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China knows what she is doing

The ambassador of China’s visit to Chinatown KL the other day would certainly have gotten the silent nod from Beijing. Such a sensitive move could not have been done without being given official green light.

In a follow-up development, China defended the action of His Excellency Huang Huikang – see ‘ “China does not interfere in other countries’ politics”: Foreign Ministry defends ambassador to Malaysia after “racism” comments ‘ (South China Morning Post, 28 Sept 2015).

Just as Ambassador Huang receives the tacit approval of China’s Foreign Ministry, so too the state government of Zhejiang has the tacit approval of Beijing in its crackdown on evangelists Continue reading “China knows what she is doing”

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Apa jadi dengan siasatan SPRM terhadap Hannah Yeoh?

Cerita hukuman penjara ke atas bekas Menteri Besar Selangor Mohd Khir Toyo dikekalkan Mahkamah Persekutuan menjadi tajuk utama berita hari.

Beliau disabit kesalahan rasuah yang berlaku lapan tahun lalu. Kesnya yang panjang meleret itu mula disiasat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) pada Julai 2009. Continue reading “Apa jadi dengan siasatan SPRM terhadap Hannah Yeoh?”


Ambassador settles the question – we ARE Chinese, hooray!

Thank you so very much, Your Excellency.

After the years of rabid harassment and attempted ethnic cleansing by the DAP to deny us of our roots, cultural heritage and blood ties to our motherland, at last the envoy from China has anointed us as bona fide Chinese.

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth Hodoh

Continue reading “Ambassador settles the question – we ARE Chinese, hooray!”

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Uses of political Christianity to the evangelical party

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The Butcher of Betelham and his excuses, excuses, excuses

By Mulan

Adolph Lim knows that the church is the best way to halalkan the killing of dogs. No Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu temple will endorse and halalkan his actions because of the fear of karma.

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Ambassadors don’t do this kind of thing

Update (9.54pm): “Dr Mahathir also accused the government of encouraging racist sentiments, although Malaysians were getting on well together.” – see FMT‘s ‘Dr M flays government, Najib for red-shirts rally

Ambassadors “don’t do that,” said Wong Chin Huat, who is a fellow at the Penang Institute.

“I find it extraordinary because ambassadors don’t do things in public. You go make a call, you don’t leave a trace,” Wong was quoted as saying today by the Asia Sentinel. Continue reading “Ambassadors don’t do this kind of thing”

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Sometimes Najib needs to punch

Sometimes When We Touch is an evergreen song so popular that it has been covered by a host of famous artistes.

These include the gravel-voiced Rod Stewart, the gruff Bonnie Tyler, crooners Barry Manilow and Engelbert Humperdinck, rocker Tina Turner, country singer Tammy Wynette, pop singers Andy Gibb (in a duet with Marie Osmond), Donny Osmond and many others.

However the cover best liked by Dan Hill, who’s the original singer and co-writer of the 1977 ballad, is the version sung by Manny Pacquiao. Continue reading “Sometimes Najib needs to punch”

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Umno unleashing “red terror”, claims evangelista (a former ambassador)

Malaysian former ambassador Dennis Ignatius said that Najib Razak and his coterie have released “their own version of the ‘red guards’ to intimidate and terrorize”.

He said this today in his Malaysiakini article – see below – after accusing Umno of having taken a “racist turn”.
Continue reading “Umno unleashing “red terror”, claims evangelista (a former ambassador)”

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Ku Seman: “Keadaan BN adalah sangat genting”

ku-seman-144x150“Kalau kita menganggap perhimpunan baju merah menyatukan Melayu, adakah kita hendak menafikan perhimpunan baju kuning tidak menyatukan Cina? Tambahan pula saya melihat orang Cina lebih komited menyertai Bersih berbanding ‘rombongan Cik Kiah’ dari seluruh pelosok ke Kuala Lumpur 16 September lalu.” – Ku Seman Ku Hussein Continue reading “Ku Seman: “Keadaan BN adalah sangat genting””

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Evangelistas meeting their match in Jamal Sekinchan

The Baju Merah taiko was quoted by the media as saying “Cina babi” is not a slur since after all, the Chinese love eating pork.

