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DAP evangelista MP to @NajibRazak: “Malays ‘bastardised’ Umno in Kelantan, S’gor & Pg”

Only the evangelistas talk like this. The DAP MP for Segambut said “the truth is Malays ‘bastardised’ Umno in Kelantan, Selangor and Penang in last two election”.

Najib Razak’s message was that Malays and Muslims would lose everything should Umno ever lose federal power.

Quite naturally it is in the evangelistas great interest to persuade Malay Muslims that they’re meek and mild, harmless and powerless – “only nine percent” – and no threat to the Malay’s hold on Putrajaya. (They’ve got the New Hopers to be their Malay-Muslim face and proxy.)

They would even go to the extent of wearing tudung, quoting Quran, tweeting hashtag #sahur and masquerading as Malay and Muslim netizens to fool the gullible.

LIM LIP ENG bastardize

Triumphalism of the Conquistadors

DAP’s evangelistas combine the worst of two worlds – Chinese chauvinism and Christian supremism.

It’s like a smart but ugly billionaire marrying a beautiful dumb blonde, and their baby getting the father’s looks and the mother’s brains.

BELOW: If the government thinks that anger monger Hannah is “stupid”, then for once the government is right

the government thinks I am stupid


Lim Lip Eng who tweeted to @NajibRazak is the same Parliamentarian who had declared that if opposition had been in charge of the Search & Rescue for the crashed MH370, the missing aircraft would have been found in a jiffy.

See, ‘Christian MP boasts that a DAP chief of air force or navy would surely have located the plane’ in my blog on 28 March 2014.

Hannah stupid mouth

YB Lim Lip Eng is an evangelical Christian – see below biodata in his blog

Setiap kali politikus kuat buat onar, pasti ia adalah seorang anggota puak evangelista.

Blogger- User Profile- LIM LIP ENG


The Dear Leaders Kim Chin declare war

Kim Jong Un at Bersih


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20 thoughts on “DAP evangelista MP to @NajibRazak: “Malays ‘bastardised’ Umno in Kelantan, S’gor & Pg”

  1. Every story has and ending, no matter how long the story is. This particular story will also have its ending. The only people who do not know this are the evangelistas.

  2. “They would even go to the extent of…. quoting Quran”

    Sounds like someone I know very well on this blog, she might even own it.

    1. Is it a sin for me to own a copy of the Quran?

      What do you make of the threat then by Hannah Yeoh to lodge a police report against anyone who passes on the (false) rumour that she has converted to Islam?

      And by the way, I had asked you about your terlepas cakap comment wrt to the two main races not being able to abide each other. Make up your mind pls – which is it? Are Sino-Malay relations bad?

      Or are they good as the Jom Kawan and ‘Kumbayah’-singing Firsters gang would have you believe? Please answer.

      Your comment originally @ 2015/08/12 at 2:13 pm is screencapped below.

      You said,

      “How can this country ever dream of becoming a developed nation when virtually everything is race based, and the two main races can’t stand each other?”

      1. “Is it a sin for me to own a copy of the Quran?”

        Of course not. It just shows your hypocrisy when you chastise others for quoting it.

        I didn’t realise that I had gotten under your skin so severely that you feel the need to fish out my prior comments. My trolling skills must be even better than I originally thought.

        1. re: “It just shows your hypocrisy when you chastise others for quoting it.”

          Alright. I do quote the Quran.

          I quote 2:120 which is often quoted by Jakim and during khutbah Jumaat prepared by other Islamic agencies.

          For one example of Quran quotation by a DAP evangelista YB, you can Google Nga Kor Ming and surah “aura” (sic). . Not only does David Nga butcher (mispronounce) the Arabic, he’d also plucked a verse from a book that doesn’t ‘exist’ (due to another mispronunciation of the name of the book).

          So to what purpose he posturing?

          re: “I didn’t realise that I had gotten under your skin so severely that you feel the need to fish out my prior comments.”

          I bring it up due to its relevance to this particular thread. I’d raised the question to you before but you buat tak tahu. It only goes to show your evangelista modus operandi – hit & run like in a drive-by shooting.

          re: “My trolling skills must be even better than I originally thought.”

          You got one part of it correct. Your only purpose here is to troll. There is never any sincerity, and the intention to be constructive and open-minded to what the other party has to say. It illustrates the kind of people you are.

          There’s one reader here AC-DC who, identical to you, is pro-Hannah and likes to bait me.

          Although he annoys me and skirts on the borderline of offensive, at least I have to give him credit for a willingness to engage. That’s why I refrain from calling AC-DC “evangelista” or “Dapster”, but which you clearly are.

          1. “There is never any sincerity, and the intention to be consructive”

            You must seriously be taking the piss if you think that the above article deserves constructive feedback. How can anybody be constructive when it’s the same lame topics on replay every day…evil Christians, sneaky Dapsters, Hannah Yeoh’s diet and weight issues, etc.

