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Keep 1Malaysia and lose Putrajaya

To get its Selangor Menteri Besar post, the DAP will put the party’s Malay candidates in safe Chinese areas to contest GE14. It is guaranteed that the Chinese electorate will vote for these chosen DAP Malays so that they can vie for the MB crown.

BN will also be putting some MCA leaders in areas where the ruling party has traditionally contested. But this time the Malay voters, even those whose heart are still with Umno, will definitely reject the MCA Chinese candidates.

The above outcome tells us that the BN formula of Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu muhibbah has passed its sell-by date. Najib Razak’s 1Malaysia is similarly past its shelf life.

Najib love 1Malaysia

Perdana Menteri yang syok sendiri

It is just a matter of where the numeral ‘1’ is placed. Najib places it in front – 1Malaysia. The DAP puts it at the back – Malaysian 1st.

From the results of GE12 and GE13, it’s evident the DAP back-end ‘one’ doctrine has won the day. The aggressive evangelical party is simply better at indoctrination, that’s all. Najib’s people – who were themselves lukewarm to his front-end ‘one’ sales pitch – had been too tidak apa to carry out the requisite brainwashing.

But then again, BN has never been and can never be as vicious and sneaky as the DAP.

So just accept that BN lost the Battle of Public Perception already. The Chinese tsunami on 5 May 2013 sent a loud and clear message that the social contract drafted by the Tunku-Cheng Lock Alliance was being torn up and thrown into the rubbish bin.


Umno, go ahead and say bye-bye to Putrajaya

If the DAP had succeeded in taking over Selangor in the 10 May 1969 election, Malaysia would today be an apartheid. But DAP now has a second chance at taking over Selangor in the coming 2018 election. Once Selangor falls into the DAP’s hands in GE14, you can rest assured that BN will lose Putrajaya by GE15.

Looking at the prognosis – refer my posting this morning ‘DAP can sapu how many PAS Selangor DUN seats next election?‘ – it appears that the only way for BN to defend Selangor from the DAP is through Malay unity.

There are better prospects for Umno in banking on PAS than relying on MCA – analysis of election data supports this thesis.

Furthermore, from the behaviour of the MCA media empire – e.g. 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda made a complaint specifically against the J-Star‘s snippy gunting coverage – the telltale signs are all there that BN will be backstabbed for the third time after the first and second scissors in the back in 2008 and 2013.

Bersih 4 Johor

Dear Datuk Seri, please stop being clueless!

At the same time, Najib should not expect that the 90 percent Chinese support for DAP can be eroded in the slightest. It is the Chinese who are going to take to the streets for Bersih 4.0 and demand his resignation.

And it is the evangelical Christians who are providing the ideological impetus – see ‘Christians to walk Bersih 4.0, the small bullying the big‘.

BELOW: Former The Edge writer Jacqueline Ann Surin told TMI and Malaysiakini readers yesterday it’s no crime to join Bersih in asking Najib to step down

Is the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) getting this message from the Christians?

What should Najib do now?

Ditch 1Malaysia. Do so immediately.

Najib has no choice but to negotiate a New Deal between federal and Sabah and Sarawak. Bring in the Tamils and the poor Hindus from the cold. Pockets of invaluable Indian votes might still be salvageable.

And most importantly, recover the Malay support that is being lost because of the 1MDB controversy.


ABOVE: I hope that Najib realises by now that petani and nelayan in the Malay heartland are not keen on 1Malaysia either

MCA has no more locus standi to speak for Chinese

My thanks to The Mole for the following article two days ago titled ‘Ditching 1Malaysia will not be good for Malaysia‘ which picked up on Aug 13 blog posting, and thanks also to Mole reporter Zaidi Azmi for getting feedback from the BN non-Malay component parties on the topic.

My response to the MCA and Gerakan spokesmen is that Najib Razak has no choice but to ditch 1Malaysia if BN is not to lose the country come two-and-a-half years’ time.

In ‘1strategy to help save Najib‘, I had asked for any one of Najib’s confidantes to please advise the PM to jettison 1Malaysia for his political survival.

The Mole then contacted some MCA, MIC and Gerakan leaders for their reactions to my suggestion. It seems they disagreed with my view.

So I’m responding here to Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang and MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker with regard to their comments.

The junior politician Saudara Keng Liang (pix below) first.


1Malaysia: Execution flawed, marketing inefficient

This chirpy Kedahan, who is also a popular Twitter personality @tankengliang, told The Mole that the concept should not be dumped because “in its essence, 1Malaysia is the most suitable concept to foster unity in our multicultural society”.

Keng Liang was quoted by the portal as saying, “It may be flawed in terms of execution and we may have failed to efficiently market this concept but these are just minor setbacks that can be repaired.

