Woooohoooo! 90 percent, again

  • Bersih 1.0  =  Melayu 80%  –  Cina 20%
  • Bersih 2.0  =  Melayu 60%  –  Cina 40%
  • Bersih 3.0  =  Melayu 50%  –  Cina 50%
  • Bersih 4.0  =  Melayu 10%  –  Cina 90%

Sumber:Racial imbalance in Bersih 4, Chinese dominate‘ (Malaysiakini, 29 Aug 2015)

Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise
Playin’ in the street gonna be a big man some day
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Big disgrace
Kickin’ your cat all over the place
Yeah sing out

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you


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43 thoughts on “Woooohoooo! 90 percent, again

  1. Malays happyly shopping and enjoy the holidays la… Went to paradigm tadi 80% Malays 20% Chinese shopping. My siblings and in-laws family pergi PD, JB, Cherating etc…

      1. Chinese are patriotic? Patriotic my foot…. The Chinese never being patriotic even to their own original state. They only patriotic to their income… their money…. Remember Chinese proverbs does say that ….. money is God no 2.

      2. Not taking part in bershit is being patriotic. We respect the law of the country by being law-abiding citizens. What is more patriotic than being law abiding citizens. If we think we are disadvantaged, we find the solution to our problems in harmonious and civilized manner.

        If we are unsuccessful, there is always ALLAH to pray to. Unless you do not believe in Allah and you are munafiquns. Who are we to judge others, only Allah knows best. Why do you have to resort to such unruly method imported from outside to voice up. That shows how ineffective your skills are at using decent and democratic means to achieve whatever you think you deserve.

        Whatever the bershit is doing is not condoned by the majority of the citizens. They only make about a few hundreds of people as compared to the millions who are against such conduct. How can they call themselves bersih with such unpatriotic means? Demonstrations are not a part of the Malay culture which form the basis of the Malaysian set up.

        Most Malays may not be very expressive with their methods. Most prefer to keep quiet even when they are intimidated such as invoked by bersih. But, contrary to what Tun my say, their memory goes a long way later. Tun may not be aware of this since he may not be a pure Malay, or his Malay dna is not sufficient enough to feel the bleed of a true Malay Muslim.

        The more they are provoked the more they hate the provocateur. They are waiting for the time to strike back. The ballot box is one sure way. WE WILL VOTE BN, not because the are clean(no government is clean, except the KHALIFATUL-AR-RASYIDIN) but because the bershit proponents are DIRTIER and dirtiest of the whole lot.

        Until and when we find a team similar to our Khalifatul-ar-sasyidin we will keep voting BN, since it is the safest ‘bet’ to uphold Islam in this country, no matter what the sceptics and the enemy of Islam say about this component. No matter what the munafiquns through bershit do, they are just lies to confuse the Muslims.

  2. A local radio station in Melbourne (Victoria) today had a short news item in which it said “Chinese anti Malay demonstrators fighting to displace what they call a corrupt government in Malaysia took to the streets of KL today. In what was a largely symbolic protest the Chinese chanted “anti Malay” slogans and met with little resistance from a mainly Malay police force who stood in the sidelines.”

    I am trying to get a recording of the log from a Melbourne journalist who also works in the media in Melbourne.

    Otherwise it has been largely unreported. In Houston Texas a group of Malaysian students I am told were stopped by the Highway patrol and their bus searched. Am told it was a very small number of about 15 people.

    In Brisbane the bus of 24 went on a picnic tour to the various theme parks. No one paid attention thinking they were a Chinese prayer group.

    1. ‘Chinese chanted “anti Malay” slogans and met with little resistance from a mainly Malay police force’

      Surely the Whites in Australia will hate the Cina more this time. Pandai radio sana fanning anti Cina sentiment in that White Australia.

      ‘thinking they were a Chinese prayer group.’


  3. My earlier question still stands? Is this Bersih representative of Malaysia since 90% of the participants are Chinese?

    Tun at the rally is a personal disappointment for me. I can tell he really wants Najib to go, but Bersih is not the way to bring down Najib.

    Umno (Najib) should watch the Bersih videos with his eyes wide open and preferably watch them with his useless advisers. Maybe now Najib can finally see what the Cina Dapsters really think of him and the Umno government. Najib better start some transformation programs that will raise the economies of the Bumiputeras, forget the Cina.

    Re-look at his administration’s meritocracy based programs. Get real and take care of Umno voters.

