80% poll respondents believe Bersih will not be peaceful

Bersih 4.0 Gedung Kartun

The poll on whether Bersih will be able to keep their demo peaceful is now closed and the result as below.

Headline and content updated – 12.50pm, 28 Aug 2015

The countdown on how many days to Bersih 4.0

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Today is Aug 29 and the streets in the heart of KL are filled with Chinese demonstrators.

Aug 28 – Tomorrow is Bersih.

Aug 27 – TWO days to go

Aug 26 – THREE days to go

Aug 25 – FOUR days to go

Aug 24 – FIVE days to go

Aug 23 – SIX days to go

Aug 22 – SEVEN days to go

Aug 21 – EIGHT days to go

Aug 20 – NINE days to Bersih 4.0


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20 thoughts on “80% poll respondents believe Bersih will not be peaceful

  1. This was on OTSB blog (but seems to have been taken off) on a piece written by Norman Fernandez on Bersih 4.0

    Quote : “Now, as in previous Bersih rallies, it gives them yet another opportunity to weaken the power of the majority and to slowly work their way to sneak in and grab power. In the run up to this weekend’s Bersih, it is the Chinese who are in the forefront promoting Bersih.

    Watch them in the shopping centres doing Bersih promotions, the use of social media to promote and to encourage participation. The cartoons appearing in the blogs and Facebook calling all to the rally which often have oriental features and the messages in Mandarin.

    To many Chinese, it is a badge of honour to attend a Bersih rally. I asked many of the Chinese youth “Apa itu Bersih?”. Most replied “Mau kasi Najib turun”. Clearly, they do not even know the real purpose of Bersih. Frankly, the Chinese have upped the ante, and the majority Malays are watching.”

    You can probably still grab the full piece here –

    1. Thanks for the link. Just went over to MR and read Norman’s piece.

      Concur with his observation that

      “Malays will shed blood rather than give up political power and that to, to the Chinese”, as well as “for the Chinese this Bersih rally is worth another punt (again), never mind the community will end up paying for collateral damage done”.

      It is the Ah Pek and Ah Soh – like type who are my neighbours (I live in a working-to-lower middle class Chinese neighbourhood) – who will end up paying a tragic price for the DAP evangelistas’ insatiable greed and overweening ambition.

      If you were to ask me is there any remedy to the dementia, I’d still maintain, ‘No hope, no cure’.

      These elderly folks are not really political except that they vote DAP and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a democratic right. But it’s impossible to get through to them given the 90 percent chokehold that the DAP has.

      Their children and grandchildren are, however, thoroughly indoctrinated, and as are some young Malays also. Umno better start worrying about this because as Norman, who is the ex-Johor DAP deputy chairman, has warned vis-a-vis street rallies, “and [in] particular the Chinese youth who have been brainwashed to simply hate Umno”.

      A few Malays are even defending the indefensible where it concerns their Jerusubang idols. I was flummoxed at Syahredzan Johan’s defence of Twitter blocking by politicians (and providing such lame excuses) in his J-Star column immediately after my blog post about @hannahyeoh blocking scores of Twitter users from her timeline.

      Umno just has no idea how to stop the DAP evangelista juggernaut.

      We’re going to see the Chinese tsunami at Bersih 4.0 but as my theory goes, one of the (hidden or not so obvious agenda) is to attract Malay support for GE14 by having the masses (attendance numbers) convince the Malays on the sidelines that the Umno-BN government is “wicked”.

      Impressionable young, urban Malays are meant to be persuaded by the sea of yellow insisting the point that the present regime is “evil”. This view must be correct since 100,000 demonstrators say so, and “everybody”/so many people can’t be wrong in this opinion.

      Aren’t the evangelistas super sneaky bastards indeed? Their methods are potently Orwellian and ‘Goebbel’ian.

      1. Even the middle aged Chinese are infected – when you challenge them with some facts, all they can do is bleat the refrain of 42 billion, 2.6 billion of our money stolen.

        And the emotion with which they express it … my goodness… I fear for my people, they have truly been led astray.

        Sometimes also feel like slapping them.. all this talk of billion2, they never even seen one million before in their lives, talk so much.. sheesh!

