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Two bowls of pudding

Saifuddin Nasution (at that time the PKR sec-gen) has apologized for his fitnah against Khalid Ibrahim (at that time the Selangor Menteri Besar).

See Aug 14 Facebook entry by Khalid’s lawyer Edmund Bon at the bottom of this page.

Khalid Flintstone

What kind of people would fabricate such vicious lies against ‘Fred Flintstone’, whom for the past six years they themselves had touted as Pakatan’s flagship Menteri Besar that was clean and efficient? If they can do that to top leaders in their own camp, what do you think they’re capable of doing to ordinary BN folks?

These people in the oppo concoct vile and vicious lies EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


They wake up in the morning after getting the inspiration for their next lie in their conniving sleep. They go to bed at night reviewing all the cunning lies that they had successfully accomplished in the day.

They fitnah without any qualm of conscience. But they still claim BN is the Dark Side, the Dark Lord, wicked, evil. At the same time, they self-proclaim themselves as the paragons of virtue.




Saifuddin has had to make an unconditional apology in open court. He apologized after Khalid sued him for trying to destroy the latter’s good name and reputation.

If you do not have the means to sue, then these pemfitnah tegar will not care about all that they’ve deliberately done to drag your good name and reputation in the mud. In fact, if only they could get away with it, they’d be thrilled to bits regaling how they had managed to pull off the audacious libel and slander.

Et tu, brute?


Hannah Speaker scary mouth z

There cannot be any justification for Langkah Kajang, where the PKR Adun Lee Chin Cheh resigned after only eight-plus months receiving the mandate of the voters to be their state representative. Lee did not have any valid reason to abdicate his responsibility to Kajang voters except to make way for Anwar/Azizah.

And these people who did Langkah Kajang, i.e. PKR and DAP, claim they are the ones who are the exemplars of democratic best practices.

Furthermore, their brain-addled, rabid supporters eagerly, blindly defend the indefensible – the Kajang move. It’s a demonstration of Follow the Leader. Hannah Yeoh too had staunchly defended Anwar’s Sept 16 attempt to entice ruling party MPs to frog a mere six months after GE12.

mpkotabelud_ I have never seen the level of vile&wicked language

And today Hannah is touting the other Saifuddin – Abdullah – as the “Last Reformer” in Umno. It is not Reformasi that the DAP stands for. It is Deformasi.

The evangelical party tells their Jerusubang sheeple that they want to “UBAH” Malaysia for the better. In truth, they have deformed our country for much the worse.

Holy Water
Drunk on J-Juice

But they’re so good at spinning that the J-Juicers will follow their evangelista shepherd down the road to Putrajaya like a bunch of suicidal lemmings. They spun the story that the Khalid lawsuit has been “settled” with “mutual apology”. Show me Khalid’s apology to Saifuddin Nasution? Where? Mana ada?

How can the oppo followers swallow everything that they’re fed? We would expect sneaky politicians. It’s a trick of the trade.

But that the DAP supporters not only buy libel and lies but go all out to spread these slanders and lies, and run their unhinged smear campaigns against anyone outing them reveals that our country’s problem is much more serious than merely sick politics and sneaky politicians.

Malaysia’s “failed state” is its failed population segment


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2 thoughts on “Two bowls of pudding

  1. Boleh la kita summarise sini? Sejak 2008 Opposition kerja mereka bukan la untuk membangun negara? Kerja mereka semata2 untuk;

    Jolok2 sesama bangsa
    Kacau Agama oghang
    Kacau PM, BN
    Kacau Menteri2
    Kacau Polis
    kacau Raja
    Kacau PAS
    Kacau MACC
    Kacau Semejid
    Kacau BNM
    Kacau periok kosong kat semejid pun ada.

    Let us watch who next on their list.

  2. ‘Show me Khalid’s apology to Saifuddin Nasution? Where? Mana ada?’

    Helen, itu TMI FITNAH ISMA ke?

    Isma apologises to Marina Mahathir in defamation suit – See more at:

    Tapi ISMA cakap lain wor? Cuma rekod regret saja. Takdak apology wor. Where? Mana ada? Ada meh??

    Kes saman fitnah Marina selesai, tiada permohonan maaf direkod

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