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Archbishop of KL Julian Leow seen in Bersih 4.0 T-shirt?

Photos and story from the Net via FMT.

Can anyone verify if this is the Archbishop Julian Leow?

The Church had earlier confirmed that it was opening its doors to Bersih 4.0 rally goers.

archbishop julian leow

archbishop julian leow sun

archbishop julian leow2

archbishop julian leow elect

Continues, ‘Why are Bersih T-shirts being sold in church today?

Below is the Archbishop on video


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37 thoughts on “Archbishop of KL Julian Leow seen in Bersih 4.0 T-shirt?

  1. He looks like me, but it’s not really me. Well, the church will never be involved in politics. The church is apolitical. Who said that? That’s the joke of the century. It clearly shows that these pastors etc etc including the Archbishop are great liars.

    My prayer for the sinful leaders of the church….
    “Oh God, please forgive these bastards, oh sorry pastors etc etc for lying in the name of the church and hope you will forgive your children for spreading hatred among human beings instead of teaching love. They have been using your name in sermons to hate certain group of people who had differing views in politics and yet they lied openly saying the church is neutral and the next moment they are found in demonstration to overthrow the leaders of the country in the name of democracy and justice. By aligning your place of worship to a political party, they had exposed your church to political attack and thereby prostituiting the sanctity of your church.

    Please if you have to burn them in hell, do so only to those leaders but not the followers. The followers are just plain stupid, my god really stupid. Thank God”.

    1. I dare say that God knows the hearts and minds of men (and women).

      No doubt He knows what is in your heart and mind.

      That must be wonderfully comforting, seeing as how are you are imbued with religious zeal and all.

      No doubt your “prayer” for the “sinful leaders of the church” will be heard by God if it is indeed addressed to Him.

      But as it is written, God works in mysterious ways, and His ways are not your ways…..

      Make of that what you will.

      1. ‘No doubt He knows what is in your heart and mind.’

        And yours too, don’t ever forget that.

        ‘His ways are not your ways…’

        Definitely not yours either!

  2. ….Rough Estimate (KL only): 61K – 73K people…quote @politweetorg

    Haiya kasi malu sama Justin Bieber la lu olang semua. Lia budak kecik I lagu pun pon bole dapat 1juta pengikut!

    Isi stadium Bukit Jalil pun masih ada banyak lagi tempat kosong!

    1. Sementara Maria Chin Abdullah, seorang Muslim bermegah2 menganjur BERSHIT4 di Kuala Lumpur dibulan yang mulia ini.

      Ayuh kita lihat bagaimana kaum seBangsa seAgama dengan dia membuat persiapan untuk keTanah Suci Mecca.

      BTW kat negara China terdapat lebih 20juta Chinese Muslims;

      Ayuh, tenang lagi kita lihat video ini berbanding video BERSHIT4;

  3. I already earlier estimated that Bersih 4.0 was only between 30k and a max of 50k based on videos and pics from my frens who were there…. and i was bamboozled by trolls who told me i was wrong and that there was 200-300k ppl there and that i was lying….. and lo and behold PDRM also put the estimate at 30k too…… talk about delusional highs….. hahaha

    1. They have the international media to do the spin for them. The BBC is one of them

      One can imagine hoteliers doing brisk business. After all these people traveled from across the country to converge in KL, they do need places to spend the night. They might as well make a killing by charging higher fees. The people selling drinks, beverages, food, they too can expect brisk business. The corner shops selling stuff like umbrellas too stand to benefit considering the fact that humidity is very high. Sorry for the sarcasm. I hope these people in Yellow Shit, oops sorry Yellow Shirts realize their folly and turn back before they make fools of themselves.

    1. It sure looks like a spitting image of the archbishop.

      Yes, I have a problem with Julian Leow wearing a Bersih 4.0 T-shirt and attending the rally. He had declared just a short while ago the the Church is “apolitical”.

      1. A la penipu, like most of them! It was him. Memang pun sekilas ikan di air jelas sangat muka dia terlibat Bersih. Dia patut bertanding. Political Christianity at its best!

        ‘Many Bersih 4 participants, including Buddhists and even Muslims, had no hesitation in taking up the Catholic church’s offer of rest and refuge, with some 200 spending the night at the St John’s Cathedral, in Jalan Bukit Nanas. – See more at:

        Ada bagi Holy Water tak semalam??

        “guided by the light to the church”

        Creeping Christianisation in Malaysia???

  4. If they still want to deny their involvement then they should take a good look at this video

    Their hypocrisy borders on the……….

  5. The right question should be if any of the Bersih 4 demands at odds with the Christian faith?

    If there is no contradiction then it does not matter if the person is Julian Leow or not.

    Judging by your subscribed logic religious leaders being apolitical, does that mean pastors, monks and the hadis should not cast their votes at the ballot box?

