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Pudin: “I bukan bodoh”

These poseurs are very self-conscious. They have to keep insisting that they’re not “bodoh” because they suspect that other people really think they ARE stoopid.

First @hannahyeoh complained that BN supporters called her “stupid idiot” and then she grumbled that the gomen thinks she’s stupid.

Saifuddin Abdullah sounds just like Hannah.


UPDATES on earlier stories

  ‘Perkasa members free to attend Bersih / also Marina Mahathir too‘ … now it seems that Perkasa wants Bersih to ensure security “in case of clash

•  Paling cikai pun turun 10% daripada 30,000 Red Shirts yang dicanangkan, berani?‘ … the Red Shirts have reiterated that they’re going to be “marching against Bersih 4.0“.

I can’t say I’m convinced that a group of people who crack roof tiles over their own head – pix below – are able to deliver the 30,000 shock troops they boast.

Better to enjoy listening to folk songs – Teresa Teng’s 阿里山的姑娘

Red Shirt break brick


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6 thoughts on “Pudin: “I bukan bodoh”

  1. Dear Helen
    I have been reading comments on freemalaysia today and now i am feeling real disappointed and sad thinking about what kind of raayat Malaysia has…

    1. Not sure what you mean.

      But I disagree with Bersih 4.0 and their supporters. I don’t believe them.

      If they really cared about respecting the electoral process, they’d not have condoned Langkah Kajang.

  2. Stupid is as stupid does

    Just keep your worthwhile promises

  3. Just leave this Pudin aside. He is a has-been. Got rejected by everyone and everywhere EXCEPT by Najib.

    Hero worshiped by “the other”side” as “the other side” seems lacking in personalities. Grabbing hold of and UMNO has been is their game. So much for wanting to rule Malaysia.

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