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Bukan takat khalwat tapi dah zina dah nih

Perkasa and the evangelistas want to spend a few nights together in a “retreat” (a popular evangelical Christian term) where they can eat and play with each other.

Not everybody is as thrilled with the idea as Ibrahim Ali. Look at their glum faces in the photo below.

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Perkasa 1

Oh well, as long as Ibrahim Ali is happy to build bridges.

The Reverend Wong Kim Kong is the former sec-gen of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF). He is pictured below with Hannah, Teresa, Guan Eng and Tony Pua.


Perkasa Ibrahim Ali Christians

Pictured above is the smiling Rev. Wong with Ibrahim Ali who is grinning like a half wit.

Do you even wanna try imagining the reverend cozying up to the Perkasa president, and the rest of the guys doing whatever it is men do when they spend a few nights alone together in a secluded retreat?

The PAS-DAP experience



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6 thoughts on “Bukan takat khalwat tapi dah zina dah nih

  1. Hmmm … I thought somebody should be very happy because this is the sort of thing that the Big Boss Man(BBM) is advocating … kan? The ‘tone-down-nasi-kangkang’ and ‘peace-and-harmony-lovejuice’ served on June 02 did work on IA.

    Maybe … more such ‘nasi + juice’ needed to be served to IA’s people(grim+glum+gloomy+glump noted)or to BBM’s own grassroot level ref:, so that love(whatever that love is for) can be nurtured and expressed in the proper manner. That fiery lady in the video seemed to think that BBM be the one that should be served with ‘the juice'(“… bawa pi berubat …”). In the end, ‘who needs what ‘nasi+juice’ is a matter of perspective … maybe.

    And since Boss Rina’s entry in said that whatever the Oppos and PROs do, they will produce opposite kind of results … then maybe … just maybe … the holy(or unholy if you prefer to call it so) union between IA and CPHM could produce a result best described as this ref: (I don’t want to come-up with my own term to express this)

    Hey … don’t take me seriously, though. Have a nice and lite Sunday … hi hi hi

  2. The thought of these two going on a honeymoon together gives me goosebumps. Me thinks it will end up like DAP and PAS (divorced) … oh well lets stick around and see what happens

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