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Is the Prime Minister’s Office making another serious mistake?

Zairil Khir Johari asks, “Do I say I am Malaysian first, or Malay first, or Muslim first?”

Aiyah Christopher Lim, just say lah you’re one helluva of a sick joke.

Zairil Malay First speech bubble

BELOW: Zairil’s article this month in the Penang Institute publication (he was made the institute CEO by Guan Eng)

Zairil Malay First

And to answer Zairil’s other question, the one with the “great and recent identity crisis” is the DAP Firster.

These schizophrenic people – the DAP evangelistas – are split by their conflicting personalities, between Sneakiness which is their real and true nature and Shaman Holy Man which is the false face they show to their voters.

The Malaysian First disease that these schizoids are spreading is a cancer consuming our country. In China, the Chinese authorities are taking steps to excise the tumour.

'Mujahid Yusuf Rawa Hannah
Mujahid Yusuf, leader of the New Hope movement, speaking in a Subang Jaya evangelical church

Creepy & corrupt chauvinists

Zhejiang is China’s province with the most Christians and its port city Wenzhou is known as the Jerusalem of the East. One out of eight Chinese in the Wenzhou population are Christian.

In the matter of another decade and a half, “China will almost certainly have more Christians than any other country” in the world. As it is, there are already more members of the church than there are members of the Communist Party in China.

The Diplomat

The Diplomat says, “Signs of a crackdown on Christianity in China may increase the strength of more extremist, quasi-Christian groups”.

Evangelical Christianity in China is a “business” as well and like some crooked businessmen and the City Harvest clique, some Chinese evangelistas have been arrested for corruption.

Two weeks ago in Jinhua, pastors of Zhejiang’s Holy Love Christian Church were detained for illegal business and instigating social disorder.

Pastor Bao Guohua, his wife Xing Wenxiang and five church employees were arrested by police on suspicion of having embezzled hundreds of thousands of yuan from their church fund, according to Zhejiang Daily.

Jinhua police tweeted that the preachers led “greedy lives”.


Christian leaders inciting anger and unrest

China has allowed the crackdown in Zhejiang because Beijing views the creepy Christians as an existential threat. ‘Report: Beijing responded to growth in Christianity in 2014 with harsh persecution’ (CNS News, 22 Apr 2015)

You can’t throw accusations of “racism” when action by the authorities is taken Cina sama Cina – by Chinese officials against their fellow Chinese. China has acted not only because it is freaked out by the creepiness but additionally, those arrested for inciting public disorder are also “extremist, quasi-Christian groups” (to borrow The Diplomat‘s words).

Meanwhile, the creepy Christians in the DAP top leadership and among public opinion leaders have been making hay from the self-destructive cantas-mencantas of the PhD (perasaan hasad dengki) Malays.

Hannah Yeoh and her ilk have taken advantage of this Malay disunity to further encourage divisiveness and incite public anger.

@hannahyeoh really angry

Hannah MACC mobilising crowd

Melayu mudah lupa and ditipu bulat-bulat

What bullshit is this?

What “mutual apology”?

Malay Mail Khalid mutual

I’ve previously shown you the Malay Mail‘s tipu muslihat when that pro-Christian paper kenakan Isma by saying the Muslim NGO is encouraging Muslims to wear the veil during Hari Raya (false reporting).

Its article ‘Khalid Ibrahim settles suit against ex-PKR sec-gen with mutual apology‘ is yet another piece of bull. The Malay Mail first paragraph which said Khalid Ibrahim’s defamation suit against Saifuddin Nasution was settled with “both men apologising to each other” is pure bullshit.

It’s really a holy miracle PTL how they can keep up their tipu dan bohong 24/7/365.

Khalid’s maaf zahir dan batin bulan Syawal (paragraph below) was spun by the pro-Christian paper as the ex-MB of Selangor “apologizing” to the former sec-gen of PKR over the libel claims.

