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In their own words: What Bersih supporters really think about Malays

Tunku Aziz Ibrahim says DAP lawmakers openly supported Bersih 4.0. for political gain and that the rally was organized by the Chinese “to flex their muscles”.

He also says fixing the demo on the eve of our National Day was insensitive and provocative as “the Chinese have never identified with Merdeka through our 58 years of independence”.

As only to be expected, Tunku Aziz’s commentary made the Chinese go ape shit. There are 374 reader responses alone to the Malaysiakini report two days ago, ‘Chinese flexing muscles at Malays, says Tunku Aziz‘.

Same old, same old accusations

Tunku Aziz, and Umno, are accused of racializing Bersih 4.0.

“… you could only spew venom to please your political masters” – screenshot here. Tunku Aziz is also accused of being paid by Umno to racialize the rally.

“Such being the case, one also cannot help coming to the obvious conclusion that you have been paid by your political master to come out using such stupid and highly sensitive statements to try to draw the public’s attention away from the 1MDB scandal. – See Malaysiakini article yesterday, ‘In one fell swoop, Tunku Aziz discredits himself irreparably’

In the same article, Tunku Aziz is told, “if you bother to read from the numerous comments posted by Malaysiakini readers, you will realised (sic) that you have not succeeded in your ploy”.

More same old typical allegations

Tunku Aziz, and Umno, are accused of playing the race card to sow hatred.

They are accused of pitting the Malays against the Chinese.

Umno is accused of being a “tyrannical power” and described as “a government that has decayed beyond redemption”. Umno leaders are alleged to be “bandits and thieves”.

They call Tunku Aziz a small man trying to be a hero to the Malays.

He is accused of shamefully pretending to care about the Malays when he’s actually only promoting himself.

“After 58 years, you are still thinking along racial lines. The Malays can see for themselves how you have actually betrayed them with this bulls**t of keeping the Malay race ‘safe’.” – screenshot here

He is further accused of trying to take some kind of revenge against his former party DAP by blaming the Bersih Chinese.

Same old, same old ‘Colour Blind’ chant

Supporters of Bersih 4.0 claim that the rally was to call for a “clean government”. They claim they want a “government free from corruption, racism and oppression”.

“The Bersih participants want to fight for a better Malaysia.”

“… what I saw was full of patriotism and love for the country among the many Chinese”

And “friendship between the races who saw themselves as Malaysians”.

More same old ‘Beyond Race’ mantra

They say Tunku Aziz is taking such a “racist” stand. (They ignore the fact that he has a Chinese wife.)

They claim the Chinese do not “distinguish between races”.

They accuse Umno followers and Umno politicians interpreting of everything “on the basis of race or religion”. (They ignore the fact that Tunku Aziz was the DAP vice chairman, not an Umno member.)

They describe racial polarization and suspicion as “the norm fostered by Umno and people like him over the years”.

Then they ask why Malaysians “constantly see things through coloured lens?”

Tunku Aziz the “downright racist” race baiter

Quotes below are taken from yesterday’s Malaysiakini article, ‘After DAP, Tunku Aziz joins race-baiters‘.

“The hatred this man has for the Chinese has consumed him so”, said someone about Tunku Aziz in the article above.

Remarking on Chinese haters,

“There are many others of his kind like him [Tunku Aziz] within and without the tyrannical, dictatorial regime. Now you can understand why his country is a failed state.” (See screenshot here)

Tunku Aziz’s kind are described as “very rotten, putrefied, corrupt specimens” who deceive and leech on their own Malays as well as on everyone else – screenshot here.

You desire racial warfare to bring emergency rule so your kind can hold on to power.” – screenshot here

Tunku Aziz the “senile old man” getting more senile

They want to lock him up in jail or put him in a mental asylum.

Quotes below taken from yesterday’s Malaysiakini article, ‘Scratch a little and the racial supremacist emerges’

“Tunku Aziz has gone bonkers for uttering such highly inflammatory statements. […] He ought to be put behind bars; better still, confined in an asylum.” – screenshot here

Racist! Racist! Racist!

And extremist too.

They say Tunku Aziz has smeared, spit and cursed at the Chinese.

They accuse him of beating up the Chinese.

They predictably want him charged on sedition.

“Tunku Aziz has lost all his respect and honour by revealing that he is a racial supremacist and bigot.” – screenshot here.


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22 thoughts on “In their own words: What Bersih supporters really think about Malays

  1. A politician like Tunku Aziz should be cognizant of the moral burden borne by the Prime Minister and his 1MDB scandal, badly affecting Malays and Chinese and all humanity alike.

  2. “They say Tunku Aziz has smeared, spit and cursed at the Chinese. They accuse him of beating up the Chinese.They predictably want him charged on sedition.”