    1. re: “does that mean pastors, monks and the hadis should not cast their votes at the ballot box?”

      Typical tegakkan benang basah from an evangelista.

  6. Edit to add:

    The church being apolitical meant their followers are free to vote any party they like and not sanction certain parties over others.

    1. No. The church being apolitical means it does not support any political party and must not be seen to do so. The pastor, priest or follower may vote accordingly but must not involve the church. So the church announcing it is apoliticalness while supporting bersih is just the church showing what a snake it is.

        1. Islam1st

          Kan the Catholic churches memang hold their mass on Saturday night and Sunday morning?

          So what’s this brouha about denying the agama negara?

          Bruder, jangan drama sangat lah.

          1. Brader, Church yang kaki drama. Kalau depa kata depa nak separation of state dengan religion. Apasal depa tak walk the talk??? Sebab depa memang anti-Islam. Depa tak suka the fact that Islam is Agama Negara. Thus depa kata depa nak Perlembagaan (kononnya, sekular) dijunjung tinggi. Tapi whenever they can, depa yang the first akan praktik political Christianity!

            So siapa yang drama again, HH? Jelas as daylight la brader!

            1. Islam1st

              If it is really that clear then you would not resort to the anti-Islam rhetorics.

              Assuming separation of faith and states are the core struggle, then Islam was never deliberately singled out as an adversary to secularism. (in the Malaysian context) Any other faith employed by the states would have encountered the same resistance by the secularists.

      1. AE

        Quote: “So the church announcing it is apoliticalness while supporting bersih is just the church showing what a snake it is.”

        The church is considered reneging on their promise only if Bersih and their demands are political.

        Is Bersih a political entity?

        Tun M don’t think so either,

        Btw, what’s up wirh your cognitive biases in your conclusion demands for clean and accountable governance meant anti-Umno?

        Perhaps the subconscious acknowledges certain unpleasantries but heck, prejudice gets in the way.

        1. Bersih is a political entity. Period. Their demands is of political nature. NGOs represented by Bersih is political.

          Speakers can talk all they want about being there on a nonpartisan basis until they are blue in the face but they do represent political interests.

          Tun M is a political being. LKS, LGE, Rafizi and numerous other opposition member is there to further their political cause. Nothing about BERSIH4 is apolitical.

          Hence the church is a snake for announcing that it is apolitical while supporting a political rally.

          I am of the opinion that the church u turn is to preserve the safety of their adherent and future relation with the goverment, but the chance to stick one up to the malays and muslims is too much to pass. Dress it up anyway you want but a snake is a snake is a snake.

          Malays as a whole do not condone political rally, we feel that there is better way to achieve our political aspiration. Those you see among you are exception to the rule. Dalam setandan pisang takkan takde yang busuk. These were your attendees.

          Dont assume too much about my political bias, snake. The only thing i had prejudge is the treasonous slant of every words you utter here and DAP is the enemy of malays and muslims.

          1. AE

            Quote…”I am of the opinion that the church u turn is to preserve the safety of their adherent and future relation with the government…..”

            So you opined the church is duplicious to ensure the safety of its adherents and to a certain extent, its own survival?

            Interesting observation.

            All more telling in view of the fact freedom of worship and religious associations are pretty much guaranteed in the Constitution. Safety of believers ought to be not a concern for the masses in the scope of accountable governance, but interesting to note your subconscious indeed radiates much truth. (which you are quick to deny.)

            So you do opined those in the seat of power have no qualms squashing constitutional rights when the end justifies the means?

            1. If my subconsious radiates much truth to you, my fart would tell you so much more. And i dont have any opinion of those in the seat of power, but i hope they would if that will shut you up. Sneaky question deserves sneaky answer.

              1. AE

                Succumbing to utilizing the infamous sneaky word? Hahaha

                Not surprised.

                Go ahead, throw tantrum and invoke May 13.

                1. By the power of greyskull, i invoke may 13.
                  Hope you are happy. Just sharing some happiness around since i just farted. You should be high on truth right about now.

      1. The RBA, they have to come out in force today considering that the turnout is way below what their expectations so cyberspace is their salvation. You can expect them to come charging at you later in the day. The rally is a total failure.

        1. Malu malu sama Justin Beiber dan Rebacca Black…

          Satu Malaysia dan satu dunia bikin Bershit4 tapi 1juta out of 30juta pun tarak boleh capai??

          Haiyaaaa Amma Appa

          Esok tarak renti pukul gendang kosong! Ini Bershit4 terang2 Apek DAP.

  7. Most inappropriate for Archbishop Julian Leow to subscribe to Bersih’s demands in calling for PM Najib’s resignation. This is no longer an apolitical position. Clear politicisation in the church – quite shameful.

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