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Penang, you’re DIVISIVE and you’re a problem to Malaysia

When all the states in Malaysia are ‘Sehati Sejiwa’ in our Merdeka celebrations, Penang is going rogue with its own separate ‘Bersih’ theme instead.

That’s so divisive!


Why can’t the DAP-led Penang put aside its hate politics just for one day, and on Aug 31 try to foster national unity?

Penangites are the most divisive Malaysians. Which perhaps is not all that surprising given Penang’s secession attempt in the past.

See ‘Gerakan P. Pinang tolak Malaya (1948-1957)

Penang is a former British colony and older Penangites used to think that they were subjects of Her Majesty the Queen of England.

Sir Francis Light, credited in colonial history as ‘founder’ of Penang

Penang politicizing education, poisoning young minds

I hope Putrajaya is aware to what great extent young Penangites have been brainwashed by the Great Leader Kim Guan Eng.

BELOW: Tweet by Chong Sin Woon who is Deputy Education Minister

merdeka Pakatan

Israel Christian United

Penang was renegade in the past too

The year 2012 was the first time that Penang broke away from marking Hari Kebangsaan together with the rest of Malaysia at national level. Penang’s separatism extended to using a different logo – above.

The logo in fact looks like one created by Christians United for Israel.

In fact Penang’s 55th National Day logo had elements of Christian symbolism too. Source of logo below: Christian Spirituality: The Place Of The Holy Spirit In Christian Discipleship

Christian Spirituality: The Place Of The Holy Spirit In Christian Discipleship



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32 thoughts on “Penang, you’re DIVISIVE and you’re a problem to Malaysia

  1. itu Tokong juga adalah PENDATANG di P.P. psl dia asal dari Johor/Melaka. Apa psl dia jadi cm? Penang got no better talents ka??

  2. Helen,

    Go tell the Penang CM, the Braggart LGE, to FUCK-OFF!!!
    He cannot talk about Bersih. He is the DIRTIEST ANIMAL in the whole of the universe.

  3. Well, the proponents of “parliamentary democracy” in Umno have opined that the way to change governments is through the ballot box. Peacefully.

    Let the Penang State Government face the Penang electorate in the next round of state elections.

    And see if they will retain power or be voted out of office.

    With control of the mainstream media and the threatened clampdown on social media and the Internet, all the levers of communication are with the central authorities.

    So, what is there to fear?

    Unless you are dissing Malaysian voters as being stupid, indifferent or vindictive?

  4. Helen, please refer to their island as ‘Pinang’. That should take the gleam off their elitist neo-colonial superiority complex shine.

  5. I’m so grateful my ancestors left Penang to seek their fortune in the Semenanjung.

    My observation is that the current Penang Chinese were the ones whose forefathers did well enough that they did not need to venture further. Hence, they have become insular, smug and extremely parochial. Of course not all are like that but the vocal ones are certainty like that.

  6. According to 2013 data, Kelantan’s average monthly household income was RM1,424.00. Even Perlis, a state having a population of less than 20% of that in Kelantan, the average monthly household income was RM2,469.00.

    So, the Kelantanese officially are the poorest, like the PAS government that they had stuck on to.

    The Kelantanese and their PAS government are seekers of God’s pleasure (so they assumed), and wanted to keep Kelantan as close to Mekah in 623A.D. as possible. Hence the backwardness.

    In times of economic downturn, people in other states, too, want to seek better opportunities elsewhere. But Kelantan was never the choice and never will be as long as the Kelantanese behaving so selfishly as they are now.

    Keeping Kelantan a serambi Mekah like it is now, I would say the Kelantanese are, not only selfish (when they are seeking fortunes in other states), the most divisive people of Malaysia.

  7. That’s how Tokong Lim survived by dividing the people. Create hatred of the chinese for the Federal Govt and UMNO, and Penang will be safely in DAP’s hand. Get some malay stooges as proxies, and some, maybe some other states will fall into their hands.