“Sebagai seorang Islam, saya menerima penyataan maaf dan kesal PKR serta Dato’ Saifuddin dan mengambil semangat bulan Syawal yang mulia ini untuk memohon maaf zahir dan batin jika saya ada menyinggung perasaan beliau serta mana-mana ahli PKR yang lain.”

This mohon maaf zahir dan batin was distorted to give readers the wrong impression that Khalid apologized to Saifuddin too over some “mutual” slander, and that both parties were equally at fault.

This is an example of buat baik makan diri when you’re dealing with scumbags like the oppo operatives and sympathizers.

What kind of people work in the Malay Mail?! Do you think the canards against Isma and Khalid were created by Malays or by Christians?

There is really and absolutely no point in extending the olive branch (like Khalid did) to guttersnipes when they take advantage of your (Khalid’s) generosity to turn around and kenakan you sekali lagi.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Khalid Ibrahim’s semangat bermaaf-maafan bulan Syawal tak berbaloi

Excerpts from Khalid’s media statement:

  • “kedua-dua pihak bersetuju untuk menyelesaikannya secara baik”
  • “Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam merekodkan Penghakiman Persetujuan dimana Dato’ Saifudin selaku Defendan Pertama dan PKR Defendan Kedua telah menyatakan rasa kesal mereka dan memohon maaf kerana mengeluarkan dan mengedarkan satu laporan 91-mukasurat yang mengandungi pelbagai tuduhan fitnah terhadap saya.”
  • “Mereka turut … memberi akujanji tidak akan mengulangi tuduhan serta fitnah tersebut.”
  • “Sebagai seorang Islam, saya menerima penyataan maaf dan kesal PKR serta Dato’ Saifuddin dan mengambil semangat bulan Syawal yang mulia ini untuk memohon maaf zahir dan batin jika saya ada menyinggung perasaan beliau serta mana-mana ahli PKR yang lain.”
  • “Sama seperti kes Saman Fitnah yang saya failkan sebelum ini, saya sentiasa mengambil pendekatan berlapang dada dengan tidak mahu memanjangkan persengketaan jika pihak yang membuat tuduhan mengakui kesilapan mereka. Pada saya penyataan maaf sudah mencukupi untuk menebus maruah saya yang tercalar dengan fitnah-fitnah yang dilemparkan.”
  • “Tidak dinafikan juga bahawa kami berasa amat kecewa kerana ditewaskan oleh fitnah meskipun setelah bekerja keras selama 6 tahun melakukan reformasi pentadbiran khusus untuk kesejahteraan rakyat.”
  • “Langkah Kajang telah berjaya mengaibkan saya yang akhirnya menyebabkan saya kehilangan jawatan.”
  • “Justeru setelah maruah saya ditebus dengan kenyataan maaf oleh PKR lantas terbukti bahawa segala tohmahan yang dilemparkan ke atas saya ternyata fitnah semata-mata…”

Khalid Ibrahim’s Facebook entry on 16 Aug 2015

Desmond Tutu

Generosity is wasted on this kind of people

For the last 100 years or so, the Chinese and the Malay communities have co-existed with an uneasy accommodation of each other and later, through the co-operation between MCA and Umno, this implicit compact was expressed in more formalized political bartering.

We (the Chinese) have been more or less left alone to maintain our Chinese schools, our Chinese associations and Chinese this and Chinese that unmolested. Malays were willing to bertolak ansur.

That is until the sneaky evangelista came into power in 2008, peddling their J-Juice that there are “no Malays” and “zero Chinese” and that we’re “all Malaysians”.


The creepy Christians want to ‘ethnic cleanse’ us Chinese and Malays.

Malay backlash has taken the form of Ismail Sabri, the cabinet minister from Umno. When the Malays attempt to emulate the Chinese and plan similarly to have Malay this and Malay that, they’re branded as “racist” and “divisive”.

