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Guan Eng slams Education Minister as “immature”

Lim Guan Eng slammed the Education and Defence Ministers as lacking maturity and accused Mahdzir Khalid and Hishammuddin Hussein of politicizing Penang’s National Day “Bersih” theme.

He also claimed that both cabinet ministers had misused their authority to “deny the right of Penang to celebrate our country’s Independence together (with the rest of the country)” following the decision of the army and the schools to withdraw from participating in the state’s official celebration on Aug 31.

Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid

See video below of Guan Eng’s press conference earlier today.

At minute 1:15, the Penang Chief Minister said:

“Di saat negara berada di dalam krisis ekonomi dan politik, isu tema ‘Bersih, cekap, amanah’ tidak sepatutnya menjadi punca pertikaian dan dipolitikkan oleh menteri Barisan Nasional, Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid Menteri Pendidikan dan Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein Menteri Pertahanan dan menjadi penghalang kepada suatu sambutan yang menggalakkan perpaduan dan menaikkan semangat patriotisme rakyat.

1:48 –

“Sikap menteri-menteri ini adalah satu sikap yang tidak matang dan menyalahgunakan kuasa mereka untuk menafikan hak kami untuk sama-sama meraikan kemerdekaan negara ini.”


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13 thoughts on “Guan Eng slams Education Minister as “immature”

  1. there were typo errors.
    I am reposting the correct one:
    I find it odd for this tokong dap to pass such uncalled for comments. the question is why must the dap pinang government want to fo it alone for the national celebrations. Is the dap giving the dangerous signals that it wants to go it alone and not wanting to be part of this country? Is this a prelude of even worse things to come and that it is giving notice of wanting to be like what the PAP did to Malaysia during the time of the Tunku? This needed to be nipped in the bud

    1. This Penang CM, the Braggart LGE is the DIRTIEST ANIMAL on earth. This *** will make dirty, everything that is related to the Federal government. “It” will always blame others for any problem that arises from “its” own doing. [deleted]

      1. …and do not be surprised to see this *** supporters and followers shouting BERSIH and carrying placards with the word BERSIH during the National Day parade in Penang. And the DIRTY *** will respond with a silly smile in approval. Shit!!!

        1. wrt the asterisks (that I put), urm, you terkhilaf spelled backwards? You meant Penang’s tokong demi g-o-d?

  2. Guan Eng the small brat talking ,will always be like a school boy who got bullied.

    He personally cocked up, and now attempts to push issue to others to jaga his muka and DAP

    Paiseh but have to cover his stupidest as to show his minyuen that it was not his fault.

  3. Shock horror! The opposition attacks the government! How dare they do that!

    Name me one opposition party on this planet that doesn’t do this.

    1. A lot of common sense aren’t you?

      Name me one opposition party on this planet that does exactly like DAP and Lims anak-beranak?

      Tak de kan??

  4. What right he got to be difference , that’s ,very immature of him .
    He should declare Peneng State to be independent from Malaysia ,then only he could have difference .

  5. dia ni mabuk ke..? totally..
    dia yg tak matang dan menyalahguna kuasa..
    hello!!! org lain ikut natinal theme..
    He the one who choose to use tag line other than national’s – and he say other inmature?
    he the one who is using his state power to change this tag line – and yet he say other people miss used power?
    apa dia ckp ni? what he is saying is what he is doing.. terbalik la tokong!!
    now u guys know why pembangkang terror when defending and slandering.. because they are ‘experienced’ people.. because actually they who do it.. so they know what to say..
    not because they know what to say.. merely explaining what they are doing.. biasa la.. kita buat.. kita tau la trick dia.. bukan ka?

  6. This tokong has no credibility. Whatever comes out from his forked tongues are non-sensical or gibberish same like rubbish. Don’t you dare mess around with the teachers. Most of them are silent observers but when it comes to the ballot box they could be king makers.

  7. Did you realise why the sudden flip flop by Tokong? Perhaps this can explain. (I got this from my Penang lang FB friends, some who were estatic over the sign) I believe the Utusan article is now getting to hot at the collar.

    “Differing Merdeka themes, Awang Selamat asks if this is a sign of taking Penang out of Malaysia”

    Calling the move to have a different Merdeka theme as ”disgusting”, Utusan Malaysia’s collective editorial Awang Selamat today slammed the Penang state government for what it claimed as an act of provocation.

    “Clearly its Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is giving the wrong message to the people of Malaysia.

    “Whether it is intentional or not, Awang isn’t sure. Is this a sign in moving Penang out of Malaysia? Or a step closer in DAP’s confidence to realise their dream of making this country a republic? Awang has no answer,” the editorial comment piece said.

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