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Malaysia’s “failed state” is its failed population segment

I’m talking about the Dapster-evangelistas. They fail utterly as decent human beings.

I will dissect and detail one example of what they do to people.

Below is a Malay Mail article titled ‘Isma’s Hari Raya dos and don’ts: Do wear veils, don’t wear T-shirts, don’t wear make-up’.

Is the Malay Mail headline accurate or is it a malicious misrepresentation?

Malay Mail said Isma advised Muslims to wear face veil

Did Isma really advise Muslim women to wear veil during Hari Raya?

The original content in the Isma Facebook is this,

It says: “Menjaga batas-batas aurat sesama ahli keluarga & memakai pakaian yang sopan.”

Granted, the icon does show a cartoon female in face veil. But the words in the advice do not say so.

The discrepancy can be easily explained. The text was prepared by a writer while the illustration was prepared by a different editorial staff – the graphics artist. They two were obviously not working in sync.


Realistically, would you say that Isma is recommending the face veil? The answer is ‘No’.

Its women’s wing chairman does not wear one – Ustazah Nor Saleha (below).

norsaleha isma

Wanita-wanita Isma do not wear veil – see their poster girls banner below.

Neither do its young women members. Their gender counterparts, the Isma young men, wear jacket and trousers in the photo below. Not jubah and serban.

Wanita Isma

Pemuda-pemudi Isma

Even when the Isma women are in the public space at an event courting press coverage, they do not wear veil. See photos below.

Isma Ketuanan Islam

Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam

Isma is quite correct to accuse the Malay Mail of deliberately misleading its readers with the headline and story saying that Isma advises women to wear veil.

Now about the second part of the Malay Mail headline and bodycopy, reporting that Isma said “don’t wear T-shirts”. True or false?

The Isma advice is as below:

Dinasihatkan elak daripada “memakai pakaian yang ketat dan jarang serta mendedahkan aurat”. The icon however shows the silhouette of a T-shirt.


Never mind Hari Raya. Even for Chinese New Year and Deepavali, some decorum in dressing would not be amiss.

Say if I was younger … my elders too would have frowned on me wearing a tight or see-through T-shirt when doing the CNY round of visits to the relatives.

There is no bad intention in the advice shared by Isma although by City Harvest standards, the kind of attire receiving the Isma stamp of approval may come across as a little prudish. Nonetheless, the party with the niat jahat in this matter is clearly The Malay Mail.

BELOW: Pastor Sun Ho of the City Harvest Church, Singapore

Yup, the pastor of an evangelical megachurch is a scantily clad pop diva.

SunHo-China Wine

The sneaky bastards

The Malay Mail may be able to defend its article and sensational headline on the grounds of technicality, i.e. the two icons do indeed show the veil and the T-shirt.

But if we are to allow a fair representation of Isma, then any reasonable person would not impute that Isma is advocating face veil or proscribing the wearing of T-shirt in toto.

Now the thing is that the Jerusubang readership/audience is sadly no longer able to reason. Their vicious misplaced responses to the Zeti story – see my previous post – is but one illustration of their behaviour which can only be described as people blinded by hate.

For the Malay Mail to kenakan Isma as I’ve illustrated above, it can only come from deep malice. It makes you wonder how far they intend to pursue their enmity against Muslims.

Like I’ve said, Malay Mail online paper is staffed (or stuffed) full of Christians. And apart from the J-Star Nest of Evangelistas, a lot of the other English-language media in Malaysia is similarly controlled or dominated by the Christians.


Social media is their weapon of war

The venom of disinformation that they inject into our body politic is spreading through the system like a virulent virus. The Zeti piece of misreporting by Malaysiakini was replicated tens of thousands of times in a matter of hours thorough the various social media and blogs, and infecting ever more Malaysians with the Dapsterism disease.

Their poisonous (wrong/mistaken) understanding of issues is not being corrected. Referencing the Zeti case yesterday, we see that even after Malaysiakini amended its headline, the erroneous take (mala fide) on the issue by feral subscribers of the pro-oppo portal continues unabated.