Tebuan mula menyengat selepas sarang dijolok

Of course this sneaky double standards will draw a response.

Hence the boycott Chinese goods and businesses campaigns post-tsunami and other anti-Chinese initiatives. The recent mini riot by the Malays at Low Yat mall was a physical manifestation because the rioters are not articulate enough verbally counter the evangelista sneakiness and forked tongue.

The current anti-Chinese feelings of the Malays are caused and driven in large part by the DAP evangelistas and their Politics of Hate. For example, the Church and prominent Christians have demanded an apology from Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid for his Christian conspiracy allegation.

Bishop Paul Tan even slyly appealed for Perkasa to come to the Christians’ defence against Mahdzir.

Ibrahim Ali Love

ABOVE: Ibrahim Ali and Rev. Wong Kim Kong, former sec-gen of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship

Due to the extreme sneakiness of the evangelistas, it appears that not many people have yet to catch on to the connection between the rise of anti-Chinese sentiments and the political machinations of the evangelistas.

They are the ones pushing the rally to topple Najib. They are inciting anger and instigating the public to take this anger out on the streets.

Haters will hate potatoes

Muslim NGO’s question for the PMO is asking a very serious question about how deeply the evangelistas have infiltrated the government – not only in the PKR-DAP side of the state governments they control but also in the BN side.

Bangkit’s Ben Yaacob wants to know whether it’s true that an evangelical Christian individual implicated in the Penang Red Rock incident – where the pastors, euphoric after the Sarawak state election gains in 2011, were reportedly praying for Malaysia to become a Christian state – is going to be a member of yet another consultative council on Political Funding mooted by the Prime Minister’s Office.

(In the PMO are outgoing evangelical Christian cabinet minister Idris Jala and three sitting Christian ministers Paul Low, Joseph Kurup and Joseph Entulu.)

Please read,


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43 thoughts on “Is the Prime Minister’s Office making another serious mistake?

  1. So what if they can get 50K people to join the rally? Heck that’s still less than 2% of the population and if most of them are non-bumis, definitely not representative of the majority. You can get 1 million people, it’s still not representative of the majority.

    Most of the majority do not want to be under the Dap rule. But if Umno fails to strategise then we may be under Dap rule after the next election.

    1. re: “But if Umno fails to strategise then we may be under Dap rule after the next election.”

      Due to the current adverse developments, the PMO suggested establishing a consultative council on political funding.

      So the Muslim NGO Bangkit is asking whether an evangelical Christian – someone whom Bangkit alleges was implicated in the ‘Christian state’ brouhaha – is going to be made a member of the proposed council.

      This move (if true) is about as smart as making Mujahid Yusuf the sub-committee chairman of the NUCC tasked with coming up with the National Harmony (anti-hate speech) bill. Only in the case of an evangelista in the council on political funding, the implications are more serious for Umno-BN.

      Team Najib comes up with ideas that makes Umno lose votes, like TalentCorp and those alphabet thingys.

      1. The PM should know he doesn’t need any more councils or committees or whatever he wants to call any groupings. It is counter-productive. What he needs to do is dismantle some of them especially the NUCC. he gives these opposition members titles and positions and hence, legitimise and give weight to their opinions even if such opinions do not have any relation to the group they represent.

        1. re: “… any more councils or committees or whatever he wants to call any groupings. It is counter-productive. What he needs to do is dismantle some of them especially the NUCC.”

          The liberal committees will dismantle him instead.

          Take the proposed anti-hate speech law. It is a weapon to be used against BN voters. Suaram pinpointed Perkasa and Isma as being guilty of hate speech. These two organizations are the Malay pro-establishment constituency.

          But have you noticed that Ibrahim Ali has also learned? Recently he said that Perkasa has “fallen in love” with the Christians for Peace and Harmony. His movement is usually accused of being ‘haters’, so he’s learned the evangelista/Orwellian modus operandi of Love Talk.