“With the right amount of works done, this concept will be beneficial for all because it was conceptualized to take care of everyone instead of just any particular race or certain segments in the society.”

Okay. My reply to Keng Liang is as follows:

1. You say that you all (BN) “may have failed to efficiently market this concept”.

So my question is: If you’ve failed to efficiently market this brainchild of Najib when he was at the height of his popularity some years ago, what makes you think that you can sell the same product now when the popularity of the PM is at its lowest ebb?

2. Secondly, you claim 1Malaysia may have been “flawed in terms of execution” but that this is just a minor setback which can be repaired.

My question then is: 1Malaysia was launched on Malaysia Day (Sept 16) in 2008. It has been six years 11 months (let’s round it up to seven years for convenience) since the inception of the programme.

If the flawed execution of 1Malaysia was merely a “minor setback” as you claim, why hasn’t the BN attempted to effectively rectify the flaws and inefficient marketing anytime the past seven years?

3. Furthermore, if you have not been able to promote 1Malaysia the last seven years, why do you believe that you can make a success of it in the next two years-and-8 months before GE14 has to be called?

4. Lastly, you declare that you’re quite sure “1Malaysia is the most suitable concept to foster unity in our multicultural society”. Well young sir, may I ask – If it’s really as good as you vouch, why there has been so few takers?

BELOW: Ti Lian Ker’s quote from 7 April 2013, a month prior to GE13


Ti: “DAP successfully exploited 1Malaysia to take a dig at PM Najib”

Like Gerakan’s Keng Liang, MCA’s Ti Lian Ker believes that 1Malaysia is a good product that “spells well for the future of the country”. He also says that we should not allow 1Malaysia to be ditched or suffer a premature death, and that we should instead strengthen our political will to help keep it alive.

Ti adds that “It’s failure does not only spell the failure of PM Najib’s stewardship but also spells the failure of Malaysians to walk our talk of moderation”.

He further argues that the opposition’s hijack of 1Malaysia to use as a tool for provoking BN leaders and supporters over the lack of equality only shows the “hypocrisy of DAP leaders”.

Ti, an MCA former Pahang Adun, says, “DAP successfully exploited 1Malaysia to take a dig at PM Najib without assisting or helping to explain its concept and intent towards building a united nation”.

My response to Datuk Ti below:

Why continue to allow the DAP to successfully exploit 1Malaysia to take a dig at PM Najib?

1. Granted that the DAP – being a most destructive opposition – would naturally try and sabotage 1Malaysia. But this still begs the question as to why your party, the MCA, has not done a better job of explaining “its concept and intent towards building a united nation”. After all, 1Malaysia is actually more favourable to the Chinese than it is to the Malays.

Isn’t it your party-owned J-Star that talks the loudest about moderation? Thus you all (MCA) should be the ones most aligned to 1Malaysia’s – as you describe it – altruism and moderate approach.

So how is it that with our country’s most commercially successful media at your disposal, MCA has still not managed to utilize The J-Star and its media group’s other outlets, including four radio stations, to counter the DAP hijack?

MCA ship jumpers

2. In short, your party’s ownership of Malaysia’s most profitable media conglomerate is of little benefit to the BN chairman and his ruling coalition. In fact, the EvangeliSTAR is a gunting that has become a parang (to borrow a turn of phrase from Mulan, a regular commenter in this blog) that is slashing at your BN colleagues. The Malay adage is Senjata Makan Tuan.

Datuk Ti,

You also say, “DAP in doing so [i.e. badmouthing and undermining 1Malaysia] had contributed towards the failure of 1Malaysia of which they have done a disservice to the country”.

BELOW: Bangsa Anak Malaysia Hannah Yeoh

Hannah Yeoh fat face

3. So it’s like this. The DAP wants 1Malaysia to fail because they’re convinced that their ‘Malaysian First’ version is more superior. On the other hand, the MCA being a BN component, is obliged to pitch 1Malaysia as the better option.

(Note: MCA and DAP are direct rivals with the former being a Chinese party and the latter being a Chinese-dominated party.)

Since the Chinese electorate clearly prefer the DAP and its Malaysian First rather than MCA and its 1Malaysia, you really have to admit that MCA has come off the big loser in your face-off.


4. Interestingly, Datuk Ti believes that DAP had chosen to join PAS or Umno detractors who do not accept 1Malaysia because both the Islamist and the Malay party “are still holding onto the supremacy of race and religion”.

Ti’s observation is insightful as there are indeed many detractors in PAS and Umno who reject 1Malaysia as something not beneficial but on the contrary serving to dilute Ketuanan Melayu. It is to the Chinese’s benefit that 1Malaysia succeeds while the Malay ‘special position’ would be more firmly secured should 1Malaysia fail.

Chinese community already united ↓

MCA 66

Is MCA uniting with the DAP?

