UPDATED: Perkasa members free to attend Bersih / also Marina Mahathir too

Marina will not be in KL for Bersih 4.0.

Helen Ang: Hahahahahahahahahaha to all the Bangsar twits … Salam 1hati, 1jiwa uolz

Updated: 7.47pm, 28 Aug 2015

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Speaking on Umno politics and the national leadership earlier last week, Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali said leaders must be seen to be living modestly, be clean (“bersih”) and not corrupt, possess a noble character and remember that nobody is above the law.

Utusan Perkasa Bersih

Perkasa, as everybody knows, belong firmly in Tun’s camp. Dr Mahathir’s daughter Marina has got herself a Bersih 4.0 T-shirt, “specially delivered!!”

ABOVE: Utusan‘s interview with Ibrahim Ali, ‘Tiada siapa atasi undang-undang

The following are the top headlines regarding ‘Perkasa’ and ‘Bersih’ aggregated by Google News in the last 24 hours:

 Ahli Perkasa mahu sertai Bersih 4, silakan (Malaysiakini)

Perkasa OK with members joining Bersih 4 (TMI)

Perkasa members can join Bersih 4, boss gives green light (Malaysiakini)

Perkasa neutral on Bersih rally (FMT)

Citing fear of violence, Perkasa says not for or against Bersih 4 (Malay Mail)

Perkasa members free to join Bersih 4 – Ibrahim Ali (Malaysia Chronicle)

Google top news Perkasa Bersih

Mirror, mirror on the wall
……. Who’s the cleanest of us all?

Claps, claps, claps

The DAP evangelistas like to portray themselves as “humble and clean” politicians. See Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below. Hannah’s political secretary had also helped train watchdogs “to ensure a clean election“.

Madame Speaker further insists that she is not like the First Lady, and that her hands are “still clean”.′

BELOW: DAP Yang Berhormats at Bersih 4.0 press conference

Bersih 4 DAP

Hannah Maria cropHannah Yeoh: Bersih is not a political party

Hannah Yeoh says that Bersih is “not a political party” but her gift to the next generation.

Despite what Hannah claims though, the DAP is still very much seen as Bersih 4.0, and Bersih 4.0 seen as DAP. The DAP social media is pushing very actively participation in the event.

Madame Speaker is photographed (above) with Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah.

You have 24 hours left to vote before this poll closes

BELOW: Former Subang Jaya Municipal Councilor now DAP Kinrara Adun Ng Sze Han – man in the middle – with his Bersih 4.0 supporters on the ground

Ng Sze Han

Message from DAP Mursyidul Am

Lim Kit Siang pitches Bersih 4.0 in his never changing, long-winded style:

“… if Malaysians, involving the government and citizenry, can successfully hold the biggest rally in the nation’s history to demonstrate the unity, resolve and commitment of Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, region, age, gender or politics to want to end the nation-building, political, economic and good governance crisis, it can be beginning of a virtuous circle to save Malaysia from sliding down the slippery slope towards a rogue and failed state.”

Love, peace and unity


DAP Firster “virtuous circle” following Kit Siang’s criteria

So that we do not become “a rogue and failed state”, we must all join Bersih 4.0 and remember to be …

Beyond race

LKS LGE Bersih 4

Beyond religion

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Beyond gender

DAP Bersih 4.0 pc

Beyond age


Beyond region

Impian Sarawak

Beyond politics

Hannah preaching Cheras

Hannah preaching at the Methodist church!

Hannah Yeoh preaching in church this morning

hannah Hubby & I both preaching

Hannah hubby preaching Seri Kembangan


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