15 thoughts on “Tinjauan pendapat: Adakah Bersih perhimpunan aman?

  1. I hope Bersih will be at a stadium. 4 the 1st time, Bersih will be in the nude!
    “Participants can even protest in the nude as long as the Bersih 4 rally is held in a stadium, said Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

    However, Tengku Adnan stressed, the protesters should steer clear of public places such as Dataran Merdeka and Padang Merbok.”

    It will definitely be a replacement for the Annual Nude Games.

  2. Bersih 4 and beyond should be held at Penang City Stadium or Batu Kawan Stadium. As the Annual Nude Games have been rudely removed by the Gomen, it is time that the Nude is given back to Penang.
    Anyway a stadium is more conducive to games and when you are nude you don’t have any muddy clothes to wash, so it is really Bersih.


  3. Where big demonstration especially a political one is concerned, there is no one in this world who can guarantee that it will be a peaceful one. In fact 100 % of the time there will be trouble. It is only whether the trouble is easily controllable or not, or not at all, of which the opposition will be the happiest ones.

    So if the organiser is to guarantee that it will be a peaceful one, he or she is 100% bullshitting. Maybe by blaming all the troubles to the controlling authorities and the government, then the organiser will claim it to be a peaceful one.

    1. re: “In fact 100 % of the time there will be trouble.

      What kind of trouble?

      re: “So if the organiser is to guarantee that it will be a peaceful one, he or she is 100% bullshitting.”

      I attended a ‘Harga Barang Naik’ gathering in Kelana Jaya stadium, July 2008. It was peaceful.

      The Home Ministry and the police have asked Bersih to hold their gathering in stadium.

      1. Helen, ” harga barang naik or harga minyak naik demonstrations” in stadiums are “kacang putih” and to me is not really political in nature.
        Here we are going to have a demonstration demanding the resignation of the PM of our country and it is being turned into an opposition show and that was why the police have asked them to have it in a stadium, I am very sure on security ground.

        If you were an intended trouble maker, would you want to make troubles while crowed with your friends in a stadium which is easily controlled and surrounded by police? Of course no, I’m sure.

        So far the organiser never agreed to have it in a stadium. Why is that the organiser wants it in an open uncontained space? In an open space, the sky is the limit. In open space, I bet 100% there will be trouble. What kind of trouble? Just go back to the last demonstration when Anwar was around and you can see all the “troubles”. Luckily, then, the ” troubles ” were contained by the efficiency of the police.

        1. That Kelana Jaya mindless event bored me out of my mind ,)

          And yes, I understand why demos are held in the open street.

          The Bersih 4.0 setup – esp. the staggered duration and overnighter – makes them vulnerable to trouble.

          Worse case scenario: It could be the trigger for Yellow Shirts vs Red Shirts, like Thailand. This Aug 30 date could be the opening of a Pandora’s Box.

  4. This year’s Bersih has a historical significance as compared to previous Bersih. Firstly, it is the most ill mannered one. Being timed to end on the day the Union Jack was lowered in Malaya shows the real kurang ajar behaviour of the organisers and participants. If this Bersih is about objecting to Najib why put on the eve of Merdeka. This is a real insult to Tunku and what he fought for.

    There is a difference between 抗议 (protest/bantah) and 背叛 (betray/derhaka). The Chinese got their citizenship out of Jus Soli on Merdeka Day. To make a grand protest during Merdeka is not about insulting Najib but derhaka towards our forefathers Tunku and Tan Cheng Lock.

    Secondly, this would more likely be a Chinese, Indian and Melayu Zuhud Bersih. UMNO is surely not in and PAS is not there. Almost all of the Malay populace is not there. It would be a Chinese and Chinese wannabe thing.

    Thirdly, don’t the Chinese panting the 4 number and on the hungry ghost month. I don’t thing any good 4 and hungry ghost would come to the Chinese. Durham is certainly not a good sign for things to come.

    Fourth, Penang acting like a renegade province with deliberate defiance of Merdeka is not good at all for Penang citizens. Don’t Penang realise the number of times the Kids on the Bike was defaced shows there are people who are really fed up until the level of desctruction with Penang? This is the second time. The last time 2013 the mural was splashed with curry.
    The UMNO sign removal incident is still fresh. (BTW, UMNO never replaced the sign).

    1. I agree with you, especially on your first point. That to me is the crux of this Bersih4. This is not in the spirit of independence. We did not fight for independence so a group of minority can take over and rule just because they think that they are better than the authorities now governing the country.

      Well, I have news for them. They are just an NGO. They are not elected by the people for the people. They do not speak for the majority. They don’t like the current government. Tough! Some of us may not like the current government too but still we do not appoint you to overthrow the PM. We can do it ourselves, if we so wish, in the next election.

      Imho, Bersih is as bad if not worse than the people they want to bring down. How is Bersih better if they are treating the public like we can’t think for ourselves, insinuating that they are clean and better and yet they are ignoring the laws to suit their agenda.

  5. Helen, its no longer about Bersih organizer.Its about all of us.
    You see,

    This time i have to own Bersih 4.0.We have to share platforms.

    During Bersih 1 in NYC I was skeptical then because of the racist Malaysian Chinese- Indians students bodies like those from Yale ,CT and neighboring Tristate areas I met years before the gathering.

    Today I am still not with them(DAP is as racist as Umno).

    This time I am not going as an observer.

    I am going because,I want to end Najib tenure by bringing with me Malays dignity my parents thought me.Al Amin.The trustworthy.

    I am not surrendering Malay title to the land.I am sharing our individual rights as Malaysian.Your individual right don’t trump mine and vice versa.

    There is a new Malaysia in the horizon….who dare to hijack.?

        1. Maybe…just maybe, Najib sense the end of his road.
          Now he suggest a “special economic committee”.
          The question is ,”is this Najib economic committee or its an open seasons- ngo’s welcome”.?
          Yes…we create law for good economic practise.”Kecing” bunyi pitih.

  6. Bersih 4 turning violent is probable but that’s secondary. What really sickens me is how a so-called “people’s movement” for electoral reform can so easily morph into a demand to remove the Prime Minister when they know very well that the democratic process calls for a no confidence vote in Parliament (the attempt of which reportedly failed).

    These people, the founders and the politicians of Bersih and the insensible who become their running dogs bring to my mind a phrase I used to hear on TV back in the 70’s.

    “Anasir Subversif.”

    They should be handled the same way their earlier counterparts were – hunted down and subjected to treason and anti-terrorism laws.

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