          We could do the same if we wanted to stoop to their level. Be most provocative, insinuate the most ugly, hateful things and then pepper our comment with sayings – “God bless”, “May God’s comfort be with you”, “May you walk in His Grace”, “Jesus loves ya and so do I” and “Cheers”.

          And as a parting shot, remind the other fella to “Stay classy”.

          1. That’s where we differ from them. They can go around saying “Insya Allah”, Masya Allah” but as a Muslim, I can’t say “Jesus bless you”. So IA may talk about love but he’s going to tread real carefully beyond that.

            Suaram is not exactly a non-partisan movement. They are supposed to stand for human rights so of course they are anti-establishment and not Islam friendly.

            1. re: “They can go around saying Insya Allah

              If they believe their God is Allah too, then the name should be used across the board. We could start by modifying our national anthem …

              … Rahmat bahagia Allah kurniakan
              Raja kita, selamat bertaktha.

              1. Tu la, Rukun Negara pun kita tukar kepada ‘Kepercayaan Kepada Allah’ dan semua rakyat Malaysia yang belum, boleh diajar mengucap dua kalimah syahadah dalam satu majlis mega. Dan yang belum potong kita kasi potong mega!

                Yeay! Happy! Love! Love! Love!

                1. Christopher Lim boleh mulakan upacara mencangkung atas batang pokok pisang, kira macam potong reben la. Majlis mega kena tradisi sikit ;)

                  1. ‘Zairil Khir Johari asks, “Do I say I am Malaysian first, or Malay first, or Muslim first?”

                    Ko Cina ler. Apa yang susah sangat? Mengaku je lah! Lagipun Ko ingat senang ke LGE and DAP nak bagi ko gaji besar kalau tak?

  2. Many many duobtful decisiond. New Media Prima boss from MCKK. Experience in real estate not media. ???

  3. Perhaps Helen has forgotten that Christianity, which arise out of martyrs and persecution, will surmount all the obstacles thrown against it.

    The night of the Roman Empire was brought to bear on the early Christians. Where is the Roman Empire now?

    Ditto for the gods of the Greek and Norse mythologies. See the position of Christianity in Greece and the Scandinavian countries now, although Islam is making limited inroads.

    As for Islam and Christianity, it is still an open question as to whether they can coexist or whether they will be striving for supremacy, one against the other.

    Will the striving for supremacy be peaceful or non-peaceful?

      1. Not only the grammar is wrong. The some spelling is also wrong and the history is also wrong. Early christian is no more. The roman took their christianity and made it their own. They hijack it with the formation of the First Council of Nicaea convoked by…pamparammmmm…The 57th Roman Emperor Constantine I, a pagan ruler that finds that his political power would be set in stone if he decreed tolerance to christians. He live his life as a pagan and only convert on his death bed. The Nicene Creed which is central to christian belief is brought on by this man. Ever wonder why Vatican city is in ROME? Wouldn’t you say christianity IS the reincarnation of Roman empire?

        Striving for supremacy and peace is mutually exclusive.

        1. Leonidasthespartan cer ko baca ni…

          Jesus guided me to Islam: Adebayor Tottenham striker

          “Jesus (pbuh) taught that there is only One God and Only God should be worshipped as taught in Deut 6:4, Mark 12:29. Muslims also believe this as taught in the Qur’an verse 4:171,” Adebayor was quoted by The Herald.

          “Jesus (pbuh) washed his face, hands, and feet before praying. The Muslims do the same. Jesus (pbuh) and other prophets of the Bible prayed with their head to the ground (see Matthew 26:39). Muslims do too as taught in the Qur’an verse 3:43,” Adebayor stressed.

          “Jesus (pbuh) had a beard and wore a robe. It is Sunnah for Muslim men to do the same.

          “Jesus (pbuh) followed the law and believed in all the prophets, (see Matthew 5:17). Muslims do too as taught in the Qur’an verses 3:84, and 2:285.”

