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Will MCA jump ship come vote of no confidence?

Former MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu said: “To me, Bersih will be a referendum of the people towards Najib’s administration. People will attend out of anger, frustration and uncertainty towards the crisis, The Ant Daily reported.

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Tun supporters, ponder on this!

Tweet below by blogger otai Big Dog.

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And the award for Ultra Kiasu of the Year goes to Maria Chin

The Bersih committee revealed that they collected a total of RM2,450,000 in donations.

Bersih also claimed they attracted 500,000 participants to rally in just KL centre alone. Do you know how much waste – damage and garbage – half a million people can generate from their intense hyperactivities and not to mention sleepover? Continue reading “And the award for Ultra Kiasu of the Year goes to Maria Chin”

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“Enormous feat” to satisfy demands of TalentCorp returnees

It’s no wonder that Najib Razak has pumped hundreds of million ringgit into the TalentCorp Returning Expert Programme (REP). The efforts required to satisfy the demands of these talented experts is apparently “an enormous feat”.

TalentCorp is part of the prime minister’s Transformasi initiative. Najib and Pemandu CEO Idris Jala sit on the TalentCorp board of trustees. Continue reading ““Enormous feat” to satisfy demands of TalentCorp returnees”