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Bishop Paul Tan appeals to Perkasa

Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing (pix below) laments the “resurgence in Christian bashing just when there were signs of a thaw in Muslim-Christian relations”.

Bishop Paul Tan

In his Malaysiakini interview today with Terence Netto, the bishop singled out Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid for censure. The minister had alleged last Sunday that Christians and Jews are behind the Sarawak Report‘s campaign against Najib Razak for the purpose of splitting the Malay community.

Bishop Paul Tan hopes that Perkasa and the Christian NGO for “Peace and Harmony” will jointly tell Mahdzir to look within for the cause of Najib Razak’s current troubles rather than conveniently blame the Christians.

Perkasa love

ABOVE: Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali with Peaceful and Harmonious Christian Rev. Wong Kim Kong

Meanwhile, the Council of Churches in a press statement today similarly ticked off Mahdzir for his “obnoxious” Christian conspiracy theory.

Council sec-gen Hermen Shastri said the minister’s remarks caused much anxiety in the Christian community when the latter “should be promoting national harmony and unity, instead of spewing ill-will and polarization in our country”.

Rev. Hermen urged his Mahdzir to apologize for his “detrimental and divisive remarks” that undermined national unity.


Ibahim Ali: Dah Perkasa kenal, maka kami pun cinta lah

shang xin



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44 thoughts on “Bishop Paul Tan appeals to Perkasa

  1. What else would Paul Tan Chee Ing expect.

    When your have Dapsters going around with,

    “‘Subang for Jesus”‘

    “‘Rise up its time to take Subang for Jesus”‘

    People dont forget,once you note your intentions.

    And now Tan Chee Ing just exposes how hypocritical he is..

    Its is i am Dap i can say anything i like. any retort and your are racist, christian bashing etc

  2. Love is in the air everywhere I look around
    Love is in the air every sight and every sound
    Don’t know if IA is being foolish
    Don’t know if Wong is being wise
    But it’s something that they must believe in
    And it’s there when I look in their eyes

    Love is in the air, but Paul Tan is in despair,
    Love is in the air, Paul Tan said it’s just unfair,
    Don’t know if Paul Tan is dreaming,
    Don’t think Paul Tan feels safe,
    But it’s something that he must believe in
    And that’s why he calls IA’s name
    Love is in the air, love is in the air, oh, oh, oh, oh, uh,
    Uh, uh, uh …

    That should do it … I think.

      1. Ha ha ha ha …This evening(in another post)I had thanked you and another person for putting a little smile back on my face. And now … I’m laughing my guts out. Thank you very much for the music … ha ha ha

        1. And here something from The DAP-Kings, taken from the album ‘Give The People What They Want’

          PG13-Got pink babi terbang and lots of musangs but I must say, nothing beats the MCA video

          1. Spot on. Video worth watching to get a glimpse of what the Dapsters look like, i.e. the pack of black, fanged creatures with yellow slanted eyes. Could they be hyenas?

            1. Well …
              Minus video: funk-soul
              With video: should be funky-soul-creepy

              Note: Long muzzle, pointed ears and neck fluff … should be a wolf.
              Hyena with closest resemblance to a wolf … is called an aardwolf

              1. Tu la, dah la nama pun DAP-Kings. Dah tu tajuk album pulak, ala2 moto DAP nak menuju Putrajaya. Kononnya nak perjuangkan isu ekonomi yang dekat dengan hati rakyat. Berlagak ‘ayam’ la konon sebab belum menang lagi. Bila dah menang nanti semua foundation negara depa rongkah!

                Sneaky Musangs!

                Helen and EVLee, ni satu lagi lagu, hope you guys suka.

                  1. I think she tries too, almaklumlah Helen, nak masuk Hong Kong market maa. I think lately she spends a lot of her time in Hong Kong.

                    1. Ahhh Shila … yes yes yes. She sings Mandarin and Canto now … zero chance of having her(as if I can afford it) sing my rendition of ‘love is in the air’.

                      I’m still intoxicated with ‘love’ right now and by the looks of it, I am stuck with the MCA guys. I think I’ll have a few more rounds with them today and hopefully … I’ll sober-up by tomorrow.

                    2. ‘I’m still intoxicated with ‘love’ right now and by the looks of it, I am stuck with the MCA guys.’

