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Hannah’s happy day? Ulam dicita pucuk mendatang

The Bersih 4.0 crowd is not “multiracial” crowd as Madame Speaker had crowed but a VVIP just turned up who is making the DAP’s heart turn cartwheels.


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22 thoughts on “Hannah’s happy day? Ulam dicita pucuk mendatang

  1. Sungguh tidak disangka seorang yang dulu pernah diludah oleh pendemo-pendemo Bersih 1.0 kini datang memberi sokongan moral kepada Bersih 4. Beliau sanggup menjilat ludah-ludah mereka kerana benci Najib yg tidak mahu letak jawatan. Adakah negara ini milik dia seorang atau UMNO itu haknya.

    1. Negara ini pun milik tuan seorang. Dan UMNO juga bukan hak tuan seorang.

      Tun M cakap dia tak sokong Bersih. Tapi sokong rakyat. Tengok video kat Din Turtle.

    2. MP, I read your blog posting (I assume it’s yours since it goes by your name) on Bersih 4. To sum up you said Bersih or for that matter any demonstration drummed up by oppo or oppo-affiliated opposition has the same trait: get together, march, shout slogans then disperse, without any concrete outcome.

      And I want to say I find your observations to be correct. And the reason that these rallies failed to achieve anything is because their objectives are too vague, too generalized. The participants who came with the banner “tangkap Najib” has a better objective than Bersih.

      I’ve been to a St Patrick’s Day Parade in the US and from the pics of the rally, the only difference between the two is that Bersih does not have free flowing beer. I’ve also been to a rally to support vietnam vets and I remember helping out with giving fliers on their plight and getting signatures to petition for changes. Don’t see that at Bersih.

      So tomorrow on Mereka Day I can bet the JStar and the Chinese press will be extolling the “success” of Bersih. I’m sure it’ll be a favourite topic for quite a while. But to the rest of us, far away from that circus, life goes on as usual and at the end of the day we’ll still be choosing between Pas or Umno.

      1. Re So tomorrow on Mereka Day I can bet the JStar and the Chinese press will be extolling the “success” of Bersih.

        You can also bet that Sin Chew will be leading from the front. After all it is the best selling Chinese paper in Malaysia. It used to be that Sin Chew was a paper with credible opinions but now it too has caught the Bersih and Ubah bugs or whatever bugs associated with the ABU franchise.

        Re But to the rest of us, far away from that circus, life goes on as usual and at the end of the day we’ll still be choosing between Pas or Umno.

        This is not how the Chinese see it. They see this as a war between the moderates and extremists depending on how you interpret the 2 said words. Here is how I would interpret them according to the Chinese mind. Moderates = those who think the same way they think and see the world. Extremists = those who refuse to buy their snake oil, people like Helen and me. Ahem ahem l o l !

        Happy Merdeka !

            1. Sorry, my kampung is Umno central. Utusan is more colourful and got nice pics of artis.

              1. Mencelah sikit. Has Berita Harian improved its artiste coverage? BH lacks oomph on lazy Sundays when readers want to see colour.

                Utusan is more gossipy but I used to read the Astora Jabat and Dr Amran Kasimin columns.

    1. Hahahaha, memang dunia terbalik!

      Kan Dr M dulu tiang kerajaan. Sekarang bergesel bahu dengan peserta di demo haram pula.

      1. Hahaha… kecuh dalam wsp grup kami tadi ada yg pro dan kontra. Apa pun terima kasih kerana dapat berkongsi idea dari blog Sis dan saya quote waktu post ke fb

  2. That old ****** must worth at least 50,000 Melayu hor…?

    So all the UMNO ****** see already all bang ball liao. What poetic justice. Even though I think the old fox was being mischievous.


    1. Jel,

      Tun no doubt lends credence to otherwise dissapointing BERSIH 4.

      No doubt Tun’s presence upsets UMNO, the Malays. Tun no doubt is highly regarded in Malay community.

      But Tun may not want to remember that the very people who organised BERSIH are the the people who have nothing good to say about him. By “visiting” BERSIH, Tun actually is gambling his reputation among Malays, UMNO.

      Tun like all politicians must remember that goodwill can be achieved and lost in split second. Tun has joined the movement that craves for UMNO’s demise.

      By all mean go after Najib. But stop the war against UMNO.

      1. Interesting that this Jel makes the same remark about banging balls as Llllo in another posting today. Just use the same pseudonym la.

        There’s an old adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. It’s said to be of Arabic origin and commonly adopted by people in politics. You find it to be poetic justice that Tun dropped by the rally and yet I can bet that you find it ingenious of LKS when he wanted to work with Tun to topple Najib all in the name of “love for the nation.”

        That enemy of my enemy is my friend proverb was pretty useful for Dap when they teamed up with Pas even knowing that their ideologies are not compatible.

        So my advice Jel, read more, know your history and learn to ask questions and maybe you’ll sound like you can think independently and not just regurgitate what you have heard.

    2. ‘That old ****** must worth at least 50,000 Melayu hor…?’

      No lah. One Cina actually worth 50,000 Melayu. So like 80,000 Cina at Bersih 4, you do the math. Be proud.

      1. Jel what Orang kampong say is filter out bad mind and come to the how our late father of independent YTM TAR works and freed this country from the colonial and the one great achievement by walking through it was by holding talk the Baling Talk with CPM that’s history.

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I have never thought that a leader like Tun Dr. Mahathir can humiliate himself just because of his hatred for Najib. What will he get from joining an illegal opposition’s demonstration?

    He hurts a lot of Malays by his action. He tarnished his own dignity and integrity as a Muslim leader because we know who is behind Bersih. Now his credibility is gone. I pity those people who support him because now he seems not to mind to put himself down to the level of people who join Bersih like Hannah Yeoh.

    My question is, if he is in Najib’s shoes, what action will he take when a former PM who is openly trying to put him down join an opposition parties’ illegal demonstration?

    1. re: “people who join Bersih like Hannah Yeoh”

      Rasa-rasanya Puan Speaker pun tidak menghadiri perhimpunan tadi.

      Memang ada risiko kena tangkap polis. Kalau bersabit jenayah nanti, akan hilang jawatan pula. Tak berbaloi untuk menyertai satu kegiatan yang sudah diharamkan – ini sudut pandangan dari kacamata seseorang wakil DAP lah.

  4. People are making a lot of assumptions with Dr. M’s presence. He is too seasoned a politician to fall into what the majority would likely think.

    This could be one stroke of genius by the ever creative Fifth PM of Malaysia. Do not underestimate him.. “Know your enemies” as in Sun Tze, “the Art of War”

    By just (being) passing through there, he has “frozen” both sides of the political divide. Time will tell of course.

  5. What took the old man this long to show himself ? Truth be told, his presence is no surprise to me. The man is evident of Razak’s folly in allowing him to rejoin Umno. And now Razak’s son Najib is paying the price of the father’s mistake.

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