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Chinese support across the board for Bersih

Hannah Yeoh is the media darling beloved by The J-Star.

Hannah Yeoh and Zairil
Hannah Yeoh and Zairil in yellow at Bersih 3.0

Battle of the two Awangs

PAS president Hadi Awang yesterday stated that the New Hopers defecting from PAS should vacate their Parliament and state assembly seats.

Ahmad Awang, who is New Hope advisor, disagrees with Hadi’s call for the PAS renegades to resign. Ahmad provides several reasons as to why he does not feel the PAS Yang Berhormats are compelled to voluntarily step down.

Among the reasons he cites – “tidak ada peruntukan perundangan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan mahupun amalan secara konvensional yang mengisyaratkan keperluan meletakkan jawatan”.

Ahmad, a former Perak PAS Commissioner, is correct in this matter as the precedent involving the defection of two PKR (Behrang, Changkat Jering) and one DAP (Jelapang) Perak Adun in early 2009 had taught us.

Incidentally Ahmad was also one of the key players who in March 2008 helped facilitate the formation of the Nizar-led Pakatan state administration in Perak as well as stymied the Umno feelers to establish a Malay unity government post-GE12.

His press statement is published today in the blog of New Hope protem secretary Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

‘Unfair’ if it involves New Hopers but otherwise when it involved “BN-friendly” defectors

In the photo above of a press conference on 5 May 2009, Dr Dzul is seated beside Bersih’s steering committee member Wong Chin Huat. The PC was held to launch ‘1BlackMalaysia’ campaign to protest the BN’s takeover of the Perak state government as well as demand immediate fresh reelections.

Dr Dzul’s double standards are clear for us all to see. In 2009, he took the stance that DAP’s Hee Yit Foong and her PKR colleagues who resigned from their respective parties to become “BN-friendly independents” should vacate their seats.

He had also held that by-elections should be conducted for the seats which Hee and her co-conspirators had won standing as (federal) opposition candidates.

In 2015, he is perfectly fine with his PAS colleagues keeping the seats they had won on the PAS ticket.

See report titled ‘Unfair to ask PAS reps who join Amanah to quit seats, says Dr Dzulkefly’ in TMI today.

Bersih 4 Johor

Bersih leader believes Najib won’t dare crack down on rally

Wong Chin Huat penned an article headlined ‘Mengapa pematahan berdarah Bersih 4 rugikan Najib dan Umno’ in his TMI column today. He believes that Bersih 4.0 will be a peaceful assembly.

The ghost of May 13 had been trotted out previously during Bersih 2.0 by Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali, said Chin Huat, but the fear tactic failed to keep Chinese demonstrators at home.

Chin Huat, who is a faculty member of the Penang Institute (Guan Eng’s think-tank), may be on the dot this time seeing as how Ibrahim Ali has presently become a promoter of peace and harmony.


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34 thoughts on “Chinese support across the board for Bersih

  1. 1. HY saying MCA interested in Bersih4. Not news and not unexpected. Kalau mereka tak cakap apa tapi turun beramai-ramai pada hari tu pun, mungkin Najib seorang saja yang tercengang.

    2. The New Hoppers tak nak turun kerusi pun tidak menghairankan. Memamg semuanya opposition ni kalau dia memang kena turun pun, dia kena dipikul keluar dengan kerusinya sekali.

    3. Memang tak adil suruh New Hoppers letak jawatan. You should know by now that definitions of democracy and freedom of information and bersih semuanya adalah ditentukan mereka. Boleh tukar ikut keadaan pulak tu.

    4.Chin Huat may be on the dot this time, not because of Ibrahim Ali but because of Najib (perception or otherwise) and the economic situation.

  2. Where are the champions of the clean governance and New Politics when we need them? Oh I forgot…the rules, ethics and high-falutin democratic principles are only applicable to BN and when it comes to PR the end justifies the means.

    The plot to remove Najib and install an unity (=DAP-controlled) government is completely against the democratic principles too yet not a squeak from the champions of clean governance and politics.

  3. As Malaysian Muslims ready themselves for their pilgrimage, trip to the Middle East and busy taking pre-Hajj lessons etc, Bersih 4 atbthe same time is organising a rally so they can shout and jump about fleestyle like monkeys in yellow.

