the corporate world” at the invitation of The Economist, a London international publication.

Zaid said in his speech to the Economist audience, “The people especially the opposition leaders and those active in social media today live in fear of the Prime Minister and his hatchet men.”

(Helen: Oh really? The Dapsters dominating social media “live in fear of the PM”, you say? Is it typical behaviour for fearful people to be so aggressive and biadab siot to the object of their fear?)

Zaid Malaysiakini


Zaid said, “I would like to advise the new AG that while supporting the Prime Minister is a wonderful thing, we have laws that everyone has to follow!”

(Helen: I’d like to hear you say this to TS Apandi’s face.)

azira fru
Madame Speaker’s young aide detained at the #TangkapNajib illegal protest

Zaid said, “This past Saturday, students and young activists were hauled up by the Police just for expressing their disgust towards the Prime Minister.”

(Helen: No, they were hauled up for not adhering to the provisions of the Peaceful Assembly Act.)

Zaid thinks the cabinet ministers loyal to Najib are “clowns” who give “the stupidest excuses” and are “an embarrassment to the country”.

(Helen: I hope that the BN strategic communications team and the Ministry of Communications will step up to the plate and combat such slurs, i.e. something the BN should have started doing seven years ago.)

Azalina Zaid

Zaid also names “the distinguished company” as cabinet ministers “Rahman Dahlan, Azalina Aziz (sic), Salleh Keruak, and Ahmad Maslan”.

(Helen: Kalau nak perli orang pun, do try and get their/her name correct lah.)

Zaid said, “Former Deputy Prime Minister Muhiyuddin Yassin was asked to leave because he was asking too many questions about 1MDB.”

(Helen: TSMY sebenarnya dipecat kerana melanggar Bos.)

Zaid: “We must remember that Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise in this country; because of Najib Razak, and his policies.”

(Helen: Islamic fundamentalism is also on the rise because it is a backlash to the Christian evangelical assault.)

Zaid: “Najib and friends however will not relinquish their position in Government; and with Muhiyuddin launching his forces from the south, we can expect an internal bloodbath within Umno soon. Again the stability of the country is at risk, at very high risk.”

(Helen: Knowing that the stability of Malaysia is at very high risk, why is Zaid encouraging 100,000 angry Malaysians to take to the streets?)

Zaid against Najib

Zaid is guilty of doublethink. He talks about his call for the rally to be about unity and uniting Malaysians to save Malaysia.

In actual fact, this kind of a street demo will only draw the most resentful Malaysians to join for the purpose of creating chaos.

It splits Malaysia into two, like Thailand’s Yellow Shirts vs Red Shirts. It’s all about ‘them’ vs anybody not aligned with their aim of toppling Najib.


The biggest factor uniting these hateful people is their hatred and desire for Arab Spring anarchy. It looks like the DAP has now got its very own “top Malay” climbing on board their bandwagon in the form of Zaid Ibrahim.


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23 thoughts on “Zaid’s wannabe 100,000 rally to unite M’sians in HATE

  1. But each time the MACC officers have tried to do their job unimpeded they have been interfered with, slandered, accused of corruption, of being government stooges of being liars and murderers (remember Teoh Beng Hock).

    Now when exactly did Zaid and the DAP fall from their proverbial horses on their road to Damascus?

    It is at times like this that I crave the ISA and a good water cannon beating for these morons. And Zaid they say is a “brilliant lawyer”. Must be from the Ambiga school of legal practice.

    1. Really? Is that the sum total of your “logic”?

      What about “bad apples” and “good eggs”?

      Or a perception that the MACC has always been on the “side of the angels”?

      Maybe Zaid and the DAP have realised that there is no other way to get to the bottom of obfuscations than to invoke the unimpeded cooperation of those bodies which have been tasked to do just that.

      Religious connotations notwithstanding!

      1. It is the sum total of my logic. Don’t flatter yourself. I am addressing the likes of yourself. I need not apply rocket science or an advanced logic when dealing with a constituency of losers like Zaid’s Arthur today Martha tomorrow types. That would be like casting pearls before swine. And even then swine have some standards and I am careful with them.