Jamal Sekinchan is doing what the sneaky bastards did when they claimed that Bak Kut Teh is not pork. Of course any Chinese would be well aware that BKT is pork just as Jamal is equally aware how offensive the taunt “Cina babi” is. Continue reading “Evangelistas meeting their match in Jamal Sekinchan”

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Tinjauan pendapat: Adakah Bersih 4.0 bersifat perkauman?

In your opinion, was the Bersih 4.0 rally racial?

Note: “Racial” is not the same as “racist”.


Istilah ‘perkauman’ ikut kamus bererti “yang berkaitan dengan puak/suku bangsa”.

‘Perkauman’ diterjemahkan ke bahasa Inggeris adalah “tribal” atau “clannish” (BI ‘clan’ = BM ‘suku’)

Maksud ‘racial’ ikut Kamus Diwbahasa terbitan DBP ialah “berkaitan dengan bangsa/ras”

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Nice guys don’t win wars

Lim Kit Siang complains that the international media is portraying the Red Shirts rally as an anti-Chinese demo.

It’s not true, Grandpapa Dapster chides, claiming that there is no conflict between Chinese and Malays.

Yeah, perhaps there isn’t any acute racial conflict. The conflict is religious – with rivalry between the Religion of Love and the Religion of the Federation coming to a head. Continue reading “Nice guys don’t win wars”

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All you Tun supporters, read this!

It’s an article by Matthias Chang who is Tun’s former political secretary.

Chang has been photographed in the European capitals with Khairuddin Abu Hassan recently making police reports against 1MDB.

Now what do you think Tun is up to – what the ex-premier is up to wrt the sitting PM is public knowledge but what are his other plots – and more specifically, what are Tun’s future plans for Umno?

Read Matthias Chang to find out. Click on PDF below.



Open burning of effigies only adds to the haze – MCA

The Red Shirts have no idea of environment hazard, chides MCA. Burning effigies in the open aggravates the haze, Ti Lian Ker, the party’s Religious Harmony Bureau chairman admonishes the Umno Kota Bharu pyromaniacs.

Lucky they only set ablaze two – Grandpapa and Papa Dapster – and not three effigies (as Mama was overlooked) or else there would have been more smoke. Furthermore the incineration of Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Hannah Yeoh, even if only in effigy-form, emits really toxic fumes. Continue reading “Open burning of effigies only adds to the haze – MCA”


DAP’s dirty and destructive politics

Umno Kota Bharu yesterday enacted “the Taoist rites of effigy-burning and setting up of an altar, complete with joss sticks and fruit offerings”. Lim Kit Siang, who was the object of the mock funeral (see below), was not amused.

Grandpapa Dapster Lim Sr is right to rebuke Umno for misrepresentation. It is doubtful that he is Taoist. Meanwhile his son Guan Eng is a Born Again Christian. Continue reading “DAP’s dirty and destructive politics”


Chinese no longer afraid, says DAPsy Perak

DAP Socialist Youth Perak said after the success of Bersih – where hordes of Yellow Shirts fearlessly took to the streets – Umno and MCA can no longer use the May 13 bogeyman “to scare and bully Malaysians into submission and silence”. Continue reading “Chinese no longer afraid, says DAPsy Perak”

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The majority silent because they’re konpius

Basic journalism pivots on the 5W1H questions.

If one were to apply the ‘What, Who, When, Why, Where and How’ questions to the Red Shirts rally, the asker would definitely get himself lost and end up in Confusion Central, what with the thick haze shrouding the Klang Valley these few days. Continue reading “The majority silent because they’re konpius”


Kit Siang doesn’t know when to shut up

Grandpapa Dapster Lim Kit Siang said today the Red Shirts rally “will only make the Malays in Malaysia the laughing stock of the world”. See latest entry in his blog.

Kit Siang also said “the ‘Kebangkitan Maruah Melayu’ rally represents the worst in Malaysia – the racist, intolerant and bigoted in the country”. Continue reading “Kit Siang doesn’t know when to shut up”


Secret to keeping our country safe

The first Bersih took place on 10 Nov 2007 while the most recent Bersih was on 29-30 Aug 2015. Seven years and 10 months elapsed between the two dates.

This approximately eight-year period saw such a great change as to inverse the equation.

In Bersih ori, Malay participation was 80 percent, if not more. In Bersih 4.0, Chinese participation was 80 percent, if not much more. It was the evangelistas and Firsters who marshaled the yellow tide to overflow the streets.

UBAH, journey from 2007 to 2015

Bersih 2007 2015 ubah

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