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MCA backstabbed BN again! … Attn: Rahman Dahlan & Salleh Keruak

Sack MCA already, please!

Bernama reports pengerusi BN Pulau Pinang Teng Chang Yeow sebagai berkata “Lim [Guan Eng] telah memperdayakan orang ramai untuk mempercayai bahawa tema sambutan ialah ‘Bersih, Cekap, Amanah’ sedangkan apa sebenarnya yang diumumkannya sebelum ini ialah ‘Bersih’.”

The dictionary translates the word ‘perdaya’ to mean ‘deceive’. Thus the statement by BN Penang chairman Teng Chang Yeow (who is from Gerakan) is tantamount to saying that Lim Guan Eng had been deceitful in his spin over the ‘Bersih’ slogan for his state Merdeka celebration.

But the MCA-owned newspaper sneakily covered up for Guan Eng.


Gunting dalam Lipatan

A comparison between different media reports will show how The J-Star tried to save Guan Eng’s arse.

The following is the Malay Mail‘s Aug 24 headline – ‘Guan Eng should apologise for creating divisive society over Merdeka Day theme, says BN man’.

The “BN man” referred to by the paper headline is Teng.

The Malay Mail quoted from Teng’s statement that Guan Eng had misled people into believing that the theme was ‘Bersih, Cekap, Amanah’ when the actual announcement he made earlier was ‘Bersih’.

Pay attention, okay.

The Malay Mail reported Teng as saying:

“He [Guan Eng] tried to create an impression that it was the federal government that is playing politics when he is the one actually doing it.

“One vernacular paper even quoted the date he made the announcement on ‘Bersih’ as the theme. So, it is not too much to ask for an apology from him.”

By referencing the Chinese newspaper report on the date that ‘Bersih’ was first announced, MCA could have easily proven that Penang’s original choice of rebel slogan was ‘Bersih’ (one word alone). And then when he got the heat, Guan Eng pretended that it is Dr M’s ‘Bersih, Cekap, Amanah’ instead. Sneaky bastard!

BN Penang had nailed Guan Eng on his sly deceit but the J-Star refrained from telling its readers this. (Side note: The EvangeliSTAR even makes it a point to deliberately select and publish positive stories that paint DAP in a good light in Penang.)

BELOW: Bersih is a DAP show – the latest press conference today by DAP Parliamentarians all wearing the yellow ‘4.0’ edition T-shirt (from left) YB Segambut, YB Bukit Bintang, YB Cheras, YB Gelang Patah, YB Seremban, YB Rasah

DAP Bersih

Nest of Evangelistas, pit of vipers

Now compare how The J-Star reported the same Guan Eng-Bersih story – screenshot at the bottom of this page.

The EvangeliSTAR Aug 25 article is so slanted in favour of Guan Eng and his DAP-led Penang government that it could well be a textbook guide on how to carry out classic Goebbels propaganda.


See how the Scissorati stab

(1) The J-Star reported that “Penang has relented on the Merdeka Day theme …”.


“Relent” hints at a conciliatory overture. What Penang did was not “relent”. It backpedaled after Guan Eng was decisively cornered.

(2) The J-Star reported Guan Eng as saying, “It is with a heavy heart that we are withdrawing the state theme.”

“Heavy heart”, konon. The paper is making as if Penang is the sad victim here of federal bullying.

(3) The J-Star quoted Guan Eng as further saying, “We hope there will be no more problem for federal agencies to take part in the state-level parade”.

Hullo, hullo! The one who created the “problem” in the first place is Penang when all the 13 other states have no issue with the ‘Sehati sejiwa’ national theme. It’s sickening to see how the Nest of Evangelistas is trying to warp public perception.

(4) The J-Star reported Guan Eng as revealing how “the state-level celebration had been using a different theme since 2010 without any pro­blem”.

What the paper should have done was ask him why Penang had to be so contrarian and divisive when the DAP is always proclaiming itself ‘Malaysian First’. How Malaysian First is it when Penang goes on its own path and different direction from the rest of the country?

(5) The J-Star quoted Guan Eng as adding, “We are very disappointed that this had to happen”.

The paper is helping Guan Eng to portray himself as being treated badly when he was really the troublemaker.

(6) The next bits of the J-Star‘s reporting is so gila babi I’m going to be sick.

The paper said (note the EvangeliSTAR‘s choice of words that I’ve highlighted in red italics):


“Yesterday, armed forces public relations division head Lt-Kol Bakhtiar Nor Md Alias said in a statement that it was glad over Penang’s latest announcement and would now take part in the parade for the spirit and joy of Merdeka.