    1. re: “Umno (Najib) should watch the Bersih videos with his eyes wide open and preferably watch them with his useless advisers.”

      They might even recognize some MCA faces.

    2. ‘Najib better start some transformation programs that will raise the economies of the Bumiputeras’

      apa susah2, declare saja dividen & bonus asb tahun ni 18% & nilai seunit tahun depan jadi rm4.50. tapi pnb ada fulus ka? nilai rm1 pada 1990 sama ka dgn sekarang? asb bukan institusi perbankan & pelaburan dlm asb bukan fixed deposit atau savings. bila kata melayu kelentong melayu, naik angin gila2.

  4. Even though I do not like DS Najib’s administration and I believe that lots of Malaysians feel the same way, but this word BERSIH is really crappy to me. This is because how many of us, Malaysian citizens, are really clean to the core to begin with? It’s really hypocrisy at its max.

    You see, it is really hilarious to see people who have no qualms cheating in exams, businesses, telling lies, breaking promises, etc. talking about transparency, accountability, fairness and the like. Everyone expects a clean, corrupt-free government. Of course, I would go for that too, but really, this thinking is very idealistic. I don’t think there is any government in the world that is free from corruption. Money and power are the roots of evil. Is DAP entirely BERSIH? Hah! I am rolling on the floor laughing.

    Still, I feel that we have to clean ourselves first in order to make the change for a better Malaysia. And that includes our hearts, intentions and personal actions.

  5. The ultra Melayu must be banging balls when their hero of bangsa, agama, and whatever fuck for 22 fucking years, Father of Modern Malaysia no less, went down to Dataran Merdeka and lick the balls of DAP supporters.

    90% cina in Bersih 4, one fucking Mahathir is worth 100,000 stupid Melayu la. So, quite balance leh…

    Gee, how are we going to spin this so that we don’t look like a bunch of fucking asshole tomorrow?

        1. Note that the ‘Julian Leow’ comment above is from a Sekolah Demokrasi DAP alumnus and not from the Archbishop.

          Why don’t you use your own name, RBA?

          1. Helen you’re wrong. He’s not from Sekolah Demokrasi. He’s from Universiti Demokrasi. Look at his venomous shills. Only those from Universiti Demokrasi are capable of such high class shit.

    1. ‘Father of Modern Malaysia no less, went down to Dataran Merdeka and lick the balls of DAP supporters.’

      Its the other way around la sohai. Lu tak tengok video meh? Buta? Pekak?

      1. No la. You are wrong. They lick each other. I just love to watch. Like that also you dunch know. Haiya. [deleted]

  6. 20,000 / 30,000,000 = 0.00066667%

    30,000 / 30,000,000 = 0.001%

    50,000 / 30,000,000 = 0.00166667%

    100,000 / 30,000,000 = 0.00333333%

    Haiyaaa Ama Apa

    Represent this tiny percentage of our population saja ke? Haiyaaa, AmaApa

    …….“Many Malaysians today are outraged with what is happening in Malaysia
    – the rampant corruption and abuse of power,” ….. Gooi Hsiao Leung, an MP from Alorsetar told the Guardian in central Kuala Lumpur.

    Careful Guardians don’t be too easily hoodwinked by them. Not even sure if all of them are even Malaysians? Hehehe

  7. Haiya,

    Karut le kamu semua ni. Maria Chin, Ambiga, LKS, LEG, Mat Sabu and even with TDM there… Berapa olang mali sana Bershit4?


    Kasi malu sama Rabecca Black [YouTube] aje. Budak pompuan kecik dia nyanyi lagu bodoh2 pun dapat 1.3 pengikut!

    Haiyaaa, AmaApa.. Apaladey??

    Lain kali panggil lia saja datang kasi golek2 nyanyi, mungkin lagi lamai olang keluaq join Bershit!

  8. There are no Malay, Chinese or Indians but all Malaysian but the language of communication is Chinese.


    1. Meor,

      I can’t answer for my readers so we’ll put them aside. But what’s your problem with me or with this particular post?

      I’m willing to tell you my problem with Bersih 4.0. If those sneaky bastards really cared about the electoral process, then they’d have objected to the Kajang move which was a frivolous and indefensible abuse of it.

      Did Bersih say anything about the young and healthy Adun making way for Anwar/Azizah (January 2014) for no valid reason that’s acceptable to the electorate who gave the PKR rep their mandate only some 8-plus months earlier (5 May 2013).