    Helen, did you ever , after so any years Tokong Lim is in power in Penang, hear him asking the people of all races in Malaysia to come together to live in peace and harmony? I can bet there is none.

    A man like him only wants others to agree with him and not the other way round . Anti-establishment is his trait and sometimes he forgot that he is running a state government which he has to get cooperation of the Federal Govt in the interest of Penangites. He treated the celebration of Merdeka as if it is a celebration of his birthday. To me he is typical of a dictator comparatively to the Dear Leader of North Korea.

    1. ‘Anti-establishment is his trait’

      Can’t help it. The Chang Kai Shek’s kakis memang macam ni one. Thus, not in Polis nor in Tentera but lots of kongsi.

  8. I’m from Penang (island), and yes I do feel somewhat disgusted that my state government couldn’t align itself with the rest of Malaysia for merdeka day celebrations.

    Merdeka is a day where we celebrate being free of British colonial rule. DAP obviously didn’t have a hand in our independence so sudah lansi dah tak boleh campuk

  9. I am also from Penang and residing in the Island but I don’t see anything wrong with the state government this year Merdaka slogan and why are you so upset about it ? Majority of us in Penang are agreeable to this year slogan as it remind us when Tun M took over the premiership from the late Tun Hussien, this was the slogan chosen by him back than – Bersih – Cekap – Amanah.

    1. Whats wrong with aligning with the main and current slogan ‘Sehati, Sejiwa’? Definitely sounds better

        1. Aisay man don’t play politics with me. What does Merdeka Day have to do with Najib? Its obvious the slogan was chosen to promote Bersih 4.0. That bullshit you wrote in your first post is just that… bullshit.

    2. You can have your own slogan when and if you celebrate state events. For Heaven’s sake, Merdeka Day is a national event and you would not be merdeka without the federal government. At least when the occasion call for it, do contribute to unity. You get water from Kedah, part of the federation. You get businesses from the federal govt. You get grants from the federal govt.

      Of course Penghuni Pulau Pinang, you are a teen rebel (politically, and with out a cause, really) and show off your new leader who care not for all forms and shape of integrity. That you are very proud of , right? You are proud the your current CM is behaving suspiciously in the tunnel project ( scared to sue that PAS guy is he?)

      So reside in your island. Get your desalinated water from the Andaman. Cut off ties with the rest of the states as you would not want to Sehati Sejiwa. Go your own way

      Of course, there is also the absence of semangat kebangsaan( do you know Bahasa Melayu, by the way?. It is the official language of Malaysia…for your info….

  10. What? DAP immortalising Tun M now?

    Are you serious? Pulau Pinang bersih, cekap, amanah? Go shout it loudly in Pulau Jerejak!

    1. Taklah sebenaqnya depa memang nak go against the ‘Malay Gomen’, tak mahu kasi muka, nak tunjuk Ketuanan Cina is alive and kicking, well at least in Penang (Pulau Pinang pun depa tak mau sebut wor, tak cukup ‘anglo’ maa).

      Tapi takut orang semua nampak keangkuhan depa, depa adjust kepada slogan Tun M, ‘bersih, cekap dan amanah’, memang licik betul.

      Pinjam kata2 Helen, memang sneaky bastards!

  11. Mai kita imbas baca article from Calvin Sankaran dated “October 16, 2014 “FDIs: Penang CM must pull up his socks”…..

    ……….As the Chief Executive of one of the most developed states in Malaysia, Lim needs to be careful when issuing statements and making allegations as these can backfire.

    He must realise his statements are being read by many top business leaders and government officials regionally and around the world.

    Such outbursts might be misconstrued as proof of a poor relationship between the state and Federal governments, which could create negative perceptions about the investment climate in Penang…….

    Anyway cara dia akan memakan diri sendiri kelak. Allah maha Esa. Datang musibah/bencana buruk yang tidak disangka mampuih la dia nak tanggung sendirian. (Mana sangka 2011 tsunami begitu dasyat melanda Jepun?). Jangan satu hari come begging for help from Federal Gomen with tail between his legs sudahlah.

