Bersih 4.0 – Uskup Agung kata gereja tidak berpihak kepada mana-mana belah politik

Ha ha ha ha.

Maharaja lawak mega ni.

Hannah Julian Leow the Archbishop of KL

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Bersih 4.0 – Polis jangan ragu-ragu nak tangkap pastor


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41 thoughts on “Bersih 4.0 – Uskup Agung kata gereja tidak berpihak kepada mana-mana belah politik

  1. You know what Helen I subscribed cos I thought you still have an iota of sense but I don’t need such negativity and hatred in my life so I’m going to unsubscribe to your blog. I just pray that God will open your eyes to the truth and you use your voice for a better Malaysia…

    1. Jeremy,

      Thank you for informing me of the reason you subscribed to my blog. I appreciate that you thought I had some sense.

      In truth, I do possess a whole lot of common sense. That’s why I don’t display a herd mentality. And come on, admit it – the Church supports Bersih.

      (1) re: “negativity”

      Have you been keeping up with all the venom that Bersih and their supporters have been “spewing” daily at the establishment?

      Who’s being negative here?

      The Merdeka 2015 theme of “Sehati Sejiwa” is positive. But the oppo people have been dissing it vis-a-vis the ‘Bersih’ theme imbroglio created by the divisive Guan Eng administration.

      13 states are using the “Sehati Sejiwa” theme while Penang was the only odd one out. Yet the Penang Chief Minister has the cheek to turn around and accuse Federal of bullying, accuse cabinet ministers of being “immature” and accuse BN of politicking National Day.

      Your side – the Orwellian opposition = Christians and Chinese (okay, I know you’re not one) – are turning reality upside down.

      (2) re: “hatred”

      Sorry to say this but our country would be most Aman dan Damai without you lot around.

      The police and FRU shall be carrying out their duties professionally this weekend. It is the demonstrators who are filled with hatred, and possibly violent despite the fake show of flowers.

      Bersih is propelled by nothing but hatred. Its rocket fuel is synonymous with the Politics of Hate.

      You all are the minority. The mainstream which is the majority (Muslim, Malay) will coalesce. PAS and Umno are already coming together or haven’t you noticed; do note that PAS has decided not to take part in Bersih 4.0.

      They’ve just about had it up to here with your (not ‘you’ specifically but in general) endless whinging and your “hatred” disguising itself as love-love-love. Tolerance is snapping.

      1. You’re going to experience bitter disappointment if you think these people are going to move to another country so that we can get on with our lives. They are going nowhere. They are here and they are going all out to make sure that they stay here indefinitely. They are power mad.

        As for the love…..the love, go to their Sunday service. You will feel their love. Or is it hatred disguised as love ?

        1. re: “You’re going to experience bitter disappointment if you think these people are going to move to another country”


          I hope the Cina totok will be left peacefully alone. They will figure out their destiny eventually.

          The Hannah-Banana-Born-Agains, on the other hand, should (re)apply for Permanent Residence in Tasmania. And take their newfound evangelical Christianity away with them.

          TalentCorp ought to transform its ‘Vision and Mission’, and be a little useful instead of the cash-swallowing useless black hole that it is now.

          Instead of bringing Dapsters back to Malaysia, it should facilitate their PR application to the Western countries. The TalentCorp help in expediting the Dapster immigration process should be done for a profitable fee, of course.

      2. The “majority” can be “sanctioned” into irrelevant impotence.

        I hope that those who espouse the “mainstream” will realise the futility of wanting to mix it up with the “big boys”.

        And they don’t come much bigger than the avowedly secular West.

        Who, when push comes to shove, will have no compunction in unveiling the iron fists in their velvet gloves.

        They, too, will be seeing just where is their “had it up to here” tolerance level.

        The “mainstream” isn’t the only game in town, delusions of grandeur notwithstanding.

          1. No, just acknowledging realities.

            As you are equally adept in denying them…..

            1. I see. You view it as realistic for foreign powers to intervene in Malaysian (political) affairs. You got any details for us?

              1. Just use Iran as a case study.

                And pray that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio doesn’t become the next US President.

                And why home in on “(political) affairs”?

                If the economy is sanctioned, there aren’t many escape paths.

                Unless you are hoping that China will ride to the rescue?

                And it is realistic to acknowledge that big powers, more often than not, get their way.

                There is no shame in acknowledging realpolitik!

                1. So you relish the interference of the big powers in Malaysian economic and political affairs?

                  1. Realpolitik.

                    Deal with it.

                    Any more leading questions? Keep them coming. I can keep on lobbing them back a la Federer….lol.

                    1. Going off track, are we?

                      It just shows up the paucity of your arguments when you are scrambling around for pithy ripostes.

                      Anyway, to answer your question, my passport is in good shape, tqvm.

                      Maybe I should shop around for another passport case. The LV one is getting a little passé…..

                    2. Islam1st?

                      He has already been reduced to stuttering incoherence…..

