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Any suggestions for new name for New Hope?

The old hope – Pakatan ori – has died, apparently because “PAS could not be trusted“, according to the DAP.

News excerpt:

“The pact’s demise led to the formation of Gerakan Harapan Baru, a movement by leaders from PAS’s DAP-friendly progressive faction who were ousted during their internal party polls.

“The movement hopes to register as a new political entity next month under a new name

and is expected to be PAS’s replacement in a new opposition pact that will include DAP and PKR.” – Source: MMO

FLASHBACK: March 2014

PAS Christians bashed

New Hope montage

Any ideas?

The DAP-and-Christian friendly PAS renegade party – currently known as ‘New Hope’ – is looking for a new name apparently. Do you have any suggestions as to what they should be called when they register themselves with the ROS next month?

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21 thoughts on “Any suggestions for new name for New Hope?

  1. Cik Helen
    Kawasan saya banyak reject shops
    Kat Selangor banyak junk shops
    Kat Sabah Pasar Rombengan
    …they even sell used underwears
    Very popular esp among the PATIs


    Kalau Reject atau Junk too English…
    Immigrants may be more comfortable with the word ‘ROMBENGAN’.

  2. I think you are causing some sort of seizure among your followers from that flashing HY face. Stuff of nightmares.

    The JStar picking up the baton from MI and MKini. What else is new?

    New name, hmm. Hannah’s Lambs?

    1. re: “that flashing HY face. Stuff of nightmares”

      Only a little thingy in my personal blog, i.e. limited reach. Imagine when the evangelistas take over Putrajaya – living nightmare, daily.

  3. You would now notice our DAP Johor friend is not shy to ask Ajib-ko to quit.

    “1:34PM Aug 12, 2015
    By Liew Chin Tong
    Five ways to get Najib to quit as prime minister”
    “First, the Umno Supreme Council or key leaders from Umno give him the ultimatum for a graceful exit. This route is increasingly unlikely as Najib has sacked those who opposed him from inside and placed sufficient number of loyalists to defend him from within the inner circle.

    Second, all 46 non-Umno BN MPs join the opposition MPs to support a no-confidence vote against Najib. BN has 134 federal MPs of whom 88 are from Umno.

    Third, if 20 Umno MPs and 20 non-Umno BN MPs join around 75 opposition MPs from DAP, PKR and Harapan Baru to back a no-confidence vote against Najib.

    No one is sure about whether the MPs aligned to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang would give Najib a lifeline or not, hence they are not counted.

    Fourth, the anti-Najib faction in Umno sense that the three above scenarios are not going to happen soon, and hence move to realign power in the states of Johor, Terengganu, Kedah and Sabah to isolate Najib, and build momentum for Najib’s eventual demise.

    Johor is particularly ripe for change as the ground is extremely frustrated with Najib.

    Fifth, when all the above fails, the last resort of removing Najib would be a people’s power movement.”\

    This is the same person who is asking UMNO Johor to break off with UMNO main.

    “Umno Johor perlu segera memutuskan hubungan dengan Umno Pusat sekiranya mereka benar-benar mahu memulihkan keadaan yang “kritikal” hari ini, yang berpunca daripada Presiden Umno Datuk Seri Najib Razak, kata DAP.

    Pengarah Biro Pendidikan Politik DAP Kebangsaan, Liew Chin Tong berkata, Umno kini seharusnya menolak kepimpinan Najib kerana mereka yang memberikannya kuasa untuk menjadi perdana menteri. ”

    The gunting is no longer lipatan. It is already a parang.

    1. re: “The gunting is no longer lipatan. It is already a parang.”

      Hahaha. Splendid line. I must use it for a headline. Will credit you :)

    2. Memandai kalau ajaq oghang nombor satu.
      Amboi macam trick dah try nak jahanamkan Najib
      Last2 mohon UMNO suruh buang Najib?

      Haiyaa. Memang tahap gila dah..

      Depa yang patut suruh Lim Kit Siang step down.
      Sejak Merdeka nak tunggu sampai bila lagi?

      Sepakat dengan PKR/PAS pun tak juga menang.

  4. Now DAP’s Superman is organizing a collection for the Low Yat “victims”.

    The Google Translate for those who don’t understand Chinese.

    Low Yat riots case, in my opinion is simply that we are good people being bullied, rogue fist when the truth!

    Courageous conviction, to a fine of one thousand eight hundred ringgit, the number is not a big problem, but a lifetime to leave a record.

    Three of them are not bad, nor racist, so I think society should sound, can not let the darkness cover justice.

    I decided to launch the network contributions, as long as a person to donate ten ringgit, to raise five thousand four hundred ringgit, on behalf of the three to pay a fine, so that everyone can be a force, let injustice in the world to see, we 铁肩担道义 prove that the world has righteousness!

    Najib wins my integrity, will not swallow the 2.6 billion still bullshit. I do not own a bank account to raise funds, over five thousand four hundred ringgit, and never get a coin. I had been approved only in respect bore the principal, the balance will be donated to his alma mater when the school fund, you may believe that I will continue to read on.

    1. I thank the Democratic Action Party DAPSY agreed to lend a total group of bank account, to receive everyone’s generous donation, the details are as follows:

    Account Name: DAPSY Malaysia
    Public Bank Account Number: 3189-4183-03
    To fill in the Description column, please fill Justice

    2. The fund-raising activities from August 11 began today, just three days to raise, to end at 0:00 on August 13 before.

    3. You can transfer or bank in RM10.

    4. Total fundraising income will be August 14 announcement of the world in my FB, and will arrange RM5400 sent three youths, the balance will be sent after the standard high school principal statue Kong Duli room.

    5. Finally made it clear that this is my personal activities launched, ready to be owed to distort the racists, please for me, not for DAPSY.

    Consent, start contributions and positive message, a lot like, dare to dare to share!

    Thank you for your blood!

    “Superman” Dr. Kai Qiu Guangyao

    1. Mulan

      Have you contributed?

      No need now. The donation drive is closed.

      For the record, the 3 youths declined the money.

      Anything to add?

      1. Good kids they refused. Donation kan corruption. Holy water cannot wash the sin.
        Mulan tak bagi. Donation no no.
        Hh harap tak bagi tau.

        1. Mulan

          So I take it you don’t condone such donation drives.

          Then what is the point in highlighting such initiatives here?

  5. Dear HA
    I mentioned this before. In keeping with the new party affiliation with ” Pakatan Rakyat ” I propose a name for the x PAS splinter group HARAPAN RAKYAT…..short name HAPRAK

  6. helen..

    GHB = Group of Hedonists Bastards = BETUL

    yang masuk GHB semuanya orang kecewa dan bakar jambatan.

  7. “If you are good, pretend to be bad (it saves you from becoming bad). If you are bad, don’t pretend to be good (it makes you become more bad).”

  8. Ms H. The woman needs a good doctor to get her pimply treated. For New Hope, I suggest ” Hopeless” in front of the placard and ” Hopeful ” behind !

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