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Perkasa committing khalwat and Ibrahim Ali born again

Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali said his organization “had fallen in love” with the Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia group.

Perkasa will “go on an overnight retreat to spend time” with CPHM in order to “understand” the Christians better.

Ibrahim Ali Christian Love


About the planned overnighter together, do choose a classy hotel ya guys. Is YTL sponsoring?


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12 thoughts on “Perkasa committing khalwat and Ibrahim Ali born again

  1. In the name of national unity, all religious group should come together for the sake of the people. Religion is not only about believing in GOD but also to live and understand each other as a nation.

  2. This is a positive development, given the divisiveness based upon religion which has been going on in Malaysia driven by party political interests which are literally playing political football with God.

    It is good that Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia have spoken up to say “Enough is enough”.

    1. Ha ha ha, the peaceful and harmonious Christians wanna spend not just ‘one’ night but a FEW nights together with Perkasa.

      Their love nest is to be called “Peace and Harmony Retreat” where both sides can “play” together.

      1. So do you prefer continued religious strive and animosity?

        You seem to assume that all Christians are the same as the particular group of “evangelistas” politicians you condemn for using religion for political gain but have the people in in this Christian group been responsible for that in the past?

        If they have, then you have grounds to by cynical but if not, then why are you being so cynical about this initiative at dialogue to achieve better inter-religious understanding?

          1. Where and what is this picture about and when did it happen?

            Just because Rev. Wong Kim Kong was pictured sitting beside Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders at some event, some time back does not say much about his stand back then and more importantly now.

            When Lim Guan Eng was out on bail pending the result of his appeal over that Malacca issue, I was at the Press Club and at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall to support and console him and even told LGE that I would never regard him as a former criminal after he is released.

            However, that does not stop me from criticising LGE for not doing enough on matters such as affordable housing and ecological preservation in Penang and it did not stop me from sending LGE a petition to protest the demolition of Kg. Buah Pala.

            Basically, people do have a right to change their opinion.

            From this Malaysian Insider report, it appears that Rev. Wong and other Christians are genuinely concerned about growing inter-religious antagonisms between Christians and Muslims.

            “The idea of a new NGO came about after Wong was approached by several grassroots Christian leaders who expressed concerns over the increasing racial and religious sentiments in the country.”

            “After I left the NECF, I was training and counselling some pastors. And at this time, Christianity became very prominent in society because of the ‘Allah’ issue and everything else.

            “Because of this, Christians have been perceived to be against the government and against Muslims. So these grassroots leaders came to me and said that it was time to do something to pacify the situation,” said Wong, who is a founding member of Malaysia Care.”


            Also do not forget that Christians are a very diverse group comprised of an estimated 30,000 Christian denominations and sects worldwide, many of which have minor and major doctrinal differences with each other.

            This paragraph in the same Malaysian Insider article above shows that there isn’t unanimity between different Christian organisations in Malaysia.

            “Critics of the new group have questioned its inception, noting that the other prominent Christian groups like Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM) and Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) have distanced themselves from this non-governmental organisation.”


            Evangelical Christians are especially diverse, sometimes with just one church headed by one pastor, so what does Rev. Wong have to do with the City Harvest Church which you say has a connection with Hannah Yeoh.

            “Hannah Yeoh’s connection with City Harvest Church / Reverend’s bogus PhD?”


            From its website, City Harvest Church Petaling Jaya was founded by one Kevin who is 28 years old now.


            I have always been for inter-ethnic and inter-religious equality and harmony, though in conversations with fellow Malaysians of different races and religions I see plenty of racial and religious hatred motivated by vengeance below the surface and quite frankly, I do not like it and it is due to a very narrow and ignorant political perspective.

            This is unlike Dr. Martin Luther King who fought against racial discrimination against Blacks, not by advocating Black hatred for Whites but by uniting Blacks with anti-racist Whites and other ethnic groups to jointly oppose racial discrimination against people based upon skin colour and his Civil Rights movement achieved significant gains for Blacks and other people of colour in the United States, even though their success was limited and Blacks in the United States still face more subtle forms of racial discrimination in employment and so forth.

            I once asked a La Salle brother what he thought about the “Allah” issue and he replied that it should have been settled through dialogue between Christians and Muslims rather than through the courts.

            Well, this initiative between Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia and Perkasa is along those lines.

            Of course, as always I shall leave it to time to reveal how this initiative turns out.

            1. re: “I shall leave it to time to reveal how this initiative turns out”

              Perkasa is a Malay rights organization. Isma is a Muslim organization. You can convince me if/when the Peaceful & Harmonious Christians succeed in winning over Isma.

              I do not set much store by Perkasa’s discernment and judgment.

              1. “I do not set much store by Perkasa’s discernment and judgement”

                OK! Leave the outcome of all this to be seen overtime, rather than argue over predictions of the outcome like idle intellectuals with too much time on their hands unproductively arguing over ideologies and outcomes in a cafe on the Left Bank of the River Seine.

  3. Just like all the night’s that PAS had spent with DAP ,all the night had been spend on DAP terms .

    How will be the Perkasa night with CPHM , could it be honeymoon on all the nights .

  4. Memang enough is enough.

    Strange Oppositions we have. Instead of mesmerizing Malaysians with performances, achievements, mega projects tht may benefit everyone yang sukar ditanding, lia olang sekadar guna racun kasi minda rakyat twisted to go to them.

    Hannah Yeoh tweets everything to impress the rakyat she is an angel from hell. She is what Malaysian Opposition is all about. Every living day trying so hard to bring down the gomen with all kinds of tactics to break the unity of anything that is not DAP. Their understanding of Opposition is everything must go “opposite” or “oppose” hehehehe

    So desperate for power sampai segala benda dalam seluaq dalam, kasi satu dunia tonton FOC. Mereka melahirkan generasi muda seperti jenis Alvin Tan dan Namawee. Haiyaa.. Compare video Alvin Tan dengan Namawee dengan ini;

    Belum jelas lagi ke apa yang mereka sedang lakukan? Yang heran even oldies like Samad Said, Zaid Ibrahim, Pakiam etc telah terperangkap dengan mainan minda dia worang. Mujuq PAS dah sedaq diri.

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