        Anyway, Bersih has gone way off tangent from their original purpose. And taking the rally newbies for a ride with their 36 hour (?) stupidity-marathon.

        Sigh … ah well, the weather forecast is rain over the weekend… lets see how long the pampered junior execs can stand out there with the nearest Starbucks being so far away..

        1. re: “And the emotion with which they express it”

          They will take to the streets tomorrow.

          re: “I fear for my people”

          So we should.

          re: “they have truly been led astray”

          DAP are dajjal.

          re: “Sometimes also feel like slapping them”

          No hope, no cure.

  2. First we read Fernandez’s opinion. Then we have this at the other end of the spectrum:

    So, LKS is asking Bersih participants to exercise their citizen’s right to control the crowd should a few among them decide to misbehave. Hah! Good luck with that.

    Everytime I read LKS, I wonder how anyone can not question his loyalty to the country. The only time his writing comes off as sincere is when he’s putting down the government and the Malays.

  3. “Mobile internet services have been blocked in the Indian state of Gujarat (home to nearly 63 million people), following violent protests led by the Patel community after one of its leaders was detained by local police in Ahmedabad.”

    Here, LKS is demanding Said Keruak to give his word not to disrupt mobile services and to tell telcos to increase capacity during Bersih.

    If I were SK I’d tell LKS that I’d be tracing his exact location so the police can be despatched to arrest him. Illegal is illegal no matter what the circumstances. Jangan bagi muka.

      1. That’s why M’sia should follow China and Singapore and a lot of other nations. If the organizers failed to secure approvals for the rally, then that rally is illegal. The police should treat the rally as such and take action against its organizers, without fail. Just show them once and for all that enough is enough.

        The frontline for Bersih are all elected politicians who sit in Parliament. They should take their fight to Parliament. Dah lah diundi jadi ahli parlimen, dapat gaji dan elaun, sekarang kerja mereka pun nak suruh rakyat buatkan.

        1. re: “That’s why M’sia should follow China and Singapore and a lot of other nations.”

          M’sia should also follow China and Singapore and a lot of other nations in not allowing the evangelistas to carry out their subversive activities.

          The Umno-led gomen is afraid of being called “racists” if they took action. There’s no reason for the reticence.

          China is a Chinese government and S’pore is a Chinese-dominated government. The former has cracked down on the evangelistas while the latter has hauled the Chinese Christian cultists to court.

          1. Itulah Kerajaan ni baik sangat. Nak takut apa digelar racists? Memang dari dulu lagi mereka ini memburuk-burukkan kerajaan dan melayu dengan propaganda yang kaum mereka ditindas, tidak mendapat tempat di universiti, tidak diberi biasiswa walaupun mereka lebih pandai dari Melayu.

            Jadi buat apa nak takut digelar racists. Mereka tidak akan berhenti propaganda mereka selagi mereka tidak berkuasa.

            1. re: “walaupun mereka lebih pandai dari Melayu”

              Pardon me for saying but that Melayu cracking the roof tiles over his O-W-N head ain’t too smart.

              And then coupled with the uukk, uukk, uukk (I’m borrowing this description from commenter Anun @ 2015/08/26 at 7:46 pm) display scampering on the ground … double face palm.

              As for “lebih pandai”, well, a humongous amount of cunning and craftiness goes into their tegakkan benang basah, putar-belit asyik kenakan orang.

              If I sound like I’m venting, it’s not directed at you orang kampung.

              1. Well, Melayu yang tu memang kita orang tak mengaku saudara pun. Itu tak tahu lah datang dari mana, geng-geng Ahmad Mazlan kut. Melayu yang dapat biasiswa semestinya mestilah ada kelulusan yang ditetapkan. But since we are on meritocracy now, they shouldn’t complain, but scholarships is still an issue.

                Venting is allowed. I’ve been venting at anyone who wants to listen since Bersih was announced. I still hold the view that if they had arrested these people and charged them over the earlier Bersih, we wouldn’t have this Bersih 4.0.

          2. Re: China and Singapore
            Big difference between them and us being that it’s a Chinese government cracking down on a sub-set of a Chinese population.