                      Haha. Me too. I can’t tahan the stiff dancing. The malu2 kucing but still being a good sport. Seriously I don’t know MCA can be this FUNNY!

                      Its that why they kalah besar BTW??

                    3. MCA kalah besar because they can’t match the Dapsters in viciousness and the DAP evangelistas in sneakiness. Nobody can. So BN-Umno is going to kalah for the same reasons.

                      How to overcome or get around this (political) ‘death trap’ without becoming bastards like the sneakies?

                    4. ‘How to overcome or get around this (political) ‘death trap’ without becoming bastards like the sneakies?’

                      InsyaAllah boleh, Helen. Tuhan bersama dengan orang2 yang benar.

                    5. Islam1st, you’re welcome. Gusmus has his own .net site. He’s on FB and twitter. Writes really well. Not on par with Hamka but holds his own.

                      Although I follow his writings, I had forgotten about that puisi until I saw a video of an Umno guy playing it at a division meeting. And of course now, I will never forget it.

  3. Rasanya Ibrahim Ali dah kena tuba dengan holy water ni. My advice, watch what you consume when dealing with the church. Try not to eat anything they offered and drink only from a sealed container. Same goes to girls frequenting night clubs. ;)


    From The Sun, I don’t get the sense of Christian bashing from Mahdzir. It’s a general statement, which has been written up by so many BN bloggers and that is Sarawak Report receives funding from foreign-based Jewish or Christian organizations.

    But I can see how efficiently the opposition friendly media are lapping this up and turning it into a major issue to rile up the 9% Christians. Big bully government oppressing the ever-loving Christian minority. So Najib let’s see your cyber warriors at work.

    1. Let’s see the “we’re in love” mighty Perkasa kowtow to the ONLY 9 PERCENT Christian lobby.

      1. Yes. The courting. Love is in the air.
        PAS was in love once. Will Perkasa ever learn? Do you think all those who called Perkasa “Perkosa” will suddenly be “Persona”? BS.
        Wait. I am sure the messy break up will come soon.

    2. Yesyes…sensitive bunch these christians are. By the way how much funding SR need? £10k or 20k? Her husband can afford to give her lah. No need jews or christian money to keep her website online. If you christian didnt give then sue la the minister for slander. Bising bising dlm paper buat semak mata saja 9% ni.

      1. Get a mirror, bro.Both the Muslims and and Christians to a lesser extent in Malaysia have let religion and race dominate their reasoning when it comes to backing political parties. This is why Malaysia will never become a developed nation imo, the people are just too stupid.

        1. Upgrade your skills and migrate. Why stay in undeveloped nation among its stupid people? Btw what kind of mirror u want me to get? Slanted? Skewed? Convex? Concave? Or the one that shows u prettier than me… i will buy you one once you pass the citizenship test of the developed country u r migrating to.

          1. Where’s The Justice has migrated. He said it himself. Or maybe he’s just lying. It could be that he’s in a foreign country doing the sort of jobs our foreign workers are doing in Malaysia.

            As far as upgrading skills and migrating, it is common knowledge that money is the only prerequisite when it comes to permanent residency and citizenship. Think of Australia where if you have A$5 million you can get a residency visa allowing you to stay for 2 years with the view to citizenship if you meet all their criteria. Now that’s money doing the talking.

            Maybe, just maybe, the Speaker is making the most of what she has right now in view of moving to Tasmania in case, just in case Malaysia implodes in the face of rising Muslim Christian hostility. After all, with her multi level marketing ******* ****** in full swing, A$5 million is not that big of an issue although our RM is now hovering at A$1 = RM2.90. :)

            1. Dear Dictator,

              I’ve asterisked two words in your comments. Just a precaution, you know why – she’s very trigger happy (like Marina Mahathir) at aspersions cast against her and might choose to take your words literally.

            2. I never said I had migrated, stop telling lies. Just said that I had NZ PR. Am also on the verge of obtaining Australian PR now btw. The problem with Malaysians is that they can’t accept reality and get so defensive when the country is criticised.

              How can this country ever dream of becoming a developed nation when virtually everything is race based, and the two main races can’t stand each other? Am not just criticising the political parties here, the Chinese employers in the private sector discriminate heavily as well. Add to the fact that some on here are willing to excuse blatant corruption by Najib and co, and I am 100% certain Malaysia won’t reach developed nation status in the next fifty years at least.