“Penang Education director Datuk Osman Hussain, said he, too, was glad that the state had adopted the national slogan. […]

“Penang MCA chairman Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun praised Penang for upholding the spirit of Malaysia’s independence. ‘This is happy news. Every Malaysian should share the same theme, whether or not we support the political parties,’ she said.”


The level of spin contained above hands the Raja Gasing title to the MCA paper with no contest

MCA ship jumpers

MCA adalah musuh dalam selimut

The J-Star has made out the responses above like the public figures quoted (Bakhtiar Nor Md Alias, Osman Hussain, Chew Mei Fun) are all one big happy family with Guan Eng, and never mind the controversy and tension that Guan Eng had sparked and resulting in three threats of boycott – by the schools, army and police.

(7) We already know that Teng blew the whistle on Guan Eng’s sneakiness but the J-Star chose to bury Teng’s statement. Although he is the BN Penang chairman, the MCA-owned paper only gave him a one line write-up, as following:

“Penang Barisan Nasional chairman Teng Chang Yeow also welcomed the move but said the state should apologise for creating a divisive society.”


The Nest of Evangelistas are not only sneaky bastards, they’re the vilest of backstabbers.


Buat apa BN nak pikul biawak hidup ni?

I really can’t understand how Umno is willing to take this crap. Fence-sitting and middle ground Malays are already turning against Umno and yet the Parti Paling Tidak Apa still continues to permit the Nest of Evangelistas to cucuk-cucuk their jarum halus dan berbisa.

Chew on this, okay.

The J-Star credits BN Penang chairman Teng Chang Yeow as saying that Penang “should apologise for creating a divisive society”. It’s quite sick on top of sneaky how The J-Star has shifted the blame to Penang state when the mischief originates from Guan Eng.

The Bernama headline is ‘Lim harus mohon maaf kerana cetus perbalahan berhubung tema Hari Kebangsaan’.

Or if you compare with an English paper, even the Malay Mail headline said ‘Guan Eng should apologise for creating divisive society…’. Yet The J-Star tai chi to make it that Teng said “Penang” should apologize.


MCA dah jadi cacing naik ke mata

Penang BN chairman Teng Chang Yeow’s statement on the matter of Guan Eng’s ‘Bersih’ slogan had received substantive coverage from Bernama and even in the other English papers but not in the paper owned and controlled by the MCA!

The J-Star’s distorted coverage of Teng’s statement amounted to only 14 words – “welcomed the move but said the state (sic) should apologise for creating a divisive society” in a throwaway last paragraph. In contrast, the Malay Mail highlighted Teng’s statement in its headline.

Briefly, just so you know what Malay Penangites think about the controversy, Bernama reported Umno state liaison chairman Zainal Abidin Osman as saying, “keputusan awal kerajaan DAP Pulau Pinang untuk menggunakan tema ‘Bersih’ bagi sambutan Hari Kebangsaan peringkat negeri adalah berniat jahat dan berbaur politik murahan“.

Zainal Abidin also corroborated Teng’s expose, saying in his statement, “Perubahan kepada tema ‘Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah’ dibuat hanya setelah tema awal kerajaan negeri dikritik hebat oleh beberapa pihak”.

An honest reporting on the issue illustrates what a scumbag Guan Eng really is. But the J-Star‘s reporting has served to whitewash him. It portrayed nothing of Penang Chief Minister’s “niat jahat dan politik murahan”.

Very simply put, MCA must be held accountable for the J-Star‘s skulduggery. If the Umno top leadership is still refusing to do anything to rein in the sneaky Scissorati, then the Malay grassroots must wipe out MCA in the next election.

The game plan is easy peasy. PAS (or Isma) will contest in the Malay-majority seats against MCA. PAS or Isma will win. BN represented by duri dalam daging MCA will definitely lose.

PAS / Isma can later use these formerly MCA seats they’ve won as bargaining chips with Umno-BN.

PAS and Isma should take this course of action because it is clear that the MCA is colluding with the evangelistas. MCA has no honour for betraying the BN like this.

If MCA had any honour left, wajib berundur cara terhormat sekarang juga. Kelompok tak bermaruah bikin malu kaum Tionghua.


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15 thoughts on “MCA backstabbed BN again! … Attn: Rahman Dahlan & Salleh Keruak

  1. aiyaa…this one simple case ma….it’s like this, in MCA also got a lot of businessman, and they deal with USD everyday…u think with RM dropping like shit into a shithole, and they still gonna keep quiet ha?? only umno and MT umno is safe…the rest of the nation is screwed, sista…

  2. Helen…did you notice the gunting’s main news today about the Bersih girl? Of all the raging issues in the world and in the country, they deem it is vitally important to highlight the photo of the Bersih girl.

