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No apology recorded in Marina lawsuit settlement, says Isma

Marina Mahathir’s lawyers sent Isma her first letter of demand on 19 Nov 2013. The high-powered team (pix below) sent her second letter of demand on 27 Nov 2013 and the third one on 12 Dec 2013.

As well as demanding an apology, she had sought an injunction to prevent Isma from republishing what they had said about her.

Isma ignored all the three lawyer letters and refused to retract their statement about Marina made in their flyer.

See you in court, Isma told her. Lots of people had then stood up to clap and cheer for Isma-Who? I was one of them.

Marina lawyers

Isma became the voice for rakyat marhaen

Marina had, in fact, immediately threatened to take legal action too against any other blog or website that might dare to think of reproducing the Isma material. She wields the threat of litigation (which she can easily afford but most bloggers cannot) like a baton.

Marina has also been quick off the mark to threaten lawsuits in other instances – see below.

Isma’s spunky defiance – finally (!) someone gave the First Family bratling her overdue comeuppance – catapulted the hitherto little known Muslim NGO into the national limelight.

Two differing versions on the case outcome

After one-and-a-half years, the Marina vs Isma case has been settled.

The Malaysian Insider yesterday reported that Marina received “an open apology in court” from Isma for “defaming” her. The TMI headline says unequivocally that “Isma apologises to Marina” – see story linked by prolific twit Art Harun, below.

Suit settled, Isma conveys regret to tearful Marina‘ is the Malaysiakini headline while the windy ‘Marina Mahathir, Isma settle defamation suit out of court with expression of regret’ is the Malay Mail‘s.

Ismaweb however carried a contrasting headline – ‘Kes saman fitnah Marina selesai, tiada permohonan maaf direkod‘ (17 Aug 2015).

The NGO’s own website further reported, “Perintah Persetujuan tidak memperuntukkan apa-apa peruntukan bagi pembayaran sebarang ganti rugi dan kos kepada Marina”.

Isma is not required to pay any compensation nor costs to Marina, it seems.

Hence two differing perceptions on the same episode are conveyed between reporting by the pro-oppo media as compared to the report from Isma itself.

marina mahathir

‘They’ control the English-language media

The oppo propaganda machine is, needless to say, going on turbo drive.

I hope Isma will be able get their side of the story out in order to check and balance the overwhelming dominance by anti-establishment narratives in the sphere of information.

Many ordinary Malaysians are counting on Isma to stand up to the bullying and lying pro-opposition portals. The worst of the lot is TMI.

BELOW: Senang jer TMI tabur fitnah, lepas tu minta maaf satu perenggan

Najib will fall if he refrains from war footing

Even the Prime Minister’s Office had complained about the determinedly and deliberately distorted news coverage by TMI but to no avail – see PMO tweet below.

The PM has declared war, konon, on the Red Bean Army. He’s one to talk but remains stymied on what effective course of action to pursue. This is understandably so because the BN is fighting Dapsters and their handlers (the evangelistas) who are dajjal.

The RBA and their social media feed on the pro-oppo media (online and mainstream, including The J-Star) and vice versa. Thus tackling RBA must be carried out in tandem with enough political will to defang the venomous English-language media.

Should Najib Razak still fail to act swiftly and decisively against these subversive spinmeisters, chances are all the greater that he will soon be toppled.

And they – the Malay Mail’s, TMI’s and Malaysiakini‘s – would have been a major factor contributing to the fall of his administration and eviction of Umno-BN from Putrajaya which must surely follow on its heels.

BELOW: TMI apologized to the PAS president after getting caught for publishing a doctored photo calling “Undur Hadi”

kita lawan tmi mohon maaf Hadi Awang

Sampai Majlis Raja-Raja buat laporan polis tapi belum lagi ada tindakan

TMI editors and owners were recently detained by the authorities after the Council of Rulers made a police report. The publication is liable for sedition over its false/faked report about the content of rulers’ meeting of which their Majesties had refuted.