    I think majority planning to attend will be as clueless as to the purpose of their intended 2 day rally. Haiyaa Ayoyo ama apa… Ini maciam ke mau kasi BERSIH otak olang2 yang banyak penyakit?

    Perhimpunan Bersih2 terdahulu, talak henti kasi olang itu ini sakit hati, tuduh menuduh, hasut dan fitnah, memperbodohkan dan pelekeh pemimpin itu ini sampai ada yang londeh seluaq tunjuk pungkok. Tujuan sebenar adalah untuk angkat bakul sendili saja.

    Ayuh kita yang cintakan negara mari tengok perkara2 yang dapat memberi semangat yang lebih membina.

    ……….Once a year, from every corner of the globe, Muslims of every color, ethnic group, rich or poor, make their way to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This is the world’s largest annual pilgrimage, known as the Hajj……

    The quota for Malaysian pilgrims for the 2015 Haj season remains at 22,230 people ie only about 0.1% of our population. Millions more are anxiously waiting in line for their turn to perform their haj;

  4. Tak sabar aku nak tengok Cina beng kena belasah dgn polis. Sebelum ni ada Anwar Berahim, Unit Amal Bodoh & orang Melayu PAS & PKR yang kurang cerdik, kali ni kurang lah orang Melayu jadi lauk lah Cina beng nanti. Tak sabar aku nak tengok drama Cina beng lari 🏃 berkeliaran. Harap harap TV3 boleh bawa LIVE.

    1. Gabriel,

      I expect very few people to participate in BERSIH 4.

      Definitely Hannah Yeoh would not join in. She is too busy tweeting. She just dictates. Only morons will do the dirty jobs.

      I am curious to see how BERSIH going to attract attention as now PAS has realised how sneaky DAP is.

      1. Shamshul…I am not so sure about the turnout. What I see around the Pakatoons and especially Dapsters, there is so much effort being put into the demo this time. I sense that there is a lot of money involved and the organization this time more professional. I am very sure millions are being spent and we can only speculate where the money is coming from. I have not seen such level of passion since Bersih 2. But with PAS’ pull out, the overall turnout will be much lower but I am sure it will still be significant with the Chinese coming out in full force. Also I won’t be surprised if some UMNO folks also join hands (especially the critics of Najib).

        1. I just hate NGOs which are funded by special interest gp & political parties. It should actually be NPO (Non Political Organization). Anyway just wait and see how things will turn out. If I am the IGP, I will perform an anti-riot rehearsal on the site with FRU batons hitting on the polycarbonate shield so loud sampai dia orang boleh terkencing.

        2. Calvin,

          Their motives are to provoke, agitate , to build momentum to topple BN or more specifically UMNO.

    2. Kecik2 makayah belasah dengan rotan sampai berjalur2 tinggal kesan pasai Apek2 jiran saya cakap itu cara yang paling baik mereka disciplin anak2. “Lia olang kacau olang tua macam mana kita mau cali makan?. Kasi lotan saja habis cerita. Saya bini tidoq pun simpan lotan bawah bantal”.

      Kena ikut cara mereka baru faham kut?

  5. If the Chinese want’s to demonstrate their feeling , let them do it better still if they have the ability to do like the Thai’s do, it’s will be interesting to see .

  6. Talking about Bersih Penang, I am shocked that 25% JStar readers can vote “Happy” that the Malay kampung in Batu Feringghi is being demolished. In fact 12% think house demolishing is amusing.

    25% – Happy, 0%- Inspired, 12%- Amused, 25% – Sad, 38% – Angry,
    0% – Annoyed

    So the moderate Star readers, house demolishing is very joyous and amusing.

    Yes. Bersih, Cekap , Amanah really suits Penang. Sehati Sejiwa certainly does not – as Penang lang always want to bantah Putrajaya.

    Bersih – bersih seperti air Sungai Pinang
    Cekap – amat cekap merobohkan rumah kampung and buat condo (macam di Kampung Buah Pala, Kampung Siam, Batu Feringghi)
    Amanah – baik menjalankan tugas mengagihkan tanah kerajaan kepada developer.

