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Cyber operatives masquerading as Malay/Muslim Facebookers, commenters

The Umno Cheras division chief – below – is correct to say that the DAP’s propaganda is most vile and vicious. And the Dapsters are indeed anti-Malay while the DAP evangelistas are most assuredly anti-Islam.

The PPTA (Parti Paling Tidak Apa) cannot allow this state of affairs to continue, especially when the oppo online operatives are nowadays sneakily masquerading as ‘Malays’ and ‘Muslims’ through faking their cyber IDs.

“Some siap bagi salam bagai!”, added regular commenter ‘islam1st’ – see below.

sneaky bastards

Soooo sneaky

Actually, I’ve come across some of the non-Muslim cyber operatives going to the extent of faking (implying to other readers) that they do not use toilet paper but employ cebok. Not a private detail that members of the public who are strangers need to be told but that’s the length that they’re willing to go in their cyber charade.

One commenter passing himself off as “mohd aziz” here (once upon a time) even threw the challenge @ 2012/07/25 at 3:30 pm, “Hangpa nampak ke masa aku kat jamban pakai ayer atau kertai?” when his faked Malayness was questioned/outed.

In other comments though, the same individual used the moniker “Ravin”.  Usually they try too hard by attempting to write in overly casual Malay or dialect to convince the audience/readers.


Ordinary and fencesitter Malays have realised the opposition’s charade in this matter. Sarah said @ 2015/08/11 at 1:51 pm,

“As per now, I’m started noticing that they using the Malay names to cover their activities but like Helen highlights a few times already there’s always a small mistake that make us notice them.”

If Umno does not do something fast, the Malay middle ground will soon disengage themselves from further interest in politics and stay at home during GE14.

Vile DAP Syed Ali

Umno man: Beware of DAP's intensifying attacks

And Bak Kut Teh ain’t pork … yeah, right

The Red Bean Army is real despite the DAP’s DENY, DENY, DENY.

Joanna Yang wrote @ 2015/08/11 at 6:15 pm

“Medaline Chang She Yun, National Publicity Secretary of Wanita DAP in an interview admitted to the existence of the RBA by specifically referring to its name instead of using another description for the group, but only denied that they were paid.

“After the constant denial of its existence by DAP, why refer to the organization by its name if it does not exists as claimed? She could have just said “there was a group” instead of “the Red Bean Army was a group.” She indirectly exposed the RBA existence through this unintentional slip-up. This was during an interview with an ANU researcher on GE13 who later publish it in a peer-reviewed journal affiliated with the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GiGA). At the time Medaline was an EXCO of DAPSY Selangor.

“Tapsell, Ross, Negotiating Media ‘Balance’ in Malaysia’s 2013 General Election, Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, Vol. 32, No. 2, 2013, p. 46. “DAP’s Medaline Chang said the ‘Red Bean Army’ was a group of pro-oppositionists who were regularly active online and in political social media networks. Chang said they were not paid by the DAP and were mostly “angry Chinese young men who were active online, writing anti-government stuff on social media” (Interview, 18 June 2013).”

Joanna is Facebooker and you can read the rest of her comments on this topic @


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Cyber operatives masquerading as Malay/Muslim Facebookers, commenters

  1. One telltale sign is the confusion of styles. For example:

    1. In posts written in kononnya regional malay, they slip in a few standard words for which there are more popular regional terms. Using ‘sangat’ over amek, boto or bonar when writing negeri superlatives. Missing word pairs in terengganese/kelantanese etc. As a reader rasa tiba2 off kejap regionalism tu jarring.

    2. Mixing up registers (social atas-ness, if you will). Sentence begins with saya, ends with aku. If I had a dime every time I saw ko and mu in a sentence…

    Otherwise it is usually the plain bookishness that gives it away. Overaffixing of imbuhans, correct but awkward word order, bookish words. These lalas really don’t get it, do they?

    1. I don’t like their niat menipu and and that they can create all kinds of lies without batting an eyelid.

      Did you notice how Najib carefully hedged his answer/statement about not taking any funds for his personal use? (compare)

      As I’ve said many times, those oppo people have absolutely no boundaries in their capacity to fitnah and bohong. One day they’re going to find that the people they tormented are going to react against them without any regard for boundaries too.

  2. Salam. Helen, saya rasa majoriti Melayu dah sedar sejak PRU yang lepas. Banyak kerusi yang dijangka menang oleh PAS dimenangi UMNO. Selepas PAS tidak bersama DAP, ada kelegaan dikalangan mereka dan saya jangka yang tsunami Melayu akan beri faedah kepada UMNO, PAS dan Bumiputera untuk PBB. Wassalam.

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