              Btw, I am proud of my trolling ways and the reaction that it draws from the usual suspects. Take it easy chaps – opinions are like arseholes, we all have one and they all stink…

              1. WtJ,

                Previously you told me you were not Chinese when you said you couldn’t understand the Mandarin song I had uploaded.

                Assuming that you’re not Melayu either, then you’d have an outsider’s view of Sino-Malay relations.

                So what makes you come to the conclusion that “the two main races can’t stand each other” despite the profuse protestations of love, ‘Jom Kawan’, ‘mai kita main congkak’ dan all the bruder-sista Anak Malaysia shebang?

                  1. I believe this guy when he says he’s not Chinese. And I also believe him when he says he’s in the process of getting his Oz PR.

                    He made a statement. I asked him a genuine question. I hope he’ll be upfront and possesses enough of a sense of fairness to respond to what I asked rather than just conduct “drive-by shootings” at my blog.

                    With us regulars – and even with annoying trolls like AC-DC – we’re honest with each other and attempt to answer questions as best we can. (I acknowledge that AC-DC accepts and answers questions.) So we have a process of give-and-take.

                    But this guy WtJ seems to be just a taker, and not a giver, i.e. providing constructive input.

                    I believe this is one of the reasons why the majority population dislike some transient immigrants – birds of passage (minorities) whose grandparents migrated here but their grandchildren are eager to move on to greener pastures. Just take, no give.

            3. Good for wtj. I had like 5 paragraph of “nothing nice to say” about this but i ll refrain by hitting the backspace.

              Btw HH. Public donation to the mosque, church and temples is considered public money to be use for public good and not for personal use unless it is specifically donated for a specific cause such as cancer treatment or helping suddenly orphaned child.

              Maybe buying necessities for monk, salary for the priest or token for mosque staff is okay but buying a car registered under the reciever’s name is a breach of public trust. Actually it will just came back to the reciever trustworthiness and honesty in managing it. Should be no problem if ROS or MACC want to do a spotcheck on church or bible society account unless there a deficit of trustworthiness and honesty in managing public donation. A dereliction on the church part perhaps? Not to hasty eh?

              Ps: sorry i didnt reply at the appropriate place but i am in a hurry, and i wasted a good 30 min on 5 para of nothing nice to say..

          2. ‘the people are just too stupid.’

            Stupid enough to let you in. Wait, are you still here, in this stupid country???!

            #dementia #alzheimer #neurodegenerativedisease

  5. Jiran2 Dapsters saya ramai jenis macam dia nih. Kalau pasai menegur orang lain memang cekap sekali.

    Best he listens to Elvis song “clean-up your own backyard”.

  6. If Christians and Jews are behind attacks on Islam world wide why would anyone think they would make an exception for Malaysia?

    Malaysia’s Christian’s attitudes towards Muslims and others who do not subscribe to their world view of God and man is very very dated. It is as if they take their cue from outdated magazines found in a dentist surgery and then adopt them to their lifestyles whilst coming down from the effects of the anesthetic administered by their dentist.

    Muslims are represented in all walks of life in the west today the west having understood how badly they miscalculated and how they had been misled by Hollywood (the B grade section), the Media and AIPAC.

    Christianity is a despised polity in the west. They discard it like they did all of their failures to be exported to the third world for consumption to make up for their investment feeding it to the western crazy air heads.

    Bishop or Bishop’s nose, they have to come to terms with the Christian plunder and destruction of these other cultures and learn how to repent and to accept some penance for what they have sown.

  7. Please note that CPHM’s approach has never been confrontational – very different from CFM/NECF/CCM. Don’t lump them together. Lee Min Choon is part of CPHM, he was the former Chairman of the Bible Society Malaysia. Read his blog about all the incidents re the seizure of the Iban Bibles etc and how he handled it, his interactions with JAIS and see how different he is from the others. This is the distinct quality of those with CPHM.

    1. Jason,

      I believe you about Lee Min Choon. His name is not mentioned in this post nor the last one.

      But can you similarly vouch for Rev. Wong Kim Kong?

      1. Lee Min Choon is the Deputy Chairman of CPHM & he has enough influence in there to keep CPHM’s approach and direction on track.

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