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Is Bersih 4.0 safe, now that Hadi has signaled PAS to give it a miss?

Aug 26 – THREE days to go

Aug 25 – FOUR days to go

Aug 24 – FIVE days to go

Aug 23 – SIX days to go

Aug 22 – SEVEN days to go

Aug 21 – EIGHT days to go

Updated Aug 20 – NINE days to Bersih 4.0

Note: It’s ten days to Bersih 4.0 that’s planned to start on Aug 29. I shall do the countdown in my blog.

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HannahYeoh Bersih

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Retired top brass worried about M’sians taking law into own hands

Thirty retired chiefs of armed forces calling themselves The Circle gave their views in the NST yesterday on the security situation. The Circle are the very top of the crop from the military.

In a short statement signed by their chairman General (R) Tan Sri Hashim Mohd Ali (pix above), The Circle said, “We are disturbed to note the extent of politicking that could affect the country’s peace and security”.

Hannah Bersih 4

The group of former armed forces chiefs added, “We understand the security implications to the nation if people take the law into their own hands”.

To read the rest of the statement by The Circle, please go to

They didn’t exactly spell things out for us but their statement coming at this particular juncture hints at a worry about Bersih 4.0. And we must presume that they’ve been briefed by military intel and know what they’re talking about.

The retired generals in The Circle are also disturbed by the current degree of politicking that appears on the verge of disrupting our peace and security.

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Hannah doubling chin zoom

Needless to say, the hottest politicking today is against Najib Razak and Bersih 4.0 is the street demo to try and remove him from office.

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Hannah real scum mpkotabelud

So will Malaysians be taking the law into their own hands?

Regular commenter islam1st shared the video below with readers of this blog. It shows mob violence on the streets during Bersih 3.0.

PAS will no longer provide the buffer

Another thing we have to remember is that this time PAS’s Unit Amal will not be on duty to control the crowd.

In fact, many PAS members and supporters who have often formed the backbone of recent rallies are likely not to turn up for Bersih 4.0. This follows the signal given by Hadi Awang, the PAS president hated by DAP.

Addressing a gathering of some 150 party faithful, Hadi said, “Kita berdemonstrasi, bergaduh dengan pihak polis sedangkan orang lain memerhati. Jangan kita diperbodohkan”.

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Hannah Yeoh
Hannah Yeoh

Berita Harian summed up Hadi’s message to his audience in KL a fortnight ago (Aug 2) as giving a reminder that

“Orang ramai yang menyokong perjuangan PAS diminta tidak membiarkan diri mereka dipengaruhi dakyah pihak tertentu hingga membabitkan diri dengan keganasan dan bergaduh dengan pihak berkuasa. – see ‘PAS tak suruh ganas, bergaduh dengan pihak berkuasa – Hadi Awang‘ (BH, 3 Aug 2015).

Hadi’s words are telling.

He appears to anticipate an outbreak of violence and skirmishes with the authorities.

Furthermore, in advising his party followers to stay away from Bersih 4.0, Hadi is taking away the presence of PAS Malays as a moderating factor at the DAP’s would be show of force.

And since it is the DAP that is mobilizing the turnout, it’s only natural to expect that the people determined to throng the streets are going to be predominantly the Christians and the Chinese. They will be mouthing ‘Love’ and distributing flowers.

Will the “love-love-love” chants, flowers and Jom Kawan stunts succeed in keeping things on an even keel on the streets?

Ambiga with Hannah Yeoh
Former Bersih chairman S. Ambiga photographed with with Hannah Yeoh
  • Bersih ori  –  10 Nov 2007
  • Bersih 2.0  –  9 July 2011
  • Bersih 3.0  –  28 Apr 2012
  • Bersih 4.0  –  29-30 Aug 2015


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29 thoughts on “Is Bersih 4.0 safe, now that Hadi has signaled PAS to give it a miss?

  1. It will be interesting to see how many participants Bersih 4 can draw minus the participation of PAS.

    Judging by the small turnout at the Saturday #Kitalawan protests outside Sogo demanding Anwar be freed, I kind of have a feeling that Bersih 4 will not attract as many people as previously.

    As you rightly pointed out in your previous analyses of voting trends, UMNO’s voter base is in the rural areas, whilst Sogo, Dataran Merdeka, etc are far removed from the rural areas which also are PAS’ support base, so besides public spectacle and syiok sendiri, I do not expect Bersih 4 to have much impact on electoral results in terms of seats in the next GE.

    Instead, the rising cost of living and the effects of the GST will.

    If these guys really want to affect change, then go and do the hard work of campaigning in the rural areas.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you comments. Bersih 4.0 will be a small gathering because

      1) PAS members will stay away from the rally, after their bitter divorce from Pakatan

      2) A good number of urbanites will be out of town – either balik kampung or go on holiday – for the long weekend

      3) Urbanites who have a bit more spare change will go shopping in many other malls around Klang Valley

      The people in the city already know what’s at stake so like you said, why not go campaign in places like Kuala Kangsar, Mersing and Jerantut?

      1. re: “why not go campaign in places like Kuala Kangsar, Mersing and Jerantut?”

        They’re attention hounds. When they demo in KL, they get to bask in the limelight showered by the world press and those publications that have recently slammed 1MDB such as WSJ, NYT, Forbes and Bloomberg.

        However if they do their campaign work quietly in Kuala Kangsar, Mersing and Jerantut, they won’t be given the publicity they so crave.

  2. I do not wish to be seen as racist, BUT the Melayus should stay away and out of this mainly “pendatangs” organised rally.