It has a despicable track record of putar-belit, bohong dan fitnah – see the long list of their infractions compiled @  ‘When is TMI going to be charged for sedition and shut down?

The English-language media in Malaysia is controlled by the What Kind of People, and below are some items of What They Do to You – heinous acts which should fill any conscionable reader with revulsion but is instead taken as gospel truth by the rabid Jerusubang mob.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

The Malay Mail’s spin on “mutual apology”

There was no “mutual” apology as such.

The pro-Christian publication was being deceitful when they put Khalid Ibrahim’s maaf zahir dan batin bulan Syawal on par with Saifuddin Nasution’s apology – made in court after the (then) PKR sec-gen was sued – tendered to the former Selangor MB for libeling the latter.

For more details, read ‘Is the Prime Minister’s Office making another serious mistake?

Malay Mail Khalid mutual


Oppo media run in wolf pack and attack in concert

The spindoctoring by the opposition is effectively poisonous because they dish it out in big doses. The pro-oppo media create a multiplier effect by repeating ad nauseum the same lie that is convenient or expedient to their side.

e.g. Malaysiakini similarly tapped danced around the “mutual apology” spin as did The Malay Mail over the Khalid defamation suit story – read Lim Sian See’s Facebook write-up below

The pro-establishment media, on the other hand, is about as tidak apa as Umno and lacking cohesiveness with each other.

Malignant malice of Malaysiakini

And here’s another sneaky hand grenade thrown by Malaysiakini.

Malaysiakini corrects Zeti story

Malaysiakini corrects mistake spotted by blogger‘ (The Mole, 14 Aug 2015)

The portal had originally headlined their story, ‘Zeti: I may be arrested for speaking about an individual‘. The article title has since been amended to read, ‘I can be held for talking on individual accounts’.

Malaysiakini (mis)quoted Zeti as saying, “Otherwise, the moment I step out of this door, I will face arrest for talking about an individual right now” when what she actually said was, “Otherwise, the moment that I step out of this door, I will face arrest for talking about an individual ACCOUNT.”

The problem is ‘them’ – there’s something inherently very wrong with the DAP-PKR supporters. That’s why Malaysia is in trouble. It’s because of their behaviour.

Najib and BN must realise and face up to the reality that …

… ‘Malaysia’s “failed state” is its failed population segment‘.

It’s a deep-seated People Problem that we’re confronted with.



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15 thoughts on “No apology recorded in Marina lawsuit settlement, says Isma

  1. Now KDN is busy investigating the said plots, by UMNO members to bring down the legally elected government .
    What is confusing ,why such announcement is made during UMNO meets .

  2. Helen..
    Pada saya, modus operandi this Dapsters dengan konco-konconya memang sudah diketahui dan memang tak boleh diubah.
    Yang teramatlah pelik ialah tiada TINDAKAN dari pihak berkenaan yang betul-betul berkesan.
    Apalah sangat sekadar:

    1. Amaran
    2. Kenyataan rasa kesal
    3. Kenyataan menyatakan ‘ mereka tidak sepatutnya….bla, bla, bla…
    4. Ugut nak ambil tindakan saman.
    5. Saman, masuk court, lepas tu settle luar
    6. Tangkap….lepas beberapa hari, dilepaskan.

    Betulke tindakan kerajaan sekarang ni?
    Atau, mereka memang bersandiwara juga?

    1. Betul tu. Kerajaan pula ikut rentak mereka, seperti tiada tindakan pencegahan mahupun susulan yang tegas yang boleh diambil ke atas mereka. Itu sebab rakyat makin gelisah dan senang diperdaya.

    1. re: “Do they have people who can read Chinese script? NKM writes in Chinese on his FB…”

      MCA’s big fail – grade ‘F’.