            Write something current which reflects the actual problems facing the government/country and you will start getting more constructive feedback.

            1. The above is actually a very short article. Roughly 250 words only. But it makes you jump like a cat on a hot tin roof. We can easily see why. Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas kan?


              (1) re: “evil Christians”

              Both the provocative statements, i.e. the earlier one last year about MH370, and the “bastardize” taunt yesterday, were uttered by an evangelista DAP lawmaker.

              There’s been 60 years of Chinese representation in the Malaysian legislature but the MCA reps (traditionally Buddhist/Taoist in the main) have never been this provocative. Political temperatures only reached a boil in recent years and it coincides with the rise and rise of the evangelistas.

              There have never been Buddhist-Muslim riots in this country either (Sino-Malay riots, yes). Previously the clashes were racial in nature.

              However in 2010 – following the ‘Allah’ judgment delivered by a Christian Chinese judge in the High Court – there was that spate of arson and firebombing attacks against the churches.

              Simple question: Are the Buddhists freaking out the Muslims? Answer: No. There has not been a spate of arson and firebombing attacks against Buddhist temples.

              Are the Christians freaking out the Muslims? Answer: Yes. Recently there was the demo against the cross in Taman Medan.

              The J-Star‘s evangelista reporter covering the protest was in fear that the Taman Medan residents would beat him up. That’s because he was aggressive and provocative in his line of questioning – more like a young Christian activist rather than an objective journo doing his job.

              And UiTM held a forum to educate Malay students on the risk of “Christianization”. The Islamic authorities do not hold seminars to warn the Malay public about the risk of “Buddhis-ization” or “Hindu-sization”. Even the two words sound unfamiliar.

              (2) re: “sneaky Dapsters”

              Not sneaky meh? The Dapster-controlled state (Penang) is rogue with its “Bersih” slogan this Merdeka when the rest of the 13 states in the country are “Sehati sejiwa”.

              And then the Dapsters can slyly claim that their “Bersih” word is taken from the slogan of Tun Mahathir (whom they hate with a vengeance) that was coined in the early 1980s, i.e. more than 30 years ago, rather than anything to do with the mega rally planned to take place in another five days.

              A very typical ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork’ lah kind of display from the What-Kind-of-People-are-They – one helluva sneaky group which includes you.

              re: “(3) Hannah Yeoh’s diet and weight issues, etc.”

              No mention of her weight here. She admitted that the government thinks she is stupid. She is. She belongs to the bodoh sombong variety.

  3. Looks like Najib used the word “bastardised” first. You are great at spinning Helen, but it will only work on your loyal followers. The rest of us are onto your sneaky ways.

    1. It is you evangelistas who are perpetually sneaky. Look at the page above – Lim Lip Eng’s tweet. It says, “Malays ‘bastardized’ if Umno lose power”…

      1. If Najib did not say it, then they would be liable. Somehow I doubt they would be daft enough to make up a quote from the PM, especially with the gangster Zahid on their heels. Here’s Najib’s quote as published on Kini.

        “Some people say that the Malays will be defeated, beaten or fall flat on the ground but I choose the word ‘bastardise’

        1. Whatever. But it’s in the headline of the Malaysiakini tweet referenced by YB Lim and you can follow the tinyurl link.

          As to authenticity, I’m not half as suspicious of Malaysiakini as I am of TMI. So I take Malaysiakini articles with a pinch of salt and TMI reports with a bucket of salt.

        2. I misread your message, but it proves my original statement. The DAP guy was just using Najib’s words to make a point and clearly isn’t the only one using language like this, as you claim. Nice spinning though, as usual. Looks like the love of the word “bastardised” runs in the Razak family, Nazir had used the same word to describe the NEP a few years earlier.

    2. Where’s the Justice.

      What Najib said is the truth.

      Malays will truly become “bangsat” should UMNO lose power. That is the reality

      Thsi is not to scare off the malays. Najib was just telling the gloomy outlook before it happens. What Najib was trying to tell the Malays is that they should be careful what they are wishing for.

      1. Maybe, or maybe he’s just using scare tactis to save his arse, as I honestly believe Najib only looks out for number one. Unlike Dr M, who genuinely loved the country, Najib is more interested in maintaining power for selfish reasons. I disagree with you in the sense that I think the DAP will be very foolish to remove the current pro Malay policies that exists, if they become the govt. It will be status quo for the first few terms at least.

    3. Bangsat can be translated in so many different words and yet he chose the crudest word. “Bahasa jiwa bangsa”.

      1. Tu la, merempat pun boleh, dianak-tirikan pun boleh. Tapi nak buat macam mana, “Bahasa jiwa bangsa”. Orang suruh belajar lingua franca tak mau! Kan dah menyusahkan orang!

      1. ‘“Since Umno’s formation, we have never deprived others. Why? Because Umno is led by credible and rational leaders,” he says.’

        Wong Chun Wai muka masih maintain senyum ke masa dengar TPM cakap macam tu?? Memang licik!

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