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Salleh Keruak and learning how to squash mosquitoes

The evangelistas in Bersih are too much.

Ayelet ShakedThey can, without batting an eyelid, outrageously accuse Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed and Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar of regarding “citizens as mosquitoes to be squashed”.

Worse still, these Bersih evangelista leaders are given multiple media platforms to spew their hyperbolic, hateful views.

Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak is correct to want to try and rein in the dangerous online and social media. The formidable Ayelet Shaked (pix), who is Israel’s newly minted Justice Minister, shows how it can be done.

Received many death threats from the militant left

One tough cookie staring down the unhinged ‘liberals’

Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appointed the “firebrand” Shaked to his war cabinet on 6 May 2015.

This time around, Netanyahu is said to have cobbled together the most conservative government in Israeli history. His coalition – comprising right wing and ultra orthodox religious parties – holds a simple majority of 61 seats in the 120-seat Knesset (Israel Parliament).

Shaked received a pile of death threats from the left wingers upon her appointment as Minister of Justice and has to be protected by armed bodyguards.

Ayelet military
Female instructor in elite combat unit

Robotic Shaked whose emotions cannot be shaken

Like many Israeli politicians, Shaked has served in the army (Israeli Defence Force). She was a military instructor in an elite infantry unit where male soldiers had to obey her commands.

Her degree from Tel Aviv University is in electronic engineering and computer science. She has a fearsome reputation of being ordered, strategic, focused and grounded in her thinking.

Shaked is in fact so unemotional and steely that a lobbyist for a reform Judaism centre once complained, “I know in some instances where we brought a real touchy-feely story to the Knesset, we saw [the other Members of the Knesset] being pulled by their heartstrings [but] we couldn’t get to Shaked”. See, ‘Can Ayelet Shaked sell (secular) Israel on the far right?‘ (, 26 Jan 2015).

In an interview on 15 May 2015 with the New York Times, Shaked told the paper that “her best friend has described her as a ‘robot,’ and her fighter pilot husband calls her ‘the computer’ because of her methodical approach”.
A methodical software engineer

War cabinet minister in forefront fighting media fascism

Shaked’s hawkish politics has been pigeonholed as “ultra nationalistic”. She supports a nationality bill that would make Israel a Jewish state in law by defining its citizenship based on ethno-religious heritage.

Her support base is the Jewish settlers.

This cabinet minister’s interest for us, however, is her war against her country’s fascist media. The Israeli left and their media have been upset to the extent of whining, “Ayelet Shaked makes Benjamin Netanyahu look like a liberal.”

It is the same witch hunt media that is obsessively hating on Mrs Netanyahu and bizarrely accusing the PM’s wife of “controlling her husband and masterminding the country’s politics“.

Ayelet Star of David

Countering the left’s spread of lies and misinformation

Shaked is the founder of the MyIsrael movement in 2010 “to counter the spread of lies and misinformation against Israel that appears online today” – see ‘5 things you need to know about Israel’s conservative star Ayelet Shaked‘ (The Washington Free Beacon, 28 May 2015).

She has been a “victim of liberal media bias” but shrugs off the constant stream of attacks from the loud left-wing critics.

The left has accused Shaked of racism, extremism, Zionism and slapped against her every label under the sun, including “Nazi”, “Hitler” and girly calendar pin-up.

Salleh Obama poster

Dealing decisively with dangerous pests

Israel’s Justice Minister makes ants crawl up the pants of her country’s militant liberals because she calls them out on their refusal to face difficult and unpleasant truths, destructive behaviour and perversion of democracy.

Like Ayelet Shaked, Najib’s cabinet minister Salleh Said Keruak is beginning to be a favourite target of Malaysia’s fascist left media too.

With eight days to go to Bersih’s D-Day, the portal pembangkang dan pemfitnah are ramping up their anarchic propaganda.

Will Salleh do anything to squash the evangelista’s campaign of spreading chaos?


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7 thoughts on “Salleh Keruak and learning how to squash mosquitoes

  1. What is Ms Shaked’s views on (a) an independent Palestinian state (b) Jerusalem as the “eternal capital” of Israel (c) giving Israeli Arabs and Palestinians equal rights and freedom of worship (d) Iran possessing nuclear technology (d) association with countries that don’t recognise Israel?

    It seems that you pick and choose what to praise about Ms Shaked and not the path that her Prime Minister is taking Israel on. That is being selective.

    If you think that the Internet and social media should be censored or suppressed, then come out and say it openly, instead of hiding behind the likes of Ms Shaked!

    1. re: “If you think that the Internet and social media should be censored or suppressed, then come out and say it openly, instead of hiding behind the likes of Ms Shaked!”

      I am very open wrt my views about Malaysia’s fascist media.

      I’ve repeatedly said that TMI should be hauled up for sedition and the publication shut down.

      I’ve also repeatedly reminded that The J-Star was suspended during Ops Lalang. Najib should do the same if The EvangeliSTAR can be nailed for publishing subversive and seditious content, like how Tun nailed the paper in 1987.

      With a new AG that we have now, I hope that The Edge media barons Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat are thoroughly investigated by the authorities for their role as Enemies of the State (vis-a-vis the Justo/Rewcastle conspiracy).

      1. ‘then come out and say it openly’

        Helen, itu orang kat atas, sudah berapa kali tukar ‘kulit’? Come out and say it openly konon. Poodah!

      2. Helen,

        Refusal to act borders to criminality. It reflects indifference, indecisiveness, weakness.

        Rafizi admitted in court that he did not have proof on allegation of RM24 million ring he claimed bought by Rosmah. WHY CANT NAJIB PUNISH him?

        Why cant media leaned towards BN continue to publish the story again and again? I love to see TV3 reminding Malaysians about this. No doubt those “zombies” worshipping PR will not buy it.

        But go on offensive. Why not lecture Kit Siang that he too above all politicians shoyld retire. After all, he has been there since the days of Tunku.

        Tony Pua in PAC? Fairness is last thing that we should associate with this guy. He twisted and turned again and again.

        Play smart. But be honest and firm. Send the message that no one is above the law.

        And what is it with Penang on its own theme for MERDEKA? Is Penang another country in Malaysia?

        Again and again houses demolished in Penang. and that happen when UMNO ruled Malaysia. So “Melayu semua”, please think life without UMNO.

        Imagine the opposite. Say Guan Eng is PM and Najib being Penang CM demolished houses(owned by Chinese). Guan eng would simply lock him.

        That is Guan Eng

  2. You attacked Hanna Yeoh incessantly for being Christian evangelist and now you are trying to be a Zionist propagandist.

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