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Toppling PM means toppling govt

DAP wants to unleash Bersih again.

The Bersih 4.0 rally is “to get Najib out” (see Malaysiakini headline below), i.e. topple the PM who is the head of government.

The Malay Mail also reported, ‘Bersih to hold rally next month to demand PM’s resignation over 1MDB scandal‘ (29 July 2015).

Meanwhile, the more ambitious Ant Daily wondered, ‘Can Bersih 4.0 draw one million protesters against Najib?

Hannah Bersih 4

Ish, malunya Aunty Hannah

The DAP are going on the anti-corruption message again in Bersih 4.0 just like they did for Bersih 3.0 (file pix below).

Hannah Yeoh was too quick off the mark in her eagerness to publicize a tweet she had thought was from national athlete Pandelela Rinong. So much so that Aunty Hannah didn’t bother to check whether the tweet that said “I’m not anti-government but I am anti-corruption” was genuinely by our Olympic medalist diver.

(The people reject) dirty elections, corrupt bureaucrats
Banner slogan: “(The people reject) dirty elections, corrupt bureaucrats”

Aunty Hannah can’t be bothered to verify

Speaker punya standard begini ke? Sheesh

It turns out that the Twitter account @Pandelela is fake and poor Madame Speaker had to apologize for her mis-attribution and embarassing cheerleading, “Well said Pandelela. *When athletes speak up”.

The girl is apolitical lah. Don’t simply put the Bersih T-shirt on her, okay.

It was something that could have been easily verified if only Madame Speaker had bothered. The fake @Pandelela Twitter account has a mere 308 followers and its recent tweets were about ‘Change’ and anti-BN politics. The real Pandelela’s Twitter has 22,800 followers.

Benda simple ‘cam ni pun Puan Speaker malas nak semak. Tu lah. The DAP are notorious for their simply say and simply accuse.

It’s evident that evangelista politicians are quite unable to stay classy. Gutter standard!

Hannah Pandelela

Inciting anger

Hannah Yeoh’s “really angry” tweet has been retweeted 1,001 times by her ardent followers – see below.

That’s what DAP politicians incessantly do and daily – incite anger and hate among their already rabid supporters.

@hannahyeoh really angry

Haters gonna hate

The Dapsters are perpetually foaming at mouth, spewing expletives and spitting hate – egged on by their party evangelista leadership.

One of Madame Speaker’s Malay staff was arrested by police several days ago at the #TangkapNajib illegal assembly. Some of those arrested are being investigated under section 124B of the Penal Code for the offence of “activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy” which carries a stiff jail term.

See also, ‘Demi Malaysia launches fund for those charged‘ (Malaysiakini, 3 Aug 2015).

As usual, these oppo people such as “Demi Malaysia” have appropriated the name ‘Malaysia’ for themselves, just like how the Ambiga-led NGO pompously called itself “Negaraku”, and the Hannah patronized group, “Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM)”.


Hannah Yeoh latest photo
Hannah Yeoh latest sarung nangka photo

Gunting dalam Lipatan

The DAP are radicalizing the youth. While Umno is preoccupied with its bloody infighting, the DAP is going out into colleges and universities to brainwash the young, of whom three million are potential new, first-time voters.

Worse still, the BN is allowing the backstabbing MCA paper’s Moderation project to take the ‘ubah’ message into the campuses. Previously, the EvangeliSTARs held their ‘Voices of Moderation’ session at Taylor’s University (upgraded already) in Subang Jaya Evangelista Central – see poster below.

Since a number of private colleges are located in Subang Jaya, their student enrollment are ripe pickings for Her Royal Roundness and her Selendang Squad whose ‘mesra’ methods are reminiscent of the Christian missionaries carrying out their evangelical proselytization among gullible natives.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh meeting and greeting Malay students at Taylor’s College (Regina Lee’s alma mater, btw); her most recent outreach (7 Aug 2015)

Moderation Campus

Hannah Iqbal

DAP is effectively brainwashing the young

Today the government is being continually confronted by a cohort of youths indoctrinated by the DAP.

The evangelista succeeded in persuading more than a hundred thousand of them to join the opposition’s Blackout rallies in 2013.

Currently, the oppo are pushing their protests non-stop. Today is the 808 protest endorsed by Umno turncoat Saifuddin Abdullah.

Blackout 505 rally at the Kelana Jaya stadium in 2013 post-election

The Dapsters are itching for Bersih 4.0.

They want to topple Najib.

This act is in effect an attempt to topple the Malay-led government.

The DAP evangelistas can almost smell Putrajaya already.