            The closer analogy to that is when Gomen cracks down on groups like Global Ikhwan and Sky Kingdom.

            But if you’re talking about a Malay-dominated government cracking down on a religious minority, then the analogy would be Beijing cracking down on Uighurs. They can get away with that because, well… China.

            Across the Causeway, though… I would imagine that if the Singapore government wants to crack down on a Muslim subset, they’d work very, very closely with the Malay community. And they wouldn’t move without buy-in from the Singapore Malays.

  4. Nasib baik juga Dapsters sini tak boleh bertutur macam ni, kalau tidak lebih ramai termakan dengan janji Dapsters.

  5. Helen, have you seen pictures of the DAP Bersih 4.0 rally in Batu Pahat last night?

    That’s quite a large turnout. Reminds me of the GE13 campaigns in Johor by the DAP. Maybe it’s the same crowd, still euphoric over their wins in Johor.

    And if Bersih organisers believe that they can control a crowd of that size or bigger over a 34-hour period, they should get a grip on reality.

    1. re: “And if Bersih organisers believe that they can control a crowd of that size or bigger”

      They won’t be able to. Things will definitely spiral out of control.

  6. Somebody will shout ‘fire’, there will also be a bomb blast.
    The result, a stampede among themselves. Biarkan, biarkan. Bukan bangsa ni takut mati ke? Hahaha!
    Macam kat Thailand dah Malaysia ni. Yellow, red, green, blue-black..haha!
    Most of us will be ‘makaning kenduri’. Three days holidays ma..
    Why sweat stupidly under the sun? JEREBU lagi. Our neighbouring country is burning something…to jeopardise bershit. Tu mesti gomen yang suruh bakar hutan or ladang milik negara kat sana.

    Ramai yang akan dapat sakit tekak,kerongkong,mata, telinga..
    Nanti kalau hospital penuh, doktor juga yang susah. Dah la doktor overworked, police pon will be overworked. A waste of human resources. Macam mana negara nak maju…wastefull resources melayan bershit; and their tantrums dari DULU sampai sekarang.
    Mual, muak, loya tengok orang tua-tua including some dinasours throw TANTRUMS.Perggi la MEROYAN kat tempat lain. Hutan kat Malaysia ni kan luas. ladang kelapa sawit pon banyak. Kalau kasi buat kat stadium pon, nanti dia rosaakakan pula harta benda awam oleh hooligans ni. Memang MENACE and menacing.

  7. I am amused by the anger expressed by the arch Evangelista Teresa Kok over PAS’ refusal to attend BERSIH. This is taking hypocrisy to a whole new level. DAP has been bullying and cursing and even divorced them. And yet they expect PAS to kowtow to them and attend the rally. What a bunch of morons these DAPsters are.

  8. re: “80% poll respondents believe Bersih will not be peaceful”

    re: “Please takmau lagi kasi muka sama dia olang ni semua”
    RINA – August 28, 2015 at 8:34 pm (Black Monday)

    re: “That’s why M’sia should follow China and Singapore and a lot of other nations.”
    Orangkampung – August 27, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    re: ” The Umno-led gomen is afraid of being called “racists” if they took action”
    Helen Ang – August 27, 2015 at 6:08 pm

    For starters, I had received news that there’s a new govt gazette under Perintah Mesin Cetak Dan Penerbitan (Kawalan Hasil Penerbitan Tidak Diingini) (No. 22) 2015:
    > For ‘Larangan’ – the schedule mentioned:
    – Apa-apa pakaian berwarna kuning dan yang mengandungi perkataan “Bersih 4”
    – Apa-apa bahan bercetak lain dan risalah mendorong kepada perhimpunan Bersih 4
    >27 Aug 2015 KDN:PQ(S) 600-Jld.1 (59); PN(PU2)417/XV
    Enforced on 28 Aug 2015 – Home Minister

    Also, yellow+Bersih shirted participants that have children with them will be charged under both Akta Kanak-kanak 2001 and Akta Penerbitan dan Mesin Cetak 1984.

    Let’s see if your wishes/prayers are anwsered and who is/are really serious this time … organisers/participants or the govt. …

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