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Tun has returned, and he exaggerates

After a week’s silence, Tun is back swinging and delivering today yet another stinger. He says in Che Det, “Democracy is dead”.

“Democracy is dead” were identically Tun Dr Ismail’s famous words with regard to the aftermath of the May 13 riots. It’s hardly a good omen for Tun Mahathir to resurrect such an evocative phrase that’s so intertwined with our bloody past. Continue reading “Tun has returned, and he exaggerates”

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Najib cannot avoid or delay the necessary war

Finally, and at long last, the PM has openly acknowledged how destructive and deadly the Dapsters are.

Very slow on the uptake is Najib Razak. Baru sekarang ada hasrat nak ambil tindakan walhal wabak ini sepatutnya dihapuskan sejak dari awal-awal lagi. Continue reading “Najib cannot avoid or delay the necessary war”