      They screamed 40,000 Bangladeshi phantom voters and had big ‘Blackout’ rallies (attended by the hundreds of thousands) accusing BN of stealing GE13 from Pakatan, and wanting to topple the BN. But when the Pakatan losing candidates filed their election petitions, none of the suits brought before the court even made any mention of phantom voter or blackout.

      They demanded that Jelapang Adun give up her seat when she resigned from DAP and started the domino effect that caused the fall of the Perak Pakatan government in 2009.

      (Above is the Bersih chairman photographed with the PAS defectors.)

      But Bersih is perfectly fine with the mainly Selangor renegade Aduns taking their seats – won on a PAS ticket – along with them to the DAP-backed New Hope wannabe party. What kind of double standards is this? One standard against YB Jelapang but a different soft standard for the PAS defectors to the DAP proxy.

      And they claim that they want to clean up Malaysia and usher in fairness and freedom? My pert arse!

      Bersih 4.0 is nothing about elections. It’s an attempted coup to oust Najib. The words in the placard below say: “Najib step down. You’re a disgrace. You’re the cause of our currency plunge (loose translation).” What has their gripe against the PM got to do with the “Free & Fair” election that’s Bersih’s brief?

      What has the Bersih attempt to subvert our justice system by demanding the release of Anwar got to do with free and fair elections? It’s a bullshit rally.


  10. Hi Helan,
    You have done a service to all Malaysian.You educate Malaysian at home and abroad.I thank you.
    I went to Bersih rally(credit to Bersih organizations) to provide a spiritual backing for a legal and lawful procedure, if so acted by members of Parliaments( does,t matter what denomination- hmm), a vote of non confidence.Or najid can ask for a vote of confidence.?
    I am a minority in NYC.I attended any way.In fact when i arrived ,a guy was shouldering a DAP flag.Dang….i could have brought with me my Umno flag.When the crowd get thicker….the flag disappear.
    I was at the rally for accountability. I was there because Najib is not trustworthy…not for Umno,not for Country.
    Last time i read the timeline ,
    7pm: PAS vice-president Idris Ahmad is spotted in an official yellow Perak PAS T-shirt near Dataran Merdeka. He is accompanied by some friends and declines to comment when approached by the media. – See more at:
    Zaid,DrM.LKS,Ustad Awang was there.I am not a fan of Anwar and family.I went with the intention of removing Najib,while an investigation on him is underway.Investigating the Boss.
    Pls don’t quit writing and educating us.I Want a country that is whole.

    Give a shout out if you in NYC.

    1. re: “I want a country that is whole.”

      No country in the world can tolerate the kind of behaviour that’s being displayed by the Chinese minority in Malaysia.

      With fewer Chinese and lesser provocation, there have been anti-Chinese riots in Hanoi, Vietnam and anti-Chinese disturbances in Myanmar last year. We still remember the Jakarta experience.

      In Manila, Philippines, rich Chinese are the target of kidnappings and other violence and hostility.

      Historically, Burma has expelled its Chinese minority (along with the Indian). Thailand had cracked down.

      The Vietnamese boat people were Chinese.

      Brunei refused to grant a sizeable number of its Chinese residents full citizenship.

      China and Singapore will not tolerate its Chinese citizens to behave in such a belligerent manner the way that the “biar lah” Malaysian government led by the Parti Paling Tidak Apa has done.

  11. at the same time the Chinese has bring sensibility to Draconian Law like Hudud.You can look at it as plus for Malay or plus for Chinese.?The races provides check and balance.
    Malaysia memang bertuah.
    I have met Chinese Malaysian who worked in USA who refused a stay in USA.She is not from a rich family back home in Malaysia.Malaysia is home for her.I salute that.

    1. re: “The races provides check and balance.”

      I agree. That was the MCA-Umno relationship of the past.

      But today MCA is effectively a shell party and the BN formula has expired. In the peninsula, BN is Umno and Umno is BN.

      And our politics is currently highly adversarial, DAP vs Umno, the No.2 and No.1 parties respectively in Parliament. The Utusan front page story yesterday is in essence about this.

      Furthermore, there is no more check-and-balance within the Chinese community itself, what with 90 percent of the support going to the DAP. This 90:10 ratio has radicalized the Chinese beyond remedy.

      re: “the Chinese has bring sensibility to Draconian Law like Hudud”

      That was when Umno and MCA had the nudge-and-wink game going.