          Citing the modesty of Jesus’ mother Virgin Mary (may Allah be pleased with her), who used to dress modestly by fully covering her body and wearing a headscarf, Adebayor said that Muslim women are required to dress modestly and wear hijab too, which is seen by Islam as an obligatory dress code.

          “Jesus (pbuh) and other prophets of the Bible fasted up to 40 days (see Exodus 34:28, Daniel 10:2-6. 1Kings 19:8, and Matthew 4:1-Muslims do so also during the month of Ramadan. Muslims are required to fast the full obligatory 30 days (see Qur’an 2:183), and others take it a step further by fasting an additional 6 days to increase their rewards,” he said.

          Revealing more reasons to join Islam, Adebayor said: “Jesus (pbuh) taught to say “Peace to this house” when entering it (see Luke 10:5), and to also greet the people in the house with “peace be unto you”. Muslims do exactly what Jesus did and taught. When we enter our homes and the homes of others we say “Bismillah” and also greet with “as salaamu alaikum” (peace be upon you) as taught in the Qur’an verse 24:61.”

          He went on saying: “Jesus (pbuh) was circumcised. Circumcision is 1 of the 5 fitrah in Islam, so Muslim men are required to be circumcised too.

          “Jesus (pbuh) spoke Aramaic and called God ”Elah”, which is pronounced the same as “Allah”.

          “Now tell me who is the real follower of Jesus (pbuh)? Obviously Muslims. Now I believe am a true follower of Jesus PBUH,” he said.

          BTW Leonidasthespartan, ko dah sunat ke belum? Dah POTONG?

          1. Oh, well….and I was going to write about “cherry-picking”…..

            Go Google for “Muslims who have converted to Christianity”. There are more than enough entries there to satisfy your thirst for researching this subject.

            Unless you say that Google and Wikipedia got it all wrong?

            Btw, Emmanuel Adebayor – is he a “role model”?

            Google has listed the names of other “role models” who have batted or who are batting for the other side.

            Are they all guilty of “doctrinal errors”?

            1. Haiya its a free advice la brader. Sharing is caring maa. You can take it. Or you can throw it away. Esok mampus kasi bakar. Kan senang cerita!

              ‘Btw, Emmanuel Adebayor – is he a “role model”?’

              Of course he’s not. YOU ARE! Ish2 what am I thinking, kan?!

              1. Free advice?

                Did you look up the Google reference that I suggested?

                If you are saying that there were/are Christians who have converted to Islam (since you mentioned E Adebayor in this context), others are entitled to point out that there were/are Muslims who have converted to Christianity.

                Fact of life, brader. Freedom of religion. The promptings of conscience.

                Deal with it.

        2. “The roman took their christianity and made it their own. They hijack it with the formation of the First Council of Nicaea convoked by…pamparammmmm…The 57th Roman Emperor Constantine I, a pagan ruler that finds that his political power would be set in stone if he decreed tolerance to christians. ”

          bwahahaha…We know Malaysian history has been doctored over the years, but please don’t embarrass yourself by trying to doctor other aspects of history. Stick to Islam as you clearly know nothing about Christianity or its origins.

            1. You have made these ridiculous assertions without any proof whatsoever. Wonder why countless Catholic and Christian scholars have not been able to see what you claim over the centuries? Since you made the ludicrous statements, the burden of proof is on you.

              Remember, when studying Christian history, it’s better to go to the original sources, rather than just listen to what some Muslim elder/leader has told you. I have heard this objection from many Muslims, you’re not the only one. Like you, they also have no evidence whatsoever to back up their claims.

              1. ‘Remember, when studying Christian history, it’s better to go to the original sources’

                Is it? As opposed to studying Islamic history with a murtad, then born again Muslim (with a Christian wife) Reza Aslan? Lidah bercabang la you!

                Demented is it? Alzheimer sudah datang is it?