If the pro-establishment Malay voters truly support 1Malaysia, they will naturally extend their support to the BN’s non-Malay component parties. I cite the Malay electorate because six out of MCA’s seven Parliament seats are in Malay-majority areas.

But if the pro-government Malay voters are not keen on 1Malaysia, they will turn their backs on the MCA incumbents (in those seven Parliament seats that I mentioned) come the next general election.


MCA are subsidy Chinese who do not practise ‘meritocracy’

What is the most realistic assessment of the MCA’s potential in GE14?

Well, everybody and his neighbour’s cat know that the MCA will surely be wiped out. The inevitable demise of MCA will be an indication that Umno no longer wants to extend crutches to the BN Chinese, and also that the Malays refuse to endorse 1Malaysia.

Let’s do a scenario building on the premise that BN wins GE14 (if BN loses, then that’s another story).

A BN win will necessarily have to come from solid Malay support because there are no signs that the Chinese and Christian voting pattern is going to change. The ‘Malay unity’ factor is a development that will bring conservative PAS Malays and conservative Umno Malays closer toegther.

The conservative Malay is not the demography that’s particularly enthusiastic about 1Malaysia. And like I said, the 1Malaysia slogan keeps reminding us of 1MDB.

MCA in Parliament GE

1Malaysia is albatross around the BN neck

In conclusion, what has the above exercise shown us?

It should demonstrate to Najib Razak that maintaining 1Malaysia decreases the BN’s chances of holding on to Putrajaya.

GE14 is likely to be held in 2018. A decade earlier in 2008, the DAP made its first ever gain of a state – taking Penang. The Chinese will have had a solid 10 years to consistently signal their real preference. The Chinese have already told the BN quite unequivocally to just stuff it.


The Sabahans and Sarawakians are also making it known that they want more autonomy and the clarion calls “Sabah for Sabahans”, “Sarawak for Sarawakians” are being heard more loudly. With this kind of parochialism coming to the fore, 1Malaysia does not appear to be appealing to any group anywhere in Malaysia.

If Umno is still unable to compute, then the writing is certainly on the wall.

Najib should not allow his sentimentality to override pragmatic calculation. There is too much that’s at stake.

Just kill 1Malaysia, please.




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21 thoughts on “Keep 1Malaysia and lose Putrajaya

  1. BN’s version of 1Malaysia is dead for long time. We just discovered its corpse and almost nothing of it left except very few bone fragments.

    Today 1Malaysia is a DAP’s propaganda machine instead of BN’s.

    It also sad to see MCA is more DAP than DAP itself in some issues especially the “Malay IT mall” in MARA HQ.

    I wholly agree with this article to abandon 1Malaysia and move on to a brand-new vision. A vision which hard for DAP to imitate but easy for Malaysians to accept.

    1. Go back to the original vision of Tun M i.e. Wawasan 2020. No race would dispute to that vision of making our country as a develop nation.

      1. Dr. Mahathir is the true harbinger of a unified Malaysia.

        Mr. Najib’s slogans are for himself and his clique, at the expense of the social and economic solidarity of Malaysians.

  2. ……Chinese electorate clearly prefer the DAP and its Malaysian First…..

    Malaysian First cakap mulut saja buat apa? Kalau Japanese use that slogan whole world will believe.

    The languages these so called ‘Malaysian First’ clowns use. Don’t kelentong me saying Mandarin is their mother tongue.

    And look at the types of imported cars majority of these so called ‘Malaysian First’ parrots use? Many don’t even support Petronas. Subsidies dari Petronas very supportive, kebas.

    Very confused people la. Not here, there or anywhere.

    1. I don’t think the Chinese really prefer DAP, the problem is there’s no other choice. Many including TDM said that BN still stands a chance if Mohd Najib is removed now. If that’s true, that means those supporting BN will still very likely give BN a chance.

      But Mohd Najib and his supporters clearly don’t think so, and still very much want him to stay till the end of his term. So be it.

      The Japanese during the WWII vowed that they were creating the East Asia Economic Caucus, but no one believed them. Had they succeeded, there will be no Malaysia now.

      Many of us saw that the best Malay students were sent abroad at very young age by the government to receive early education in English medium. It’s the right of everyone to pursue the best education depending on his capability and financial ability. If he can make a choice, he would make his choice.

      In Malaysia, the choice is available to study in vernacular schools. If the government thinks that the country is ready to adopt everything in Bahasa, then be courageous enough to take the lead, making everyone to have no choice but to study in Malay.

      As of now, not only the government (BN) having no guts to implement that, Bahasa itself is not ready as TDM had said many times that Malaysian students must master the English language to be able to compete in the global arena.

      Some sort like being the MELAYU GLOKAL, or GENERASI ULUL AL-BAB or something like that, as vowed by Mohd Najib.

