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Party hopping: Hypocrisy and double standards of Bersih 4.0

Do you remember the ‘1BlackMalaysia’ campaign by Bersih? See T-shirt below. Its tagline was “Democracy First! Elections Now!”

Bersih had declared in early 2009 that the takeover of the Pakatan Perak government by BN was undemocratic. Following the ouster of the Nizar administration, Bersih demanded fresh elections to be held immediately in the state.


The ‘1BlackMalaysia’ campaign led by Bersih’s Wong Chin Huat (pix below) was launched on 5 May 2009 to protest the toppling of Pakatan in Perak. Police arrested Chin Huat on the same day under a sedition charge.

(Chin Huat is currently a faculty member of the Penang Institute, a Guan Eng-created state think-tank.)

BELOW: Chin Huat – marching between Maria Chin Abdullah and Ambiga – raising his clenched fist


Bersih objected to defections from DAP and PKR

The Pakatan government fell in February 2009 after the Aduns of Jelapang, Behrang and Changkat Jering declared themselves to be independent but BN-friendly elected representatives of Perak.

YB Jelapang Hee Yit Foong had resigned from her party DAP while YB Behrang Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and YB Changkat Jering Mohd Osman Jailu both resigned from PKR.

Their withdrawal from the ruling coalition caused Pakatan to lose its slim majority in the state legislative assembly.

A fourth Adun, YB Bota Nasarudin Hashim (pix below), had earlier defected to PKR from Umno on Jan 25 – note that Anwar Ibrahim had no qualms about accepting a “frog”.

After Nasarudin’s pullout from PKR to rejoin Umno after barely a week (Feb 4), the balance in the Perak Dewan was altered to become BN 28 seats, Pakatan 28 seats, Independents 3 seats.

Bersih vehemently objected to the defectors being allowed to retain the Perak state seats they had won on party tickets and demanded a fresh election / re-election.

Anwar welcoming Bota Umno rep into PKR
PKR’s Anugerah Tuhan-cum-Pakatan ketum Anwar welcoming the Umno defector into PKR

One rule for Pakatan, one rule for BN

When the DAP and PKR Yang Berhormats left their parties and the departure rocked the Perak state government, Bersih raised strong objections.

However when PAS Yang Berhormats left / are leaving their party in a mass exodus, and taking along with them the Parliament and DUN seats which they had won under the ‘Bulan’ banner, Bersih is strangely silent.

The last thing Bersih is is non-partisan and ‘fair’

Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah is a disgrace.

Not only has her NGO failed to raise a ruckus in the case of PAS’s Selangor YBs defecting like how Bersih did over the Perak controversy, Maria herself did not even see anything amiss in attending the launch ceremony of the New Hope’s Selangor chapter.

See photo below of the New Hope event held in Shah Alam recently on Sunday, and Maria joining the photo call along with the PAS renegades and Madame Speaker.

Photo credit: AIDC
Photo credit: AIDC

Brainwashed cult movement with little credibility left

Bersih has no moral standing to claim to be fighting for “free and fair elections” when their own double standards and bias is so evident.

To Bersih, it is unethical when the action of DAP’s Jelapang elected rep is detrimental to Pakatan. Nonetheless ethics fly out the window like an Ubah hornbill when the same action by PAS “progressive” elected reps is expedient for DAP, which is sponsoring the Islamist proxies.

Here’s another flashback from May 2009 – photo below. Seated beside Bersih’s Wong Chin Huat was PAS’s then Kuala Selangor MP Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad. He was at the press conference to denounce the Perak party hoppers.

BELOW: (from left) DAP Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching, Dr Dzul, Chin Huat and PKR Subang MP Sivarasa Rasiah


Today Dr Dzul is a member of the incipient splinter party soon to break away from PAS.

Will the former PAS Parliamentarian now similarly denounce his New Hope colleagues for their defection and taking along with them the Parliament and DUN seats that these YBs had won on their (ex-) party ticket? I’m guessing not.

The opposition is filled with hypocritical politicians who are supported by ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork’ kind of people. And when we point out their hypocrisy and double standards, the Dapster-evangelistas will intensify their smear campaign against us.

BELOW: Integrity Meter invented by ex-Bersih steering committee member Haris Ibrahim – the gadget was used by Haris to zap at Pakatan/opposition politicians who were suspected to be wavering in loyalty to their respective parties.