                      And every time he tries to rebut, he just digs himself deeper and deeper into his self-inflicted pit…

                    3. No need to denigrate.

                      It’s simple: He’s a Malaysian. He’s just asking if you’re really one in your heart.

                    4. “denigrate”? Please show me where I have resorted to invectives or pejorative comments to criticise #islam1st.

                      I have just made robust rebuttals to the views he expressed in this blog.

                      He can always rebut me back.

                      And how do you define a “Malaysian”? Loyalty to the government or loyalty to the country? By choosing to work in Malaysia and not overseas? By speaking Malay and not English, Mandarin or Hindi? Or by saying that parochialism is ok and globalisation is not?

                    5. re: “denigrate? Please show me where I have resorted to invectives or pejorative comments to criticise #islam1st.”

                      Ask the tuan empunya badan (islam1st) whether he feels that your words are “robust rebuttals” or denigration?

                      re: “He can always rebut me back.”

                      Yes, he can because this is, and not ,)

                      re: “And how do you define a ‘Malaysian’? Loyalty to the government or loyalty to the country?”

                      Are you loyal to Malaysia or to Singapore?

                      re: “By speaking Malay and not English, Mandarin or Hindi?”

                      So what is your opinion of bahasa Melayu?

                      re: “Or by saying that parochialism is ok and globalisation is not?”

                      Hahaha. Cina this and Cina that is not parochialism?

                  2. I note that #islam1st has been remarkably reticent in his rebuttals of what I posted in response to his posts.

                    Is he being restrained or at a loss for apt metaphors?

                    As for loyalty – how does Singapore come into the picture?

                    Are you saying it is wrong for expressing admiration for what Singapore has achieved in the 50 years since it separated from Malaysia?

                    Or that it is “disloyal” to point out that Malaysia and Singapore have developed along different trajectories and on different policies and socio-economic models?

                    Is it “disloyal” to try and learn from those who do things better than others?

                    And it’s “Chinese”, not “Cina”! Like it is “Malays”, not “Melayu”.

                    And it is ridiculous to claim “parochialism” when the country is negotiating free trade agreements, open trading systems, the Asean Economic Committee and numerous incentives for foreign investors.

                    So, what do you stand for in any or all of the above?

                    1. What a silly question. Singapore’s not on my radar at all whereas the chip on your shoulder is growing in size by the day.

                    2. “Dear citizens of Malaysia.
                      I thank you for helping us develop this nation into what it is today but every good thing must have an end and this is it. From this day henceforth the granting of citizenship by jus soli is revoked for non bumiputra descents. Permanent residency will be given instead at birth with the option (a privilege not a right) to upgrade to citizenship at 18 years of age through a special program that will gauge your usefullness and instill loyalty to the country. This wont affect the non bumiputras already possessing citizenship but the next generation is. Without citizenship you will not be able to vote, register and own business, own land or houses, inherit from a citizen whatever their relation is to you nonwithstanding and no free education and healthcare after 17. Income tax for PR will be set at 40% per annum. We have come to this decision with a heavy heart but this is necessary to ensure that the nation is on the right track according to the master’s plan. We would facilitate current citizen wishing to repatriate as best as we can but in the end it is up to the recipient country. However, in case of the future PR, the government reserved the right to be recompense due to the free education, free heatlhcare and any form of subsidies enjoyed during the formation years of tbe PR’s life. Forward goes the Nation. Salam 1Malaysia.”

                      Now that would be an epic speech by me when i have Najib’s power and donations. Please vote for me in GE14. ;)

                    3. ‘robust rebuttals’ My Malay Ass! Why don’t you BERAMBUS (sila rujuk Kamus Dewan) already since the country has nothing good to offer you? Go to YOUR SINGAPORE so that I can keep my Dark Ages Malaysia, aman dan harmoni without you people around!

                      BLAH LAH!

    2. Betoi tu Jeremy.
      ….I don’t need such negativity and hatred in my life…

      Please tweet same to Hannah Yeoh, LKS, Teresa Kok and LEG.

  2. Helen,I still see lot of sense and even keel argument, you hv my support as love cannot be build on hate.

  3. Alahai… Church sekadar nak bagi semangat kepada mereka2 yang tengah ketaq lutut, makan tak lalu tidoq tak lena tu…

    ……Some of the biggest victims of the crash have been ordinary Chinese people. A large-scale survey of households in China from late last year showed that two thirds of new investors in the Chinese stock market didn’t complete high school…..

    Golongan mana yang suka main saham dan cuba menjadi kaya berjudi (day traders) dalam pasaran2 saham agak kamu?

    Tsunami Cina mungkin ramai over confident dan tergoda, DAP terus bersikap bengis dan kurang ajar. MCA pun masa tu alamak sombongnya, tarik diri takmau apa2 jawatan dalam pentadbiran negara. I pun heran. Mesti ada perkara2 lain yang lebih menarik dan menguntungkan mereka ni semua?

    Apek2 jiran saya satu rombongan (clan) balik ziarah kampung halaman ibunda mereka lepas tsunami cina. Planning nak kongsi modal bina highrise condo kat PRC.

