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The Dear Leaders Kim Chin declare war

“You will be surprised at how angry ordinary Malaysians are because nothing is being done to get us out of this crisis,” said Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria CHIN Abdullah.

The Dear Leader of North Korea KIM Jong-Un understands that ‘angry’ feeling perfectly.

Kim is angered by South Korea’s propaganda being blasted presently at citizens of the communist North. That’s why he has just declared war. See breaking news ‘North Korea: Live updates as Kim Jong-un issues threat of war against South Korea’ in the Mirror.

Hannah really angry

Hannah MACC mobilising crowd

Angry people make war, not peace

CNN confirms that Pyongyong is on war footing and appears prepared to strike after an earlier exchange of fire. South Korea has already evacuated its demilitarized zone (DMZ) at the border.

Meanwhile Bersih’s Maria Chin in Cloud Cuckooland exchanges notes with Kim over the telephone.

Bersih and the DAP are inciting Malaysians to anger and instigating hatred.

kim phone

kim headphones

The Dear Leader likes looking at things close up

He can see that Bersih is shepherding angry people into the streets through their hateful propaganda.

Kim looking at Bersih portrait

Kim looking at Bersih

Kim looking at Bersih Water

The Dear Leader also likes looking at things from a distance

Even from afar he can see that angry people will be difficult to control and spell trouble.

Kim looking at Sogo

Kim looking at Petronas Twin Tower

The Dear Leader is beloved and respected by the adoring masses

The Korean people will take up arms to fight his cause because they believe Kim loves-loves-loves them as much as they have been taught to love him.

kim soldiers

hail kim

Dear Leaders everywhere in the world love waving to the crowd

They have brainwashed their followers with 24/7 indoctrination through propaganda organs like the J- and K-Star.

The K-Star is a Nest of Communistas. The J-Star is full of evangelistas. Their methods are almost identical.

Kim waving

Kim Jong Un at Bersih

Dear Leader Kim believes in ‘Free & Fair’ elections

But he’s threatening war all the same.

kim vote

The Dear Leader’s Lim clan in Jerusubang are very much like the Kims

As for war, ditto.

People looking


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2 thoughts on “The Dear Leaders Kim Chin declare war

  1. ….,.“You will be surprised at how angry ordinary Malaysians are because nothing is being done to get us out of this crisis,” said Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria CHIN Abdullah……

    Haiya.. Kalau crisis kenapa ada masa nak ajak oghang pi lompat2 macam kera kat jalan? Air laut pun pasang dan surut. What are their problems anyway? Apahal mau marah?

    Hai, taktau cari makan sendiri ke? Asyik mengharap oghang lain aje ke? Ata dengaq olang advise “dont put all your eggs in one basket?”

    Anyway, ordinary malaysians belanja hari2 gunapakai matawang USD atau SGD ke? Ukur baju di badan sendiri la. Jangan gelojoh dan boros. Kalau mangosteen sikalang lia olang jual satu biji RM1.10..jangan beli. Tak mati tak makan mangosteen. Boleh beli dua biji epal dengan harga sama.

    Itu Marina Chin sama Ambiga lia olang apa bikin sikalang untuk kasi ringgan crisis?

    Tolong senaraikan boleh tak?

    1. Ala sikit. Dia dua olang buka mulut tutup mulut kasi gaduh saja. Sendiri titun pun tak senang, hali hali mahu orang gaduh dan cari gaduh saja. Dalam rumah pun hali hali gaduh. cilaka dan swaiy punya orang.

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