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Will MCA jump ship come vote of no confidence?

Former MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu said: “To me, Bersih will be a referendum of the people towards Najib’s administration. People will attend out of anger, frustration and uncertainty towards the crisis, The Ant Daily reported.

Gan said this as a panelist in a public forum alongside Maria Chin Abdullah, A. Kadir Jasin and Saifuddin Abdullah.

MCA Seremban division legal bureau Tan Foong Luen chief urged the public to join Bersih 4.0.
Stabbed by pen

Speaking a week before the rally, Tan who is a staunch Christian, had made an appeal to “expose the cynical brutal lies, the stubborn arrogance and the ludicrous posturing and proud pathos of a doomed PM”. See his open letter in Malaysiakini.

Former MCA president Ling Liong Sik and his wife Ena attended Bersih. There were MCA rank-and-file members who were not shy to reveal that they attended Bersih.

Dial_M_BlogIs MCA signalling that it has lost confidence in Najib?

Will its conniving pro-Christian media continue stabbing the PM in the back? (To answer my own question – HELL YA!)

The Chinese are solidly behind the DAP. The recent Bersih rally underscores this reality. Which Chinese still supports the MCA, huh?

MCA knows that it is on its last legs. Consequently, it looks like the Chinese party could well be prepared to pull the plug on the beleaguered BN chairman.

Might as well MCA do something ‘useful’ before dying (a sure death in GE14), so to speak.

The EvangeliSTAR pen is venom-tipped. Najib has no antidote because Umno-BN has no publication in the English-language to match the might of the MCA’s media empire.

Bersih was Tsunami 2.0 and revealed without a shadow of a doubt how the Chinese feel about Najib. MCA members are no different.

In case you missed it, this article – ‘MCA backstabbed BN again!‘ – is a MUST READ.

Stabbed by pen2


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14 thoughts on “Will MCA jump ship come vote of no confidence?

  1. Easy answer – No way in hell will they jump ship. No confidence vote not even likely to get PAS support, let alone 35 BN supporters who bank on Najib. When they do support Najib, will Helen apologize to MCA? Again no. Why? Because Helen believes that happiness for society can only be found in a place where everyone agrees with her.

  2. Helen,

    MCA finally admitted to DAP’s threat to Malaysia’s harmony. They finally saw what you have been “screaming” to them all these years.


    MCA finally recognizes the danger of DAP’s politics and approach and voice out on it.

    This is the bravest that I have seen MCA or Liow been for many years.

    Like I said. If you don’t recognize that there is a problem then you won’t be able to solve this problem.

    What is clear however, is that if we continue along the current path without changing we are bound to be heading into serious trouble.

    MCA president Liow Tiong Lai has accused DAP of sowing the seeds of racial discord and warned that it could compromise peace and security in the nation.

    He was commenting on the incidents that transpired during Bersih 4, such as stomping on the images of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

    Liow said it is not the Chinese culture to display such disrespect and cited other examples where protesters conducted mock prayer ceremonies normally performed for the deceased for Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor as well as printing the prime minister’s face on “hell notes”.

    Claiming that Bersih 4 was “hijacked by DAP”, he noted that MCA is worried that what happened could lead to a tense situation.

    “DAP has always spread racial hatred that leads to extremism.

    “If the racial hostility goes overboard, the consequences are unimaginable. Dap would have to bear the responsibility for this,” he warned, according to a report in Sin Chew Daily.

    On the contrary, Liow said MAC has always struggled for stability as well as racial and religious harmony.

    The 34-hour Bersih 4 rally over the weekend was held to press for Najib’s resignation and demand for reforms.

    However, it took a racial slant when the turnout composed mainly of Chinese Malaysians on the first day, unlike past Bersih rallies where Malay participants outnumbered the others.

    Following this, numerous politicians and NGOs played the racial card, with some even resurrecting the spectre of the May 13, 1969 racial riots.

    Bersih 4 was also another unpalatable reminder for MCA with regard to the Chinese community’s continued disenfranchisement with BN and its inability to win their hearts and minds.

    Read more:

  3. If MCA jump ship, who will protect the lucrative ahlong business? The authorities sure will come down hard on these ahlongs since MCA has jump ship.

    1. re: The authorities sure will come down hard

      i don’t think so… our authorities are known with tarnished reputation…. they will soften down upon seeing the ‘kepala agong’….

      seen it most of the time…!

    1. re: “I often wondered what lured 90% to create Tsunami Cina? Anwar? Dap?”

      Hate. Anger. Resentment.

        1. ‘Macam ada yang tak kena nih!’

          Kiasu tu dah berakar umbi. Bila ditambah dengan ABU itu dan ini, maka jadi Ultra Kiasu. Tu yang jadi Tsunami tu. Bila depa belajar jadi kurang kiasu, baru la pelan2 jadi orang Malaysia. Tapi macam susah jaa tengok gaya.

          1. Masa China economy boom lagak depa macam dah menang loteri semuanya. MCA pun closed all their service centres and refused gomen participation. Arrogant semacam.

            Hai sejarah le sampai diundang buat ‘study tour sana!’ Itu May 2015.

            June 2015 graph dan performance sana mula menurun.. August Black Monday CRAAAAAASH. Baca berita even foreign investors having above 5% shldgs cannot pull out at least for the next 6mths.

            Tiba2 dengaq ada geng MCA dok risik2 pasai BERSIH4. Ada yang sokong ada yang attended.

            Yang dok heran, PNB saham2 Bumiputra, Tabung Haji, Tabung Angkatan Tentera, EPF dan lain2 makin meningkat.. non Bumiputra or MCA depa sorok mana duit depa sejak Merdeka?

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