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More ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork’ from Dapster family

The Dapster family swings into action with their ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork’ sneakiness yet again.

They’re pretending that the ‘Bersih’ word in Penang’s Merdeka anniversary slogan is chosen by the state exco without any ulterior motive, and furthermore as a tribute to Tun.

hannahlks crop

Grandpapa Dapster Kit Siang today accused the federal government of stumbling “from one blunder to another like a punch-drunk boxer” and citing the reaction of the Education Ministry to Penang’s Merdeka celebration

“theme ‘bersih, cekap and amanah’ – as if this has become a ‘dirty’ and even ‘subversive’ slogan after being a national slogan in the first decade of Mahathir premiership in the eighties”.

In other words, don’t fault Penang for rejecting the “Sehati sejiwa” theme being used by 13 other Malaysian states but rather blame the Education Ministry for making Mahathir’s “Bersih, cekap, amanah” a dirty word today. (‘Sneaky’ is the Dapster’s middle name indeed.)

See below the DAP Mursyidul Am’s long, putar-belit single sentence that contains a grand total of 109 words:

Papa dan Mama Dapster

Meanwhile, Papa Dapster Guan Eng has responded to the ‘Bersih’-Penang divisive controversy with his tweet below as well as a text message to The J-Star.

Reporting today on ‘Penang students in the lurch over N-Day theme‘, the EvangeliSTAR quoted the Penang Chief Minister as saying his state would stick to “Bersih, cekap, amanah” despite the rest of Malaysia using the slogan “Sehati sejiwa”.

Guan Eng, by deflecting the unease of the Education Ministry (wrt Penang politicizing National Day celebrations) to making his sneaky accusation that “BN hates Tun Dr M so much” – see his tweet above, is giving an illustration of how the Dapsters typically pull their ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork‘ stunt.

Yet it is Umno that Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh accuses of performing a “wayang kulit”.

Hannah Wayang Kulit

These people are a problem. In fact, they’re THE problem.

They endlessly

  • tegakkan benang basah
  • putar alam
  • tipu
  • bohong
  • fitnah

This putar-belit dan fitnah yang tak habis-habis are merely symptoms. The disease from which they suffer is HATE. Like the Guan Eng administration’s refusal for Dapster Central (Penang) to be sehati sejiwa with the rest of our country.

Actually, you would naturally expect the cakap berbelit-belit from politicians. It is after all a tool of their trade.

But here we have large swathes of the population, i.e. the rabid DAP supporters, who willingly defend the sneakiness of their evangelista leadership with ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork’ excuses.

In this particular case, they too are insisting that Penang’s Hari Merdeka choice of “Bersih” is perfectly innocent.

It becomes dangerous when these people bring their Sneaky Bastard attitude problem to the streets – which they’re hell-bent on doing with the Bersih 4.0 rally.


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3 thoughts on “More ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork’ from Dapster family

  1. Elok la dia tunjuk belang dia.
    He represents DAP where 99% are Chinese.

    Macam Low Yat, sombong2 mau laku garang2 kita tak payah hegeh2 waste our time there. We are in the position to look for other alternatives… Siapa kata kita tak mampu?

    1. RINA,

      Dah lama dah dia tunjuk belang ,tapi yang peliknya tidak pulak dipandang serong . Sebaliknya yang hendak mempertahankan kedaulatan negara ditudoh serong.

      Ramai yang keliru sekarang .

  2. Boikot Pinang. In fact dah lama tak gi P.Pinang, nearly 15 years although I had spent 5 years there during my younger days. Hilang selera nak pi.
    Lagi pon takut kalau terjumpa peniaga yang macam kat Low Yat tu kat Pinang. They are one and the same,right?
    Pinang is no more the pearl it used to be. Rather it is a rubbish dump, where hooligans abound.
    With the massive traffic jams and reckless, arrogant drivers, Pinang is fast losing or rather had lost its attraction. That is why Pinang needs to be CLEANSED by the bershit riot. It is so dirty and disgusting in all aspects, especially the iguana with its forked tongues.

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