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Kucing masak merah

1. Kucing kawan dengan burung kakaktua

cat parrot

2. Merpati kawan dengan monyet

monkey pigeon

3. Chimpanzee kawan dengan anak harimau putih

chimp tiger

4. Anjing kawan dengan kuda kerdil

horse dog

5. Musang kawan dengan kucing

fox cat

6. Zirafah kawan dengan burung unta

giraffe ostrich

7. Anjing kawan dengan arnab

dog rabbit

8. Orangutan kawan dengan anjing

orang utan dog

9. Anjing kawan dengan kucing

dog cat

10. Penduduk di Yulin, China siang kucing hidup-hidup untuk dimasak dan dimakan

Huru the cat

Kucing yang kelihatan di dalam gambar atas berjaya diselamatkan.

Reported yesterday

‘Pictured: Cat clinging to cage saved moments before being skinned alive and eaten’ (The Daily Express, 24 Aug 2015) – read here.

huru saved
Kucing tersebut sudah pulih selepas nyaris kehilangan nyawa

‘Thousands of dogs skinned alive for China dog cuisine festival – and now CAT’s on the menu’ (The Daily Express, 4 June 2015) – story here.


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4 thoughts on “Kucing masak merah

  1. Thank you helen for this sleepless night. I hope that man catch leprosy and die a gruesome death. The next paragraph will be full of expletives, so i censored myself.


  2. CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) on the menu to be eaten alive by the dapsters wherever and whenever they’re in power?

    1. Hmmm … the DAP CAT dish is laced with neurotoxins and meant for us, the people … so that we become brain-dead.

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