Taking his meter reading, Haris would then pronounce whether the said politician had integrity or not. The pro-DAP Haris is another hypocrite. DAP is full of ’em.

integrity meter


Bersih leader: IGP regards “citizens as mosquitoes to be squashed”


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14 thoughts on “Party hopping: Hypocrisy and double standards of Bersih 4.0

  1. What used to be SERI (Socio-economic and Environmental Research Institute), a think tank staffed with progressive intellectuals concerned for Penang has now been perverted into a DAP riff-raff controlled (and infested) publicity organ only slightly more sophisticated than the Gleat Leader worshiping Bulletin Mutiara – with the full approval of the so-called independent civil society of Penang.

    DAP has a knack for corrupting even the most altruistic causes to their advantage.

    Just like how they hijacked and leveraged on the human rights cause to gain popularity and victory.

    Deception is their forte.

  2. Forked tongues and hypocrisy seems to be the common denominator between BERSIH and PR (then and now..) people and supporters.

    And of course different set of rules for different set of people. And still many are blinded despite living in bring and sunny Malaysia, and the “racist UMNO regime”

    And are these people our hope of glory for Malaysia, Peace and harmony? or disruptive and chaotic. Shudder to think of a future under these demo-lovers and agents of chaos,

    Fourth world mentality, these people, I would say.

  3. Bersih don’t even know now what they are fighting for. At least before they had a clear sense of purpose – electoral process clean up. But now it seems like their objectives have become like rojak – they are throwing in everything including the kitchen sink as their demands. They had no credibility to start with as they are the street demo arm of Pakatan but the recent announcement that they are a part of Pakatan 2.0 stripped away any leftover credibility.

    It will be interesting to see the turnout. PAS which contributed to perhaps 70 to 80% of the participants will not join the party this time so it will be left to the Gerakan Macai DAP to marshal the troops. I very much doubt if they can even get 1/2 of the previous numbers though Mkini and MI will pronounce the demo as a massive turnout.

      1. Their whole strategy is to create a mess and provoke the police so the press can report the scenes of chaos and “police brutality” all over the world. They are master Orwellians – they speak of clean election but play dirty tactics. They speak of peace but resort to violence and provocations. They speak of integrity but full of bull. They speak of truth yet spread vile rumours and poisonous accusations without foundation.

    1. What about that new doped up sheeple, GHB? Weren’t the PAS people who came out during Bersih 2 from this GHB group?

  4. You are spot on Bersih’s hypocrisy on the party hopping. The Bar Council too strangely silent on this after all their loud protestations and holier-than-thou bleating during the Perak crisis. In fact I am wondering why no body even asking Pakatan to dissolve their Selalngor and Penang govt now that Pakatan doesn’t exist. Can you imagine if MCA or some other party leaves BN. I bet that Bersih and Bar Council will demand for a dissolution of the state assembly / parliament and a fresh polls.

  5. Like Hannah’s doter asking her why this and that so did my teenage doters ” Mak why the Bersih always like to demonstrate like monkeys?”

    Told them, they just don’t like to see Malaysia peaceful and progress. Look at the Amoy DAP and MCA jumping instantly like monkeys when the idea of turning just few floors of MARA building as another IT centre like Low Yat.

    If Petronas can successfully create many Bumiputra entrepreneurs why can’t MARA follow their pattern? Give training, vendorship, jadi major supplier.. siapa kata tak bole?

    Ni satu lagi they dont like to see;

    Ada syiok kerja kat Singapore pasai labur their CPF there. See what our EPF funds are doing for the nation?

    And the 1MDB and derma Pak Arab are all excuses saja nak jahanamkan Negara. Sejak zaman Pak kaduk those kind of things happen worldwide.

    Yang hegeh2 ikut demo tu syiok nak pi gesel2 itu saja…

    1. ‘Give training, vendorship, jadi major supplier.. siapa kata tak bole?’

      They just don’t want to share with the rest of us the nation’s wealth!

      Plain simple. All this talk about, racism la, segregation la, disunity la, semua bs, simply to provide smokescreen to their very own Melayu hating nature.

      1. Betoi tu,
        Kita sebagai ibubapa must play our part to bring kesedaran kpd generasi muda kita. Yang nak pi demo, just let them jump like monkeys for all we care.

        Dari segi modal Alhamdulillah, ibubapa sekarang dah boleh bantu anak2 buka perniagaan. Kecik2 pun takpa. My kids n his friends dah establish networking sendiri, gi jalan2 tengok China, Korea, Asean, UK, Canada, negara2 Arab – kita beri galakan sponsor perbelanjaan mereka.

        Insyallah.. Semangat anak muda kita begitu tinggi sekali. Inilah yang mereka cuba sedaya nak patahkan.

        Mai pinjam blog ni dan baca article2 yang menyeronokkan.. Yang nak demo, lantak le kamu, go jump like monkeys for all we care;

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