    Why plan it in Malay patronized area ( SOGO , Jalan TAR). Why don’t they do it at Bukit Bintang or Petaling Street?

    Fat chance the bigwigs of DAP or PKR will attend and as pointed regularly by this blog, the (in)famous Big M Dapster will by now have booked hotel rooms for their convenience..

    And the Melayu (yang bodoh) will form the bulk of the crowd staying in the hot sun, (or rain), parading their senseless actions..and for what. These include the learned ( but uneducated) ones.

    And chose to do it close to our Independence Day? Hell, have respect for our fore fathers and warriors who fought for independence so that morons like them and me can live in peace. Obviously this people do not know the struggles and to them marching down the streets and disrupting daily activities or other people seems so noble.

    Najib, kau pandai pandai hapuskan ISA. And we, the rakyat have to pay for it. What a leader you are..

    Nasihat kepada Melayu yang beragama Islam ( dan yang beriman), yang bertudung serta berkopiah, fikir-fikirkan lah apa yang kamu lakukan.

    Jangan jual agama kerana menjulang mereka yang ingkar pada ALLAH. Senang kamu didunia, azab kamu diakhirat. Pilihan ditangan sendiri. ALLAH bagi akal dan fikiran. Jangan lagi kamu cemari.

    Andainya nyawa kamu dicabut ketika kamu sedang seronok menjerit slogan Bersih kamu, dan bukan kalimah tauhid sedang kamu berganding tangan dengan bukan muhrim…apa kamu hendak jawab dihadapan Pencipta kamu….. .

    Benar, kubur masing masing dan asing asing, Pilihan ditangan kamu sendiri

  3. It is a typical “BAK KUT TEH IS NOT PORK” denial to claim that PAS Unit Amal was there to ‘control the crowd’. They were indeed the most violent kamikaze lot on the verge of fighting a jihadist war, whenever they present themselves in any demonstration.

    They did that out of their fanatical worshipping of their PAS clerics, chanting allahuakbar believing that theirs was a fiisabilillah and they were seeking death for the seventy virgins waiting in the heaven.

    Look at the video, Helen. Do you see any soul other than that one ‘kind’ of people? Those youngsters, why did they behaving like they had nothing to lose? The answer probably lies in the recent Low Yat incident where you could see that the long arms of the law could never be long enough to reach them.

    Doesn’t matter if they were PAS Unit Amal, or Tiga Line, Pekida etc., that’s just a name or a symbol, the fact is, these people had been fed by the country’s “LOVE LOVE LOVE” policies towards these one kind of people, where mistakes would not be corrected, mischiefs were forgiven, sense of responsibility never required, hardwork not promoted, and worst of all, criminal behaviour not punished.

    Hadi ‘TAHALUF’ Awang might ask PAS members to avoid Bersih 4, but what is there to prevent them from joining under different ‘banner’? These are mischief seekers, what shirt they wear is never a problem to them. All they want is an opportunity to do mischief.

    Even Hadi had said, hadn’t he, that “kita .. bergaduh dengan polis sedangkan orang lain memerhati.” That itself is enough to rebut everything you said about PAS people being the ‘moderating factor’ or ‘controlling the crowd’ hogwash.

  4. Mohon batalkan demonstrasi Bersih 4 boleh tak? You people don’t represent us the majorities tau tak? Tunjuk kalut buat menyemak aje.

    Red beans army ikut serta ke atau sekadar dok suntik racun dari meja di bilik rumah? Dok perasan diri hebat, pandai dan celik IT la tu? Ayuh, mai tengok begaimana bersemangat Indian India demi tanah air yang mereka cinta;

  5. Interesting to know (according to Lim Sian See) that General (R) Tan Sri Hashim Mohd Ali is kid brother to a certain Siti Hasmah while TDM himself seems to be uncharacteristically agreeable to street protests now (

  6. To the Muslims,
    Those two b—-ts and ba—–s, in the photo above, wearing yellow t-shirts are Christians! Does it not ring a bell to you, folks?!

  7. Nasihat saya untuk peserta2 Bersih4, jangan lupa bawa sabun mandi, syampu, tuala dan lampin dewasa. The first three boleh guna masa kena tembak water cannon. Yang last tu, korang rasa dbkl nak bukak tandas awam utk korang? Takkan nak berak merata macam kucing beb? Larat ke nak kemut 34 jam?

  8. HY gave a lecture on FOI to Paul Low. I wonder what she has to say about the DEIG where billions of public funds being taken out from public eyes and accountability into a Rm 2 company. Notice how little debate or news on this in the alternative media.

        1. Her mental faculty is of limited value so the least she could do is talk. The woman is an empty can, thus the loudest noise in town emanates from her and her ilk.

  9. Giler ke minah bersongkok(pi mesjid pakai tudung) ni?. Kalau nak DIVERT pon, jangan la terlajak terbabas jauh sangat.

  10. Here is a nice Bon Jovi song for all. Dedicated to Kak Helen and friends.
    I hope he sings this at the KL concert.

    With Bon Jovi’s first shows ever in China kicking off this September, Jon Bon Jovi offered another special gift to Chinese fans – singing the classic romantic Chinese song, The Moon Represents My Heart (in Mandarin), to celebrate Valentine’s Day in China! Bon Jovi 首次中国巡演即将于9月正式开启,今日Jon Bon Jovi再次惊喜献礼,用中文倾情演绎经典中国情歌《月亮代表我的心》作为献给中国粉­丝的七夕情人节礼物!

    Unfortunately The Moon DOES NOT Represents their Hearts. So sad.

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