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Marina Mahathir: “Love ya, Dad!! #BERSIH4”

How schweeet. Someone gave Ambiga flowers.

Ambiga flowers

Dapster family – The brave & the fearless

Papa Dapster Guan Eng quoted by FMT as saying, “I believe when the country’s leaders see us gathering here today, they will not be able to sleep.”

Former Johor DAP deputy chairman Norman Fernandez texted: “Notice the ‘brave leaders’ without the words Bersih 4 on their T-shirts so that they and they alone don’t fall foul of the law”.

The Penang Chief Minister and his dad were not wearing the Bersih T-shirt. They wore yellow T-shirts but without the ‘Bersih’ word however which has been prohibited by the Home Ministry.

Kit Siang Bersih 4

The reticence of the Lims is understandable.

If it’s really against the law to wear Bersih 4 apparel as widely reported, then Grandpapa and Papa Dapster could both be arrested and charged. And if found guilty of contravening the law (Home Ministry gazette) and punished by the court with a fine or jail sentence, they stand to be disqualified from their state and Parliament seats.

It also seems like Mama Dapster was no show at the rally today.

We can’t blame her. Hannah Yeoh really lurrves her Madame Speaker position. Hannah’s reason for her apparent MIA could be similar to Guan Eng and Kit Siang not wearing the Bersih 4.0 T-shirt, I guess. Silap haribulan, dia pun mungkin ditangkap dan boleh didakwa melanggar undang-undang kerana menyertai perhimpunan haram.

Discretion is the better part  of valour.

But no worries. The Dapster family got their hundred of thousands of fanatical followers to do the dirty (or in this case, kononnya the ‘clean’) for the beloved DAP icons.


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17 thoughts on “Marina Mahathir: “Love ya, Dad!! #BERSIH4”

  1. When you are about to checkmate, you give away the castle for no reason? Come on.

    You are just being a cunt.

  2. I have said before. Dirty leaders will escape the law, only the stupid followers are made to face the full enforcement of the law. The dirty leaders will then send in their equally dirty lawyers to represent them in the name of justice and sympathy. That’s what these Papa & Tokong DAPigs are good for.

    Same modus operandi again and again and yet those stupid people just can’t see the shit in front of their eyes. Must have been badly brainwashed.

    1. “Dirty leaders will escape the law”

      Yes,we all know Najib is dirty and possibly a ********. Says a lot about the political landscape that this sort of a ***** can remain in power.

      1. I’ve asterisked your unsubstantiated accusations against the PM.

        You’re a typical evangelista – simply accuse without proof.

        1. Lets see the Bugis warrior got rid of the AG, sent his gestapo to Macc to intimidate their officers, harasses bank negara officials, looking for the person responsible for leaking a document that they claim did not exist in the first place. Their propaganda man let the cat out of the bag when he confirmed that the PM had to take people out to save his own skin.
          He places a pliant AG who promptly dismantles all investigations into Wan AM DEE Bee and of course the same pliant AG has the final say in charging anyone .
          And yet you remain blind to all this.
          Yes Dirty leaders Will Escape The Law…

          1. re: “Yes Dirty leaders Will Escape The Law…”

            I see. BN voters choose “Dirty leaders”. And DAP voters choose god-fearing leaders who are clean and pure.

            So whatcha gonna do? Bersihkan Malaysia dan sweep us into the dustpan with your broom?

            1. You have not said a word of the things that I wrote. Deep down i you you know it’s the truth but are afraid to admit it. I don’t have to sweep anyone anywhere but my aim is to ask people to open their eyes and to see whats happening to this country.
              All I am asking for is good governance. Is that too much to ask for??
              Ask yourself ,is the series of action by the Bugis warrior one of good governance?? Be truthful to yourself. Do at least that.

              1. re: “You have not said a word of the things that I wrote.”

                Pointless. Just a little earlier, one Soya Bean Army commenter accused Najib of being a crook and a criminal. I asked for the court judgment to prove it. When I ask for proof, I’m accused of being in the PM’s pay.

                If I were to similarly ask you to prove all the things that you wrote, I’d receive the same kind of rejoinder.

                You people don’t have to bother to prove anything. That’s why the first knee-jerk resort when you all argue with pro-BN folks is to accuse that the blogger/writer is paid. Guan Eng’s BFF the famous Kee Thuan Chye even accused his old schoolmate of being “an Umno cybertrooper”. See,

                Imagine! The victim of the libel, Mr Cheah Sin Chong, is an alumnus of the Penang Free School and more than 60 years old. Imagine, just because he does not favour DAP, he’s called “an Umno cybertrooper” by Mr Kee.

                re: “Deep down i you you know it’s the truth but are afraid to admit it.”

                You wrote, “Let’s see the Bugis warrior got rid of the AG”.

                Well, why not?

                This is the AG that allowed the TMI editors – thus far – to get away unscathed even after the Council of Rulers lodged a police report against their seditious, fitnah article. Alvin Tan got away to the USA. I’ve been wondering where Haris Ibrahim got away to – because he’s got a sedition charge hanging over his head since 2013, but NFA and no court appearance.

                For years, one of the regular commenters in this blog, Shamshul Anuar, had urged that the AG be replaced. And this was way before Tun went to town with 1MDB.

                re: “I don’t have to sweep anyone anywhere but my aim is to ask people to open their eyes and to see whats happening to this country.”

                The Malays have seen on Aug 29 & 30. The DAP evangelistas want to grab power.

                re: “All I am asking for is good governance. Is that too much to ask for??”

                It is delusional to ask the DAP evangelistas to provide good governance.

                re: “Ask yourself, is the series of action by the Bugis warrior one of good governance??’

                I’ve a lot of complaints about the PM myself. For too long, he was clueless (my opinion). I hope he has wisened up.

                re: “Be truthful to yourself. Do at least that.”

                I am truthful. And I’m truthful to my readers. It is the Dapsters and the evangelistas who lie.

      2. Hmm…

        Since you’re applying for your NZ PR, or was it Aussie PR, why do you still stick your nose in Malaysia’s affairs ? Oh wait, you’re bluffing right ? You must have known that your PR application could end up the same way as the SJ lady’s Aussie PR application so you decided to adopt her ‘don’t change your country, change the government’ ? Frankly I don’t expect you to show any proof to back up your allegations since to you proof is pure made up fantasy.

        1. X payah la percaya sgt. People with skill or quality to get Australia or New Zealand pr do not have time to troll blogs at 3 pm. Either full time RBA or christian evangelist curi tulang masa kerja…..

        2. Why should I show you any proof? Who are you anyway apart from being a glorified keyboard warrior? Using your pathetic argument, please don’t ever comment on any foreign politics ever again. Stick to Malaysian politics where race trumps every other important fiscal/economic issue.

          1. ‘Why should I show you any proof?’

            Tu la kitaorang cakap, tak payah tunjuk la kalau memang takdak.

            ‘Who are you anyway apart from being a glorified keyboard warrior?’

            Kata dulang paku serpih nampak?!

            ‘pathetic argument’

            Of all the people here, when it comes to that, I’d say, hat’s off to you!

          2. Excuse me. Well i guess it struck a nerve there. so what are
            We all ARE actually discussing MALAYSIAN ISSUES here, not oz, not kiwi and not cinapule politic. Please stick to it. Don’t divert since we do not care about the political happenings in those places. We do not need to know because we love living in malaysia, not like some people always dreaming of making it big in some white people country, believing they will be accepted as caucasian. Dream on banana.

            1. AE, reading and comprehension is obviously not your strong suit. Read the thread again.

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