        1. grKumar,

          Zaid maybe popular among DAP circle. But he has not much support among Malay community.

          To be credible and respected in Malay politics, a person must win in Malay majority area. As an example, Mohd Sabu may be highly regarded by DAP . But he is rejected in Malay community.

          The same goes for Rafizi. He won in Pandan in a constituency of 44% malays. I doubt he would win in Kemamam, his birth place.

          The recent demonstration attracts less than 200 participants. Thanks to PAS that wises up. Only loses like Adam Adli joined in.

      2. I am feeling the urge to haul rotten eggs to the street demos. Sick of (angry) with the continuous insinuation by the provocateurs. Only they can put up those demos. What about us the solent majority?

        One of these days I should go to kl with my bags of rotten eggs. Anyone would like to join?

        1. Quote: Only they can put up those demos. What about us the solent majority?


          Throw eggs?

          What is the point in faulting others for usurping your voice when you chose to be the ‘silent majority’?

          Live with your choices and let others live theirs.

  2. Anything to distract from the economic woes, eh?

    What better way to do that than by targeting “scapegoats” and “villains”?

    If only the “markets” and foreign investors were more compassionate and understanding about Malaysia’s predicament?

    But I forgot – you are not an expert on the economy, investments, markets etc, are you?

    1. How is it now become my “distracting from economic woes” when it was Zaid who spoke to “senior representatives of the corporate world” at an event hosted by The Economist just a couple of days ago?

      And in what way am I diverting from currents issues/news when it is Bersih itself that called a press conference to announce their street demo as well as the DAP, Madame ‘really angry’ Speaker and the New Hopers have been gung ho in promoting it?

      re: “But I forgot – you are not an expert on the economy, investments, markets etc, are you?”

      Unlike you tin kosong clanging a lot of noise about the rebellion in Syria when you’ve never fired a gun in your life.

    2. Wonder why the markets are ignoring doomsayers like you and the opposition of loosers you support. The market will always remain the market including Anwar’s supporters who made squillions when he was DPM and who inspite of crying corruption will not give up their loot they made with him.

      The economy is dynamic and not static. It never remains the same. Are you suggesting Zaid and co will make it permanently better. If so better than what? Zaid, LKS and their like have no track record in economic management. None whatsoever.

      Pull the other one Rithmatist

    3. And who are? the experts in all fields. non other than the self-proclaimed dapsters? …on my way to ..puke.

    1. Not sure he bang who but he got banged-up really bad(and died) and everybody from oppo ganged-up and banged SPRM for that and SPRM still get bang now for other issues and those who had previously ganged-up to bang SPRM, now want those who are currently banging SPRM to get banged. That’s about it … I guess.

  3. The Singaporean is here to talk about Malaysia. Pi balik dok diam2 di negeri awak dan jangan ganggu kami. Macamlah Singapore itu terbaik sangat.

    This guy is DAP’s unofficial bridge to Singapore.

      1. You mean Zaid means he is a basket case. First they say Malaysia is a failed state and I can see their reasoning for that when you have the numbers that move over to an opposition devoid of any policy it must be a failed state. A failed state of mind.

        1. re: “You mean Zaid means he is a basket case.”

          The Dapster-evangelistas see him as their political messiah. They’re desperately looking for a Malay figurehead, like Nizar who headed the Pakatan Perak administration.

  4. Salam. Kena pujuk TGHH dan PAS dulu agaknya. Sebelum ni pun yg banyak turun pun org2 PAS dan unit amal. Rasanya tak ramai yang nak turun kot. Wassalam.

    1. Salah seorang pembantu Hannah Yeoh ditangkap polis tempoh hari tatkala menyertai bantahan #TangkapNajib.

      Hahaha, kakitangan Melayu Puan Spekaer juga yang turun ke jalanan.

  5. ……Dap has got all the top Malays now….

    Agak kalo kena masuk compete like the ‘Last Man Standing’, these so called ‘top Malays’ boleh menang tak?

    We need not only mentally bright representatives but also physically fit and healthy ones tau tak? Badan sihat otak cergas. Yang kaki2 mabuk no way please.. Cannot trust drunkards.

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