      So if anyone must be angry that the cina kui still speaks their mother tongue, blame BN-led government for their failure.

      As for Proton, and other locally made cars for that matter, in the eighties many cina kui bought proton saga and proton wira. Even Iswara also they bought. But what did proton do to their customers? First the car loans are controlled. You pay higher interest rates than other cars if you buy proton. Why? I don’t know. Nobody knows. But people have the choice, and they made their choice. Then the design. Proton for some reason terminated their relationship with Mitsubishi. Proton Perdana, for example, maintained its design for almost twenty years. Proton Saga in UK could have power windows but the local model you must wind down by hand. Maybe Proton thinks that they are godsend and people have no choice? But the fact is people got choice.

      As for Petronas, the one not supporting them is not the cina kui, but those parasites and white ants that are eating away the company bit by bit. What happened to Hassan Merican? Cina kui didn’t sack him. Who asked him to henti? Why did he join a Singapore GLC? It’s easy to blame everything on the cina kui.

      1. re: “making everyone to have no choice but to study in Malay. As of now, not only the government (BN) having no guts to implement that”

        I support SRJK (C), and the MCA’s approach of preserving our Chineseness.

        We want to be Chinese. The MCA has been honest about this. The DAP is dishonest.

        The DAP is synonymous with LIES, and is hoodwinking the Malays about Malaysian First. Like how Bak Kut Teh is not pork.

        And Umno is kononnya racist because its a ‘Malay’ party but when we have our ‘Chinese’ schools, ‘Chinese’ Chamber of Commerce, ‘Chinese’ trade associations and everything Chinese, we’re not ‘racist”. Only Umno and Hindraf are racist, according to the DAP Firsters.

        The DAP evangelistas and their Malaysian First con job are jeopardizing these concessions, like vernacular school, that MCA obtained for us, and fought so hard to maintain.

        One day our descendents will return to the motherland. Sireh akan pulang ke gagang.

        1. ‘We want to be Chinese. The MCA has been honest about this.’

          But the Melayus must stop being Melayu altogether. Kalau tak, nanti MCA marah?! How hypocritical of them! Nothing honest about that Helen.

        2. To KJ10Q

          “I don’t think the Chinese really prefer DAP, the problem is there’s no other choice.”

          If I may add, average Chinese persons do not really prefer that party but those who are ‘highly’ educated, those with degrees from tertiary institutions, they support that party in the same way…like how teen girls go crazy the moment they meet Korean male stars, you know what I m saying ? Mind you, those manning that party’s online army are exactly those ‘highly’ educated chaps. Their online strategy is very effective and if you know Mandarin, the effect is magnified.

          You want to be Chinese. I too am Chinese and I want to stay as it is. But not all Chinese share the same sentiment. Chinese schools nowadays only serve as places for kids to learn the language so that they can tap the China market. The traditional values associated with a received Chinese education is fast disappearing. Just look around. apart from their Chinese face and name, their mannerisms are not that different from a white man. Some are even more brazen than a white man. It is indeed a tragedy that things have come to this.

          1. re: “Some are even more brazen than a white man. It is indeed a tragedy that things have come to this.”

            The Hannah Bananas control DAP. They’re bad thoughts, bad intentions, bad actions. The outcome can only be bad.

  3. Keep 1M, lose Putrajaya? No way!
    Ditch 1M, keep Putrajaya? Day dreaming!

    Wait till UMNO grass roots run amok…. but who to lead? Perhaps Lim Kit Siang?

      1. Most are aware of Jibby’s deception of Hindraf post last GE and the mistrust now runs deep.

        Many will remember it come next GE.

        1. Is Waytha joining the current ‘bash Najib’ bandwagon or is he keeping aloof from (commenting on) 1MDB/RM2.6 billion donation?

          Die lor. Chinese don’t support, Christian don’t support, Indian don’t support, Hindu don’t support. Now even parts of Umno don’t support Najib. GE14 BN gonna be in trouble, yah?

          1. I may be wrong but I don’t think Waytha has joined the fray. If so, credit goes to him for sticking to the cause.

            Yeah, looks like BN is in deep shit this time around.

            Tai sei indeed.

            1. re: “I may be wrong but I don’t think Waytha has joined the fray.”

              I don’t think so either. Waytha is big hearted. So is Hindraf.

          2. Looks like support from all races are eroding. Umno may be heading for a split of Najib vs Muhyiddin. The Chinese already abandoned MCA. MIC is also facing a crisis with 2 presidents Palani vs Subra. Despite the PR breakup, BN didn’t gain anything from it. The only safe bet now is the fixed deposits of Sabah/Sarawak.

            1. re: “Umno may be heading for a split of Najib vs Muhyiddin.”

              I don’t know about the outcome of any possible action by law against Najib over the ‘donation’ but internally Umno won’t split despite the signs of schism that we see now.

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