    Perhaps another good Merdeka theme would be Warna Warna Pelangi, in homage of Miss Rainbow.

    1. ‘Bersih – bersih seperti air Sungai Pinang
      Cekap – amat cekap merobohkan rumah kampung and buat condo (macam di Kampung Buah Pala, Kampung Siam, Batu Feringghi)
      Amanah – baik menjalankan tugas mengagihkan tanah kerajaan kepada developer.’

      Undeniable. Couldn’t have said it better.

    2. Hehe… I remember when the Star reported the announcement of Hari Raya back in July. There were quite a number of “Angry” votes!

    1. As featured by LSS on FB. Check out the last 2 paras.

      Hundreds demonstrate at one of the last Malay villages in Batu Ferringhi, Penang
      Today’s demolition is for 66 houses but I understand that eventually up to 1,000 families will eventually be affected.

      These villagers are said to be descendants of warriors and have said they will defend their kampung until the last drop of blood.

      A human barricade has formed on a road leading to Kampung Mutiara as thousands stage a standoff against a slated demolition of 66 houses in one of the last Malay villages in Batu Ferringhi, Penang here this morning.
      A row of elderly women in wheelchairs were seen at the front, bearing banners protesting the demolition.

      On the main road outside, thick in the middle of the tourism belt, hundreds more are waiting for the bulldozers.

      These villagers are said to be descendants of warriors who had served the Sultan of Kedah before Sir Francis Light arrived in Penang.

      The Sultan had granted them permission to live on the island, which was once a part of Kedah.

      1. Jom Umno dan Pas. Kita pi sana, beri sokongan pada saudara kita. Kita pakai baju kuning, lagi molek kalau t-shirt Bersih4

        1. Now. If the Pakatoons can petition the White House to release Anwar, surely Malays in general can ask UNESCO to reaudit Penang whether Penang deserves to be UNESCO inscribed.

          With the pending loss of Malay, Siamese and Serani kampungs, isn’t it time for UNESCO to revisit their inscription?

    1. Lets’s see if I can reason this like a evengelista.

      Church is a house of god, all are welcome regardless of race/religion. It’s also a sanctuary so the police should not go in and create problems unless they are specifically invited.

      Unlike the masjid which is controlled by the wicked evil Umno who will politicise everything and refuse people who seek refuge at the masjid.

      Ok, apa macam? Boleh dapat A, tak?

            1. Penang takdak SOGO. Helen ingat itu Tokong berani ka buat Bersih depan Gurney Plaza, itu Singapore tuan sure marah wor! How to badmouth the Malay Gomen in Singapore like that??

            2. I believe that they are holding it world wide.

              “If you have to as there are no Chinese, no Indians, no Malays ..” Oops silap quotelah, ada seorang Melayu kat San Francisco yang ketuai Global Bersih. Yang lain all Malaysians.

              This is a quote from their open letter –
              “Malaysians have been attacked, arrested and intimidated. They have been called criminals for asking the most important questions of their leaders.” Those are serious broad, generalized allegations without any details. Very Dapster-ish.

              But the one that made me spew my coffee was this “Maria Chin Abdullah and Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan deserve the nation’s gratitude …”

              But regardless, what I find amazing is the hype that there’ll be bloodshed on 29/30. Ever since Bersih decided to stage No.4, they have been warning people of problems, almost like they are hoping they’ll be in a May13 situation, just so they can come out winners.

              Orang putih kata “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.”

              1. re: “ada seorang Melayu kat San Francisco yang ketuai Global Bersih. Yang lain all Malaysians.”


              2. Olang Putih sure giggle wan…

                China stock crash and news of China gloomy economy ahead apasal Cina Malaysian in Malaysia mayak mau bikin kalut nih?

                Marah menantu kasi pukul sama anak? Hannah cakap MCA pun tanya2 pasai BERSIH juga ke? Haiyaaa

        1. Of course they are. We know churches especially the ones in the heart of Dap constituency are practically a tool for the Dap. So no surprises with there.

  7. Ms H. If the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP wants to play a major role in Malaysian politics, it is time they cut all links with the Singapore PAP and their RM2 incorporated religions . Both are foreign to our Malaysia.

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