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29 thoughts on “Toppling PM means toppling govt

  1. If you really care to take a second look, or maybe even a few more looks on the pics, the people who are calling for change, they look like stones. You know what I m saying ? :)

  2. tajuk diatas , menjatuhkan PM makna menjatuhkan kerajaan ,kalau macam tu sekiranya dakwaan atas najib yang dia perasuah jadi tak boleh dakwa nanti menjatuhkan kerajaan , itu ke yang awak maksud,ini dah cara fikir korup dan jijik.

    1. Umno boleh tukar presiden, seumpama AAB berjaya didesak untuk undur diri. Maka itu dengan secara automatisnya jawatan PM pun akan beralih tampuk.

      Ataupun Ahli-Ahli Parlimen boleh bawa usul tidak percaya terhadap Najib di Dewan.

      Namun demo jalanan untuk tujuan gulingkan PM adalah bersabit kesalahan Kanun Jenayah Seksyen 124B. Ini kira aktiviti subversif dah.

      1. re: Tukar presiden

        That is one thing. Accountability is another. Umno can change president without Najib being held accountable for the 2.6 bil. What is the meaning of this change then? Precedent has been set in place. New Umno president can continue to accept donation in private account. Do you want this kind of practice?

        re: usul tidak percaya

        This is a numbers game. It will be defeated anyway. Moreover, PAS is supporting Umno now.

        re: demo jalanan untuk tujuan gulingkan PM

        This maybe one of the way. Najib can be ‘digulingkan’ but without any legal action taken by authorities. Again, precedent has been set i.e. politicians can accept donation indiscriminately. What is the point of this type of demo jalanan?

        Personally, I think demo will not yield any results. Look at the past Bersih demos. Still our election law/system remain like gerrymandering, tainted electoral roll etc.

  3. Getting NajiB out thus not necessarily means toppling the government ,unless they are chanting ABU – ABU as well .

    One should realize if UMNO is down ,goes as well the BN government ,that is toppling the government .

    They must be really clear what they are asking for ,if they they make a wrong call , and touching on a sensitive issue ,don’t blame the Malays then ,if PM issue will become a racial issue .

    Hence I am sure the evangelist will be taking advantage of the platform .

    1. Nak singkir Najib boleh. Tapi kenalah ikut lunas undang-undang. Ni timbulkan huru-hara di jalanraya sama dengan mengugat ketenteraman awam.

      1. re: Tapi kenalah ikut lunas undang-undang

        Looks like there is no “lunas undang-undang” as far as Najib’s 2.6 bil is concerned. Authorities have ‘masqueraded’ corruption as donation. No accountability to the people is necessary.

    2. I’m with Helen on this. The best way is for Umno to ask the President to step down, which will make way for party elections and new leaders elected, including new PM. To go down to the street level with Bersih 4 is to play the Game the Dap way. And let’s face it, there are very, very, very few Melayu who can counter the sneakiness of the Dapsters. In fact I can only come up with the names TDM and Rahim Noor.

      1. Orangkampung,

        Bringing down Najib is not the ultimate aim. If Muhyiddin is the PM or Dr Zahid is the current leader, they too will face this scenario.

        Why Najib still prevail? Because he is the supremo in his own political party: UMNO. Unless the who’s who in UMNO are able to come together and force Najib to resign, then only Najib will make the graceful exit.

        Another method is “undi tak percaya” in Parliament. But judging from current reality, it may not happen as PAS now realises how sneaky DAP is . PAS is busy dousing GHB. It does not share the enthusiasm that DAP has to dethrone UMNO. There is tacit admission by PAS that what UMNO has been saying about DAP is true after all. Plus UMNO Mps won the election legally. Throwing support to that motion will eventually jeopardises their positions.

        After all, there is a certain fatigue when it comes to demonstrations. Malays are becoming suspicious about it. though 1mdb is messy, the detention of Justo and misreporting by Sarawak Report actually helps to tilt the the sentiment against those criticizing Najib.

        1. Of course for the Dapsters, the ultimate aim is to get to the point where tha Parliament is dissolved and new elections called for and bringing down Najib or any other Umno PM is just a means to that end.

          But in the current circumstances, Najib is an easy target since he is seen to be in the wrong wrt 1MDB. Now if the Dapsters can gather massive numbers to join their Bersih rally, that would give them quite a leverage in asking for a vote of no confidence in Parliament, especially if they can get Umno members (the likes of Saifuddin) to join the rally.

          But in another development, this is getting more heated.

          1. Orangkampung,

            Saifudin is not n MP. He lost to Nasaruddin of PAS.

            DAP is hoping that Muhyiddin to join in to bring down Najib. So far Muhyiddin has not taken the bait.To give credibility to any move for undi tak percaya, DAPneeds someone of Muhyiddin’s stature.