    Sementara tu depa biaq PKR dan PAS bergelut pasai sodomy dan kes mahkamah rebutan nama Allah, Hudud, 1MDB, 2.6b dan remeh temeh yang dapat memecahkan kaum Bumiputra.

    Tokong after Black Monday tiba2 U-turn slogan hari Merdeka. Tiba2 Hannah kata sekarang MCA dah mula tanya2 pasai BERSIH4? Haiyaaaa sudah terang lagi bersuluh.

    Wahai ‘MORON2’ (quote LKS ya).
    Jangan mudah terpedaya dan dipermainkan oleh golongan2 tamak ni semua. Bersatulah.

  4. Maharaja lawak mega ni.

    “Churches are apolitical, Archbishop Leow says”

    It is either a big joke or a big lie, I would say. It it the biggest open secret that only Ms Ang’s brave blog dare to openly talk about it.

    I wasn’t born yesterday, so people, don’t be blinded by those in frocks and skull caps. Sad but this is it. This our country, but hijacked by a few (minority)

      1. What about other houses of worship where the weekly sermons are centrally prepared and distributed?

        No room for individual expression?

        At least in Catholic churches, the parish priests compose their own individual sermons based on the Scripture and Gospel readings for the day.

        And if you are making free with the “BIG JOKE” and “BIG LIE” epithets (btw, that is not seditious, is it?), then don’t get all upset when others return the favour by making free with similarly-worded epithets.

        1. ‘What about other houses of worship where the weekly sermons are centrally prepared and distributed?’

          So what’s your problem really? Muslims are not complaining. YOU MUSLIM? RAJA MELAYU? YDP AGONG?


          ‘the parish priests compose their own individual sermons’

          Yeah la, preaching hate against the Malay Gomen and Islam till kingdom comes, kan?

  5. + Ruminations on being Apolitical +

    Teachings of Lao Tzu in Tao Te Ching

    “Stop thinking, and end your problems.
    What difference between yes and no?
    What difference between success and failure?
    Must you value what others value,
    avoid what others avoid?
    How ridiculous!

    Other people are excited,
    as though they were at a parade.
    I alone don’t care,
    I alone am expressionless,
    like an infant before it can smile.

    Other people have what they need;
    I alone possess nothing.
    I alone drift about,
    like someone without a home.
    I am like an idiot, my mind is so empty.

    Other people are bright;
    I alone am dark.
    Other people are sharp;
    I alone am dull.
    Other people have purpose;
    I alone don’t know.
    I drift like a wave on the ocean,
    I blow as aimless as the wind.

    I am different from ordinary people.
    I drink from the Great Mother’s breasts.”

  6. ’13 states are using the “Sehati Sejiwa” theme while Penang was the only odd one out.’

    Yup, as always, as gladly points out by the Tokong himself. Ultra kiasuness at work!

    1. Honestly speaking, I can’t be “sehati sejiwa” with Ah Jib Gor and his Jho Low. Nor do I believe in Najibian “moderation” after the manner in which he ousted the Attorney-General. Nor do I believe it when he sings “IM4U” to the nation.

      1. I agree. But I have to go with Perkasa on this one.

        ‘the group fears the possibility of violent clashes during the gathering to demand reforms. – See more at:

        And most importantly, I still can’t get over this.

        And yes, no Colour Revolution nor the Arab Spring for me either. Period.

        I also agree with Ibrahim Ali on this.

        ‘Malays have already become destitute under Umno as many are struggling to make ends meet, Perkasa’s Datuk Ibrahim Ali told Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today. – See more at:

        But I’m not throwing the towel yet with UMNO. Najib is a person and he is dispensable and i hope UMNO members make him pay for his wrongs.

        But definitely not UMNO despite the recent wrongs with FGV, 1MDB, PHBB etc.

        Lets not kid ourselves just yet. DAP won’t fight for the Malays. Period. And PAS, PKR and GHB can’t even fight DAP with anything. This has been proven over and over again.

        So status quo, for the Malays, at the moment is way better than nothing. (Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad tak payah nak hairan sangat la yer)

        Wouldn’t you say?

        1. And it will help them compete with the onrushing forces of globalisation?

          Malaysia is not China which has a few trillion in reserves to play around with and which has the tri-service PLA to show the flag.

          If you “wall” yourself off, how is that going to help you, your children and successive generations?

          Do you hope that the rest of the world will obligingly put itself “on hold” while Malaysia sorts itself out?

          That is being optimistic, for sure.

          1. ‘If you “wall” yourself off, how is that going to help you, your children and successive generations?’

            We have been doing find for thousand of years already. Tak belajar sejarah ke brader?

            And haven’t you notice the waves of pendatangs as well that comes with it? #realitycheck

        2. Islam1st,

          Out of fear malays in droves voted UMNO in in last election.

          This BERSIH may agitate the malays into UMNo’s fold again. While PAS experiences exodus of members to join GHB, UMNO only sees the call for najib to resign. UMNO members stay put.

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