    Tapi saya gak agak ada ‘makluk2’ dalam Federal gomen dok backing dia, kalau tidak kenapa mereka tak minat nak declare where their ‘political donations’ come from? Tokey2 tu dok sembunyi dalam selimut ke? Takut satni semua pelanggan BN cabut lari boikot perniagaan mereka? Haiyaaa..

    Nak tanya MCA sikit ya. 90% members lompat masuk DAP, asset2 MCA terlompat pi ikut sama ke? Mustahil lompat tangan kosong aje, bawa bekalan cukup-cukup ke?

    1. MCA pun tak suka Melayu, tengok dua bahasa yang depa pakai pun boleh faham sangat. So asalkan bukan Melayu, depa okay, DAP pun okay what, Cina maa!

  12. Najib harus berhati-hati dengan Lim Guan Eng. Dia Mahathir versi Cina komunis. Dia akan menggunakan segala kuasa dan network yang dia ada untuk menguasai Malaysia.

    Dia telah award RFP bernilai RM27 Billion kepada Gamuda untuk membina beberapa lebuhraya dan monorail di Penang. Sebagai permulaan tanah Kerajaan Negeri Tapak Pesta akan diberi kepada Gamuda untuk pembangunan Condominium. Selebihnya bergantung kepada kelulusan Najib iaitu bayaran secara contra of reclamation right di Teluk Kumbar seluas +/- 4000 ekar dan juga Middle Bank.

    Najib kena bertindak bijak iaitu jangan sekali-kali meluluskan reclamation di Teluk Kumbar dan Middle Bank didalam Majlis Perancang Fizikal Negara (MPFN). Khabarnya Lim Guan Eng mahu menggunakan repo baik Gamuda dengan Kerajaan Persekutuan bagi tujuan mempengaruhi Najib supaya meluluskan reclamation tersebut.

    Najib juga kena bertindak berani seperti Mahathir iaitu bina Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa utama kawasan utara di Kulim, Kedah. Ini akan menjatuhkan air muka Lim Guan Eng dan menyebabkan pengaruhnya dalam DAP jatuh.

    1. Helen, I couldn’t agree more with your fan.

      Now, if only Jibby had the killing instinct and testicular fortitude of TDM or LKY…

    2. Masalah nya Helen, adakah Najib akan dengar nasihat dari kita semua. Dia ada CON sultans yang dibayar berjuta juta RM….

      Seolah olah menuang air kedaun keladi

  13. Was just wondering if something like this would have been tolerated by TDM.

    I think not.

  14. Don’t worry too much Cik Helen.
    Bukan sehari dua kita kenal depa.
    Cara depa sejak lahir dah diasuh begini rupa
    One exPakatan Indian fella told me
    Dah loya ketahap nak muntah tengok cara depa.

    1. Meanwhile the Ringgit falls into the pits and Bursa Malaysia stocks are reduced in value.

      What else? A slowing economy, reduced exports, less revenue from oil and gas (hence less dividends from Petronas), less foreign investments and good jobs, reduced domestic consumption, fall in tourist numbers, etc etc.

      Still think everything is shiok sendiri and that it’s business as usual because the Qataris want to invest in Malaysia?

      1. Haiyaa..

        Economic Cycle maaaa.
        Itu pun you mau kalut?

        Ringgit jatuh?
        Hari2 you beli balang gunapakai USD dan SGD ke?

        You main shares ke? Sikalang beli dan simpan banyak2. Sikat masa naik le.. Lu boleh banyak dapat untung. Apa hal kalut sangat ni?

        GST kena 6% balang naik harga 200%. Itu kerja olang2 gila. Jangan layan sama olang gila nanti you pun boleh jadi gila..

      2. ‘A slowing economy, reduced exports, less revenue from oil and gas (hence less dividends from Petronas), less foreign investments and good jobs, reduced domestic consumption, fall in tourist numbers, etc etc.’

        Ala it has never been good anyway. Kan?!

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