              2. My proof :

                Disprove these first then I’ll furnish you with further proof. Even 13 year old kid can derive my conclusion from this page alone. I do my reseach before mouthing off, unlike you. Now can you tell me why a ROMAN EMPEROR is presiding over a council that promulgating CHRISTIAN canon law. Those early christian you spoke of is at least 300 years dead. Not to mention Jesus, which should be the authority on the teaching he brought about. But no, christian canon law was brought and paid for by a pagan king. The bible was also created by these people. Better if you admit that you are worshipping a false god, a t shaped idol. Be honest to yourself. Or you can try to disprove or DEFLECT some more.

                And seriously, Jesus stories in Quran is way, way better than your version. More straight and narrow to be honest but not twisting and turning and full of contradictions like in the bible. Well that is the difference between god given and man made.

                1. Proof? What you have posted is a link explaining what happened at the Council of Nicea, which is common knowledge to everyone. You have not shown how Christianity was altered or hijacked as you claim. The Council and various subsequent Councils were set up to clarify matters and also identify heretics at the time. This is absolutely needed as a religion starts to grow and different opinions and angles start to surface (see all the conflicting Islamic sects).

                  “The bible was also created by these people”

                  Wow, such ignorance and the only way out for Muslims to justify their faith as Christianity essentially is at odds to most of what Muhammad taught. The only way for Islam to make sense is to make up falsehoods about the corruption of Christianity. The Dead Sea Scrolls have manuscripts going back to the first century which are essentially identical to the Christian scriptures we have today.

                  Funnily enough, Muhammad himself never claimed that the Bible was corrupted, and in fact instructed Jews and Christians to consult their own scriptures when judging the validity of Islam. Now, why would he do this if he believed that the religion was made up at Nicea which predated his existence?

                  “Better if you admit that you are worshipping a false god

                  No, I genuinely believe that you are however.

    1. Here’s another view:
      1. Instead of having to deal with all the priestly colleges from Jove to Mars to Bueno Dea, might as well consolidate power under one religion – state sponsored and controlled. In one stroke, the Emperor neutralises the traditional priesthood’s share of power and takes the “divine mandate” for the throne.

      2. Have the Celtic, Norse and Greco Roman traditions really died, vanquised by Christianity? Or have they been co-opted, twisted and presented anew by the missionaries? Christmas coincides with Winter Solstice, Easter coincides with Beltane the spring fertility festival, Christmas tree = Teutonic in origin: evergreen tree symbolic of surviving through winter … even secular celebrations like Halloween comes from Samhain, the Celtic autumn festival. On the negative aspect, Pan the forest god turned into the Horned Devil, satyrs of Greek mythology represent the form of Satan..

      Seriously, do you think that we non-Christians don’t know your history and what you’re capable of?

      Please, cease and desist. You want to grow your religion, fine. You can do so but I would advise that you do it by showing a good example instead of through devious means.

      1. Maybe a secular state, where there are no favourites, is a concept that the West has adapted successfully.

        Not that it has deterred Muslim migrants and refugees from heading to these avowedly secular countries. In their hundreds, if not thousands.

        It’s amazing what economic deprivation, corruption and persecution can do to cause people to up and flee for better lives elsewhere.

        But they are mere “unfortunates”, aren’t they, who have strayed from the doctrinal “straight and narrow path” and succumbed to mundane considerations such as safety of life and limb and children’s futures?

        1. ‘Maybe a secular state, where there are no favourites’

          Sorry dah terlambat oredi. Islam is THE Religion of the Federation. There’s nothing you can do. Well except koyak passport dan berambus to western countries of your choosing. Ada nak ambik ko ke??

          1. Islam 1st
            Jangan main2. Alvin Tan sekadar tunjuk ‘burung pendek’ pun confident apply for citizenship.

            Sekarang pasti laku, same sex dah sah boleh kawin dan bebas kat sana. Trending and pasti in great demand.