      Umno cannot directly express its opposition to hudud and so MCA provides Umno the convenient cover line. Umno politicians can fudge that although they support hudud in theory but because we’re a multiracial country, hudud cannot be implemented be’cos the conditions are not ripe.

      Umno could also pull the consensus card, saying that Malaysian is governed by the BN coalition and something like hudud would require the agreement of the other BN parties.

      But then the Chinese tore up the social contract through their May 5 (2013) tsunami and MCA is no longer seen as speaking for the Chinese.

      Going into GE14, Umno needs PAS cooperation while MCA is unable to deliver because the 90 percent Chinese vote is going to remain beyond recovery.

      MCA is against hudud but MCA is of no use to the BN and is in fact a liability.

      PAS wants hudud and under the present circumstance of Najib coming under so much pressure, PAS can extract its pound of flesh in exchange for helping Umno keep the DAP out of Putrajaya.

      Then there’s the factor of the church that claims it is “apolitical” but is not.

      Umno does not traditionally harp on religion but today the party is confronted by the evangelical party, DAP, and its political Christianity and the Archbishop who donned a Bersih T-shirt to take part in the rally.

      Umno needs to appease the likes of Isma because they’re a power bloc. Isma views the DAP as “pelampau evangelis”.

      With the Chinese becoming Born Again Christians and controlling the leadership of the DAP, then the race dichotomy bleeds into the religious divide.

      The Chinese-Christians of DAP are pushing us into a religious clash. We had a prelude already with the spate of church arsons in early 2010.

      It is the Chinese who are prone to becoming the insufferable evangelical Christians. It is this Chinese segment of the population that is putting Malaysia at risk of becoming another Lebanon.

      If the Chinese had remained Taoists and Buddhists, the likelihood of religious conflict would be minimized. e.g. the mosques don’t quote any verse od the Quran warning Muslims to beware Buddhists and Hindus in the same way Muslims are cautioned to beware Jews and Christians

      As well the Islamic departments do not conduct seminars warning of the trend of Buddhis-ization in the same wear that these Islamic agencies warn of the danger of Christianization.

      Buddhists are supposed to be 19 percent of the population of Malaysia but you hardly hear a squeak out of them. The Christians, on the other hand, are “only 9 percent” but they’re so loud, aggressive and perpetually whingy.

      And they’re everywhere! They’re really suffocating all the rest of the other religious communities in Malaysia. Now they support Bersih to oust the PM while pretending to be “apolitical”.

  12. As for the numbers here is something from Reuters: Not 100,000 Ambiga claimed to a reporter.

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 30 (Reuters) – Former Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad, joining anti-government protesters for a second day on Sunday, called for a “people’s power” movement to topple Prime Minister Najib Razak over a financial scandal.

    “The only way for the people to get back to the old system is for them to remove this prime minister,” said Mahathir, a deeply respected 90-year-old who was once Najib’s patron and is now his fiercest critic.

    “And to remove him, the people must show people’s power. The people as a whole do not want this kind of corrupt leader,” he told media before heading to the rally, whose numbers police estimated at 25,000.

    The two-day protest brought onto the streets a political crisis triggered by reports of a mysterious transfer worth more than $600 million into an account under Najib’s name.

    Najib, who denies wrongdoing, has weathered the storm and analysts say the protest is unlikely to inspire broad public support for him to quit because it lacks a strong leader.

  13. we’re u failed to notice that along the way to bersih rally the Malays are struggling with their life “untuk mencari sesuap nasi?”. who served u at the Starbucks? which persons Manning the lrts? don’t u ever think about ppl who live in pantai timur where right now they are still struggling to rebuild their house after the big flood?

    we know that all these while, PAS is the one who funded the Malays to come for the rally. without pas, don’t u ever think about the poor Malays?

    So this bersih rally is all about you, about the Chinese? I thought it is all about the rakyat?? and now you say that Malays are less patriotic than u?

    bloody damn racist helen!!

    1. re: “don’t u ever think about ppl who live in pantai timur”

      Yes I do. I miss Terengganu very much and on rainy days here in Selangor, I yearn to be in Terengganu in a kampung or by the sea. Or better yet, a kampung by the sea.

      I even like the musim tengkujuh there. I was told dragonflies in the local dialect is dubbed “puting beliung” rather than pepatung.

      For you,

    2. And yet in the previous rally malays are majorities. Don’t they have work at that time too?

      1. this madafaka is so stupid to read between the lines. They were funded by PAS, you fooking arshol!

        With no support from PAS, why don’t you fork you own money to fund them??

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