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Bersih leader: IGP regards “citizens as mosquitoes to be squashed”

Former Bersih chairman S. Ambiga says the Bersih 4.0 T-shirts are flying off the shelves – thousands a day are sold.

She’s actually saying that since so many Malaysians have bought the T-shirt, we can expect commensurately big numbers at the rally next week (another nine days to go).

Ambiga with Hannah Yeoh

Adam: Everything will be OK if police don’t use water cannons and teargas

Adam Adli (below) is a professional protester whose second home is the police station.

Aside from his serial attendance at demos and street rallies, one is not quite sure what else the young man actually does with the rest of his time.

Adam, speaking on behalf of NGO Demi Malaysia that is mobilizing youths for Bersih 4.0, reveals that 1,000 supporters have volunteered to provide security for the participants.



In his interview today with Zakiah Koya of news portal The Heat, Adam said, “If the Inspector-General of Police has good intentions not to harm the people, for example, by not using water cannons and teargas canisters, then everything will be okay”.

(Note: If the police do fire teargas, the DAP evangelista politicians already have got their safe haven in high up hotel rooms from where they can watch the mayhem happening below on ground level – see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below.)

Zakiah also quoted Adam as saying that his NGO has been providing short lectures on proper etiquette for peaceful protests.

Pic taken fr hotel room where we sought shelter

Bersih 4.0

Evangelista activist writes again

Writing a column in the TMI today, Bersih steering committee member Rama Ramanathan (seated, far left) said Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed and IGP Khalid Abu Bakar are showing “their contempt for democracy” by trying to deter Bersih 4.0.

Rama, who is an evangelical Christian, accuses both men of intolerance to protest by responsible citizens as a legitimate and democratic method “to speak en masse” and “hold their leaders accountable for their conduct in office”.

Rama said, “Ministers and public servants like Nur Jazlan and Khalid show they think of citizens as mosquitoes to be squashed”.

Rama said the Bersih 4.0 rally is “the people’s verdict on the mismanagement of publicly funded enterprises” such as PKFZ and 1MDB as well as the RM2.6 billion ‘donated’ to Najib Razak.

He said the protest was for the rakyat to “proclaim the prime minister has betrayed the trust of the nation”.

Rama Ramanathan
Quote found in Rama’s TMI column on 30 July 2015

Hannah Enough of race based la, u not sick of it meh

In other words, Rama is reaffirming the purpose of Bersih 4.0 as essentially an anti-Najib exercise to pressure the president of the “racist” party to resign as prime minister.

This type of antagonistic and adversarial mindset is being promoted by the pro-Christian publications like TMI which gives evangelistas such as Rama Ramanathan a high profile platform in its columns.


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12 thoughts on “Bersih leader: IGP regards “citizens as mosquitoes to be squashed”

  1. Well, if they think that the IGP thinks they are mosquitoes, I suggest they get prepared for the water canons. After all the easiest way to get rid of mozies is to use Sheltox/Ridsect spray. They should pray the IGP budget for the water-base spray instead of the oil-base.

      1. Sounding arrogant and holier-than-thou seems to be a trademark of the opposition.

        Anyway, I hope the RM200K budget include “insurance” for possible property damage that may arise from their over enthusiastic supporters.

        1. It’s their particularly sly way to provoke and kenakan orang, and they say outrageous sneaky bastard things that would not cross our (ordinary people’s) mind.

          Different groups do have different ‘register’ (language), e.g. PAS diehards might express themselves in a certain way – doa pecah perut, say – that you wouldn’t normally hear from an Umno diehard. As a Melayu, you’d be able to catch the differences between Umnospeak and PAStalk.

          As a Chinese, I can discern the difference in the berlapik expression between the Christian vs the Buddhist/Taoist, e.g. in this blog between the comments made by readers HH vs those by HY (Hua Yong, not Hannah Yeoh)

          or in politics the difference between the comments made by MCA’s Buddhist Chew Mei Fun vs those by DAP evangelista Yeo Bee Yin, see

          The average Malay is unable to spot the difference, and they hit out (retaliate) in broad brush anger at Chinese, and blame the Sekolah Cina in general.

  2. They are paid to declare to be christian openly, as a guise to their true intent. In the west the Christian who support LBG, meaning they change their doctrines, forgetting the lessons of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  3. Gila bayangan la depa ni semua.

    Dah takde modal.


    As Muslims yearly, millions of pilgrims all over the world from hundreds of thousands of races meet. Muslims and Bumiputras mana pikiaq pasai race la. Dalam BN saja cuba kira ada berapa ethnic races dan Agama?

    This Tanah Air have seen and mixed with all types of races and religion la sejak zaman Pak kaduk lagi. Yang baru belabuh sini yang cannot adjust and mix with the majorities, tiap hari meghoyan dan gila bayang.


    Ambiga baca sikit cerita ni;

    Haiyaaa… Ayoyo… Move on la. Topic sudah basi.

  4. I didn’t remember reading any statement from Zahid Hamidi ,regarding Bersih 4 , maybe he didn’t consider Bersih 4 is trending enough ,to bring down the goverment .
    Unlike proposal vote of non confident ,he does sound disapproving .

    1. It’s funnier the Indian holding the sign in Chinese. Ketuanan Cina is well and alive in the DAP.

      1. ‘Ketuanan Cina is well and alive in the DAP.’

        Malaysian 1st is the outer bungkusan, the ‘isi’ dalam is Ketuanan Cina through and through.

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