      While there are Malays who read/write Chinese, it’s nonetheless a tall order to expect Umno to be able to co-opt enough numbers of them as cybertroopers.

      This is one area where MCA should have covered their ally’s back instead of choosing to stick poison-tipped scissors into Umno instead.

      It’s a pointless relationship worth having or continuing. No reason for Umno to pikul biawak hidup anymore.

  3. We need more Malays who can read and translate Chinese. I don’t wanna sound harsh, but everytime I ask my Chinese friends to translate, it always sounds innocent … like they purposely censored the racist comments made by people of their own race.

    That is why I am learning Chinese now. I love learning foreign languages, so this is not something I do merely for strategic benefit. Because, I love learning the languages of other races, unlike certain Closeted Chinese Chauvinists (CCC).

    It’s so rare nowadays to see a Chinese person who doesn’t harbour pro-Communist China sentiments and who completely disregards the Malay language and their culture, merely living in their own ethnic enclave bubble.

    Helen Ang’s frequent and appropriate use of Malay (rather than half-baked and politically motivated attempts by the DAP) is much welcome. I am glad she doesn’t misappropriate my language and culture to suit her political agenda.

    The misuse of ‘Bolehland’ and ‘Malaysia Boleh’ grates on my ears. It sounds like a sneaky CLOSETED CHINESE CHAUVINIST attempt to insult the Malays whilst hiding behind an insult to the government … when read in context.

    1. Can you please use your polished newly-acquired knowledge of Mandarin to tell China to get the **** out of the South China Sea and stop sniffing around the coastal waters of East Malaysia?

      Of course, your invitation to them to pick up and scram must be “read in context”!

      1. Itu dia, penjilat buntot LKY sudah keluar daripada lubang. Panas ke duduk dalam lubang?

        Apa itu Singapore, the greatest island in SEA, sumbat budak bawah umur masuk penjara ke? Budak 16 tahun?? Ish2

        Leonidasthespartan cer, komen sikit??

        ‘The misuse of ‘Bolehland’ and ‘Malaysia Boleh’ grates on my ears.’

        Jom Kawan pun. Sedihhhhh, orang suruh belajar elok2 tak mau, kan dah merepek!

        Nolstagia Keamanan…

        Di pagi yang murni… Burung-burung menyanyi… Hujan semalam sudah berhenti… Petirpun sudah tidak berbunyi. Bunga-bunga harum di taman… Rama-rama terbang dalam rambang… Nolstagiaku pada zaman yang aman… Di mana kita semua saudara, adik dan abang. Kini kita dihujani suara-suara laungan… Setiap hari ada racun-racun dalam ruangan… Bayang-bayang dan mainan tangan-tangan… Rupa-rupa mau tukar kerajaan dengan HIMPUNAN! Himpunan AnWar, Bersih ,dan Shamsidar? Undang-undang dan susunan dicabar… Muka malaikat bermulut celupar… Keamanan dan kebahagiaan mahu ditukar?

        Ti Lian Ker, tries (hard) to be 1Malaysia when he wants too.

  4. Look, listen dan hayati what is happening in Bangkok!
    Pihak polis saya mohon batalkan demo the Bersih 4 ..

    Racun meracun otak untuk membenci Raja-Raja, ketua negara, pemimpin, antara bangsa2 dan Agama2… nak akhirnya jadi macam depa ke?

    Yang kalah election tu kalau >50tahun lebih sejak Merdeka kamu tak dipilih.. faham2 aje la Bahasa.. You are not accepted by the majority…. >50tahun lama tu! Doksah le dok ambil modal macam cara jual fons pula – fake, clone, 2nd hand dan barang2 curi..cepat kaya tapi rezeki tak berkat tau.

    Sila antaq anak2 kamu masuk military kasi disiplin diri sikit bole tak? Yang tua2 dah tak laghat tu, dok rumah main dengan cucu cicit sudah le…Kubut dok gamit tak renti2 tau tak?

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