It all really boils down to an issue of bersangka buruk or bersangka baik.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Jerusubang – the Evangelista Central

Dapster-evangelistas put in a tremendous amount of effort to promote the worst levels of sengaja memupuk prasangka buruk. In tandem, they concoct outrageous lies and fabricate vile stories just so that they can win the battle against BN for Putrajaya.

The kind of fitnah that they’ve come up with is simply beyond the pale. The word ‘conscience’ / ‘conscionable’ is not in their vocabulary.

Recently Malaysia’s star athlete Pandelela Rinong complained, “Apparently someone is pretending to be me and give confusion to other Twitter users”.

The Pandelela imposter had been tweeting anti-BN messages. One of the fake tweets was disseminated by Hannah Yeoh to her 115,000 Twitter followers (see below).

Hannah Pandelela

Does Umno know who its main enemy is?

Recently Najib Razak declared war on the Red Bean Army. Well, that won’t solve the problem. The RBAs are just the grunts, i.e. expendable cannon fodder. It is the evangelistas that are the brains behind their sneaky operation.

Taking out the Dapster foot soldiers will put a temporary check on the vileness that is choking Malaysia but it won’t purify the poisoned well. It is the deceitful deceivers who must be downed in order to restore our national equilibrium. And that dajjal is the evangelista.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

13 thoughts on “Malaysia’s “failed state” is its failed population segment

  1. You sum up very well as what the british expat said:

    “I am boldly saying that throughout all the countries I have visited so far, Malaysia is the worst because it is inhabited by bad politicians and even worse people”

    Politician rose among the people, if the people are wicket, then it rises bad politician.

    Any Muslim who read Isma message will understand it very well, but somehow news paper spin it with malice intent to pit hatred against the Muslim.

  2. Why call themselves Christian? They give Christianity a very bad name.. with a pastor like that they all should be branded as Cultist! I am surprise that The Pope hasnt denounce them yet…

    1. Exactly! Rina.

      Hard to find the words to describe their gutter standard. Actually saying “sneaky bastards” is mild.

    2. I think they are imitating the Americans. They thought they are being satirical. You know kind of like those people who administer the God, Satan, Jesus, George Washington accounts in FB and twitter. Except this is a real person, a well renowned and respected name, and that’s just not funny or acceptable.

        1. ‘I think they are imitating the Americans.’

          Or maybe the Singaporeans? Think Amy Cheong and Jason Neo.

          ‘Cheong made multiple apologies after her profanity-laced post slamming Malay void deck weddings on her Facebook account went viral on Monday morning, sparking a furious backlash on social media.’

          ‘Mr Jason Neo, 30, had posted a religiously and racially offensive caption to a photograph which he uploaded on his Facebook page.

          The posting showed a photo he had taken of a school bus with Malay children from Huda Kindergarten, in Woodlands, dressed in their uniform which includes traditional Malay headwear.

          His caption said: ‘Bus filled with young terrorist trainees?’
          – See more at:

  3. First time bought Malay Mail today. I thought it is a Malay newspaper…haha. Punt intended.
    When I browse the back page while driving, I saw the word “joke” Urghhh, joke? Don’t they have better proper words to use?That will be my first and last time buying Malay Mail.

  4. It seems to be an instance of the ideological battle between Christian Zionists and Islamism. I neither support face veils nor disapprove them – it’s what lies beneath the veil that’s all important for the soul. I’ve been told that ISMA comes from a Muslim Brotherhood background. Can anyone clarify this?

    1. re: “I neither support face veils nor disapprove them”

      You’re a man, obviously. I should imagine that breathing will be difficult behind a thick veil. But if you wear a thin, gauzy veil, that would defeat the purpose of the purdah.

      1. Just wondering why no Muslim woman is allowed to cover her face during her haj pilgrimage?

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