            People like Mohd sabu or saifudin are seen as “court jesters”. Popular just like Maharaja lawak. popular BUT NOT TRUSTED.

            with Najib down(MEANING UMNO DOWN TOO) te coast is clear for DAP. so far, UMNO is standing against Lim dynasty.

  4. Alaaa derma sedekah 1.6 billion pun kepoh satu Negara. Bersih 4 tak payah le buat excuse bodoh.

    Apek2 sejak merdeka dah berapa banyak dok sedekah kpd SJKC? My lekeh Apek jiran pun mampu kasi RM30K.. Amboi nama siap ukir kat dinding sekolah tu tau. Haiyaa..

    Mau kutip derma row of seats kasi tanda warna riben lagi >100K, >50K, >20K and so on. Yang >100K siap naik pentas potong riben semua olang tepuk2 tangan. Kasi syiok.

    Apa kalau penderma iklas memberi dengan niat demi pembangunan dan perkembangan Agama Islam masakan Apek2 semua nak kalut tumpang sekaki juga owh?

    Hulur sedekah tak payah kalut2 bising2… riak namanya.

    Hannah dan LKS.. Lain kali tak payah terhegeh2 memalukan penerima asyik bergambar dengan cek replica, suruh mereka angkat sampul angpow, beg sekolah kasi seluruh dunia tengok. Tampal2 muka kamu kat kotak kurma menjijikkan tau. Potong itu riben2 merah kasi malu saja.

  5. Maybe we should buy these for the PM and KDN top brass so they can go after the Bersih 4 organizers

  6. Without PAS, any street demo by the opposition will be a lame event. The PAS can prove to its former PAKATAN partners that PAKATAN could not move the ground without PAS.

  7. Bezakan dengan gambaq Blackout 505 rally at the Kelana Jaya stadium 2013, cara DAP memupuk minda pelajar anak2 muda Cina Malaysia? Lembek muka lopong2 aje…hehehe

  8. Kita tengok pula macam mana Negara jiran. National anthem bersemangat dan megahnya dinyanyikan dalam Bahasa Melayu!


    Sini sekadar ajaq anak2 muda attend Blackout 505 rally, Bersih 4 demo?… Haiya otak talak Bersih la lu olang! Lembek! Talak semangat. Kasi malu sama anak muda kita saja la!

      1. I watch them every year and you can actually see the improvement. They are in the 9th year and the number of countries represented has increased to 70.

        Isn’t it ironic that these foreigners can put in so much effort to learn the Malay language and to speak like one and yet we have to resort to bahasa pasar to be understood among us Malaysians? So maybe JStar should have done a Jom Berbahasa Melayu instead of Jom Kawan.

        1. Cina DAP*** mana minat nak belajar bercakap Bahasa Melayu… Bangla yang baru mai pun bolih fasih cakap Melayu…malu kan? Saya pernah berjumpa DAP** yang telah berhijrah ke Belanda…pandai pulak cakap Belanda..pasai nak cari makan kan?

        2. ‘Isn’t it ironic’

          Its says a lot on how much some hated us.

          One of the contestant in the video was saying that the language is so easy to learn. it uses logic or rather logical and it does not have so many words. For example a word can create many other new words. Like, ‘bunga’, ‘bunga api’ etc.

          ‘So maybe JStar should have done a Jom Berbahasa Melayu instead of Jom Kawan.’

          Maybe they should.

          And maybe then some of them who don’t speak Malay like the average native does, will come to agree with most natives that Tuhan is the right Malay term for God and not Allah,

          How sad.

  9. So Bersih has come out of hibernation…..
    Where were they during the DAP dan PKR election ?
    Selective persecution is their forte I see.

    Cakap tak serupa bikin… Tutup mata dan bisu seribu bahasa apabila sekutu yg tak bersih 😑
    Kalau berani, buatlah demo pada masa yg bukan hari perayaan… Jangan hanya nak membuat muslihat agar kelihatan ramai…… Aduh memang mencuri kesempatan namanya……. Bersih ke tu ?

    Nenek Kampung

  10. According to you, a corrupt leader can remain in power,steal billions of rakyats money, remove the people who are investigating him, manipulate the results of investigations and breaking tons of banking laws and getting away with it and the rakyat has to sit and swallow it all.
    Oooh we must follow the Law you say…how about the Bugis Lanun following the Law too or he is exempted from following it.

  11. Meluat betul tengok gambar2 t-shirters kuning Bersih diatas dan t-shirters hitam blackout 595 rally. Lemah semangat nak pikiaq masa depan negara dengan muka2 lopong ni semua.

    Haiyaa, sementara depa kalut nak buat demonstrasi jalanan melalak tak tentu arah, mai kita tengok video ni pula.

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