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A national agency that’s magic!

Abracadabra! National news agency Bernama pulled out the ‘sorry’ word from its magician’s hat and plonked it into the Isma-Marina story.

Filing the wire story on Marina Mahathir’s lawsuit settlement today, Bernama said:

“Isma deputy president Aminuddin Yahaya when reading out the terms of regret said that Isma was sorry if the distributed article and pamphlets had caused any problems or given negative impact and wrong perception of Marina as a liberal and anti-Islam.”

Isma on the other hand says, ‘Kes saman fitnah Marina selesai, tiada permohonan maaf direkod’ – i.e. how the relevant article headline was framed in Ismaweb. Continue reading “A national agency that’s magic!”

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No apology recorded in Marina lawsuit settlement, says Isma

Marina Mahathir’s lawyers sent Isma her first letter of demand on 19 Nov 2013. The high-powered team (pix below) sent her second letter of demand on 27 Nov 2013 and the third one on 12 Dec 2013.

As well as demanding an apology, she had sought an injunction to prevent Isma from republishing what they had said about her.

Isma ignored all the three lawyer letters and refused to retract their statement about Marina made in their flyer.

See you in court, Isma told her. Lots of people had then stood up to clap and cheer for Isma-Who? I was one of them.

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