            1. Betoi jugak, kawan kita kat atas tu boleh claim kata Gomen tak bagi dia kawin sama-sama jenis. Sure dapat suaka. Anyway good riddance.

              Leonidasthespartan bila lagi nak angkat kaki? Menyemak je kat sini.

            2. Ah, yes – what gems of wisdom are you propounding now?

              Or are you waving your cudgel and threatening damnation and hellfire on those not in sync with your mindset and worldview?

              Do elucidate, please…

          2. Yes, but other religions have the right to exist, to worship without hindrance or prejudice, to be able to build their houses of worship and to be able to propagate their faiths.

            Are you disputing any or all of the above?

            Being THE religion doesn’t give it the right to ride rough shod over other religions or to lord it over them.

            Does it?

            Fait accomplis don’t cut it in the modern world. Just look at Silicon Valley and the products that came out of it.

            As for migrating to more hospitable climes, quite a few have done so already. Including those who have one foot here and one foot there and dual citizenship on the quiet.

            US$5 million can get someone a sympathetic hearing anywhere in the world….lol.

            1. ‘US$5 million can get someone a sympathetic hearing anywhere in the world….lol.’

              I’ll be LOL when you did. But for the time being, with your kakis menyemak kat sini, I shall ask, dah koyak ke belum passport Malaysia ko?

              1. “But for the time being, with your kakis menyemak kat sini, I shall ask, dah koyak ke belum passport Malaysia ko?”

                And you wonder why I keep on trolling you?

              2. Islam 1st,

                Payah sikit nak koyak passport Malaysia selagi perjuangan Hannah Yeoh agar catatan dalam dokumen ‘Bangsa/race’ belum berjaya.

                Bermati-matian depa kalut insist all documents to reflect them only as ‘Malaysian Malaysian’ you ingat pasai apa?

                Anak Tabika pun boleh agak pasai apa.

  4. apologizing is a normal trait in malay muslim culture. it became a norm during raya month to forgive and move on.

    but the maaf zahir batin only applies to inadvertent of one’s action like going overboard when making jokes of your friend, for instance. at the same time you friend does not show his/or her dislike and this is the type covers under maaf zahir dan batin.

    it does not apply to demanded apology via legal discourse on certain statement. it’s either the malay mail was playing sneaky game like you said or being too ignorant on the phrase ‘maaf zahir dan batin’. both of them however are inexcusable.

    the first part like you post and we all know how sneaky these evangelistas mouthpiece. the latter shows how fail the journalist in understanding malay custom.

    1. Not only are the oppo supporters ignorant, they also don’t have the capacity to realise there is a need to double check the things they’re told. Just like how they didn’t hear any alarm bells ring to alert them that Malaysiakini misrepresented Zeti’s statement.

      Then there are others who swallowed the story that she had a heart attack. Or those who believed that the MACC chief was forced to take unscheduled leave by Najib when it was actually medical leave for surgery.

      In the case of the “mutual apology” spin, it’s clear that the Malay Mail was being deceitful to put Saifuddin’s apology extracted through legal action at par with Khalid’s maaf zahir dan batin bulan Syawal.

      The Malays must wake up and realise that the evangelistas have no qualms to pull this kind of sneaky stunts / sleight of hand all the time. Being fed fitnah daily is what makes their rabid followers the smear campaigners that the are – bapa borek anak rintik.

      Ordinary Malays and Umno members must pressure up the branch and division leaders to put pressure on the top party leadership to take action against these evangelistas.

      1. unfortunately, it is too late in my opinion to change the culture. political and nation building news are treated on par with entertainment news. the evangelistas knows well to tap the mengumpat culture among malays to another level. right or wrong does not matter as public perception will take place in the future.

  5. No one else to be blamed ,it’s only the Malay . How far could they go if Malays are not giving in ,this evangelist are just like what has been said by Desmond tutu .
    Couldn’t be describe any better .

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