    1. Umno and BN will surely lose GE14 if they allow this kind of backstabbing by the enemy within to continue.

      1. Helen,

        And why Teng is appointed Penang BN Chairman. He even lost in the last election.

        The post should go to anyone of BN ADUNs. 10 out of 10 are from UMNO. So why on earth Gerakan to lead Penang BN.

        And for reason only UMNO can comprehend, it continues to tolerate MCA. MCA is another version of DAP.

        1. re: “The post should go to anyone of BN ADUNs. 10 out of 10 are from UMNO.”

          The BN Penang chair is immaterial because there’s little chance of wresting the state away from DAP. So Teng’s post is largely ceremonial.

            1. Tak OK juga SA, politik subsidi must be stopped. Kan MCA prefer meritocracy, so kena walk the talk MCA!

              Lagipun Cina Penang memang tak suka UMNO pun. Ever. So tak payah nak layan sangat.

              UMNO patut jadi BN chairman, ceremonial atau tidak. UMNO should face the CINA electorates berdepan. Bukan sembunyi celah ketiak Gerakan. Tunjuk muka UMNO yang depa benci sangat. Suka tak suka, depa kena deal ngan UMNO. For better or worse.

              Vision Tun M, Bangsa Malaysia what not, depa dah bungkus bila depa decided to vote DAP en bloc. Apa la

      2. RE: Umno and BN will surely lose GE14 if they allow this kind of backstabbing by the enemy within to continue.

        RPK says that PM will target 100-110 seats if he has to call snap elections. That sounds suspiciously like PM’s going to take back those pity seats he gave to MCA and the others.

        PM already “bersihkan” the Cabinet, PAC, MACC, AGC… maybe BN is next on his list. Oh well, hopers gotta hope, right?

  3. I don’t think this is the first time Guan Eng is playing divisive politics during Merdeka celebration by opting a different theme.

  4. ‘PAS / Isma can later use these formerly MCA seats they’ve won as bargaining chips with Umno-BN.’

    The Cina DAP not so smart, are they?

    ‘Malaysians were Bangsa Malaysia. There was no fear of liberalism, pluralism, communism or capitalism. In fact, religious and racial fundamentalism were taking a beating. (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad would take pot shots at the Islamic clerical class within or without Umno, pointing out their woeful ignorance of science and technology; it was not comrade, or alim but cosmopolitan Anwar Ibrahim that was Asia’s Renaissance man; as monarchs, clerics and fundamentalists of all sorts, beat a hasty retreat to their corners. – See more at:

    Thank you DAP for the hate politics. Dah berbuah dah sekarang ni. And DAP should be proud. OWN IT!

  5. ‘It is primarily the Malays, who are for now, the most loyal of subjects to the Royal Palace; based on our observation of the actions of non-Malay shop operators and factories, who during the recent Coronation, remained operating despite it being a public holiday and the Chinese dailies prefering news of the death of Lee Kuan Yew over our Sultan’s Coronation on their front pages, just to name a few.’

    Apa lagi Cina mahu?


    Hari ni cikit tapi turun lagi, lutut ketaq kepala pusing.. Mungkin ramai dah dok mengelupur, tambah pula Penang dengan jerebu..pasti sesak lagi nafas, oxygen payah naik ke otak, haiyooo.. real tragedy esp for those having to wait for another six long months. Wokay atau akan tinggal seluaq dalam????

    Depressed and stressful people are toxic so faham2 aje la.. whatever comes out from their mouth tak boleh pakai.. Tu pasai sikalang dah keluaq words like ‘MORON’. Just wait, more degrading words will be used to instigate the Malays and Bumiputras.

    Morons’ leaders have seen Blacky Monday approaching for months already thats why even Najib adopted the ‘BISU’ attitude. Tak perasan ke even TSri Zeti, walaupun semua mengelabah… dia cool aje.

    1. ….Chinese state media reported Wednesday that employees of Citic Securities Ltd. — one of China’s biggest securities firms — and one current and one former employee of its market regulator are under investigation on suspicion of illegal stock trading. Three other brokerages announced they are under investigation for possible violations of rules on confirming the identities of customers…….


      Pi mana pun cerita sama saja depa2 ni.. Ni klo kena tangkap dan proven guilty, sure kena hukum tembak sampai mati wan.

      Apek sini tak pasai2 jual mangosteen @RM1.10 each. Pasti nak recover losses kat sana, MORON2 Malaysia depa balik mai tibai kaw kaw.. Jenis macam ni pun patut kena tangkap dan macam China, kasi hukum bunuh buang. Parasites..

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