    I want to say this about the Pakatan Chinese. They are the ones that disrespect democracy most. Which sector of society did a berkabung Wu Yue Wu (505) after Pakatan failed to have start a government and bring down BN? The ——- (race).
    Who really disrespects democracy? If the Pakatan Chinese do not get what they want, then there is no democracy. They are the ones who disrespect the whole election process.

    The 90% Chinese are just sore losers and spoilt brats. Even with so much education they are still so illiterate. A simply concept like majority could not be understood.

    Now this Bersih. I noticed so many kids are involved. This kids are brained washed since infancy to hate BN. My concern will this kids grow to be terrorist ala IS when they grow up since they get a daily dose of hate with their meals everyday from their papa, mama, Kong Kong and Por Por if they don’t get the government they want? Scary isn’t it.

    1. Kalau lihat tingkah laku, tak boleh percaya they are Malaysians.

      Registration Department should spend time identifying the pictures of all these Bershit4 protestors. Even the Bangkok recent bombings are able to identify potential suspects (foreigners) masakan Malaysia tak bole cari depa2 ni.

      Potential troublemakers. Dah kena buka ‘special’ file mereka2 ni dan mula awasi gerak geri mereka.

  3. Not so difficult to smuggle guns and ammo from Thailand, and you don’t need a chemistry degree to make explosives.

    Of course, May 13 is brought up again to intimidate the Chinese. But guess what? If it happens again, I think the outcome will be quite different this time.

    The average Chinese is no longer as uneducated, unresourceful and afraid as our forefathers in 1969. We no longer shiver at the prospects of Melayu going amok.

    So spare us that stupid shit. Please tell that to that chibai babi MP in sabah Bung whatever fuck. You know, the chibai with the stupid-marked face?

    Tungku Aziz is right that we are flexing our muscle.
    But he got the wrong message.
    He is saying that we want to take over the government. Na na na.
    But what we are really saying to Melayus is please go ahead and keep control of the government, but for fuck’s sake, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!!

    1. It seems like the Chinese these days do pine for sex.
      1. My government fucked my Mom and Dad. (Kid talk)
      2. “chibai babi MP” – bestiality wow. Sex with animals.
      3. In Alvin’s case – group sex with a certain leader’s daughter – doggy style.

      “The average Chinese is no longer as uneducated, unresourceful and afraid as our forefathers in 1969. ”
      Yes. They are so wise when it comes to the topic of genitalia.

      1. True, very true indeed. That is why there are so many China dolls, particularly in the Klang valley where the mainly Chinese DAP supporters live.

        Like in the pic above, that small kid knows what the F*** world already. Father Mother taught one, you know… Need we say more.

      2. Hungry Ghost festival begins 14 Aug ends 12 Sep 2015. The ghosts and the suffering spirits come out from the hell to visit their homes, cari Alvin Tan takde kat Malaysia, start angry dan merayau2 rasuk peserta2 BERSIH4. Terima la padah perbuatan kamu sendiri.

        Imagine a small Chinese boy carrying placard with ‘SEX and FUCKING’ as mummy carry him on her shoulders. Just like his idol threatening to rape a Malay lady.

        Theres a mentaly deranged Indian man camping day and night in my area. Dia cakap sorang tak renti2, noone seems to bother. Cakap dengan dia pun buang masa aje. Elok macam tu saja buat kat APEK2 ni semua. Just ignore them.

    2. The lord Buddha taught:
      “You will not be punished for your anger, but you will be punished by your anger. Peace comes from within. Do not seek it outside yourself.”

    3. Dude, if you keep barking in here nobody would listen (even though they will feel amuse). Why don’t you take that sentiment of yours and go to the Malay majority areas (example; Kg. Baru KL ka) and say it out loud.

      Or better yet, why don’t you organize among yourselves and announce it on the national media. In the end I really want to see whether you guys are really gonna shiver or not.

      Kamon man, mana semangat Guan Yu kamu!!? Melayus ni inferior race je tahu?

        1. Ahahaha..haiyah. Kenape malah-malah, tadi lu ciakap manyak musat. Sikalang lu mau malah-malah apa hatt?

          What time, don’t wait for time said anytime oso can. Now is the right time lohhh.

          Or you and those stupid ajib-go boot-lickers pun sama saja, Sembang lebat, tapi penakut. Yellow bellies.

    4. ‘If it happens again, I think the outcome will be quite different this time.’

      Haiyaa Booboo, no need to brag one la. We oredi know, all you Cina busy belajar senjata with Rela and Army maa. Kawat all dowan, but tembak2, all you Cina come without fail one. Itu tokong sudah penuh meh?? Cukup oredi aah?

      As for amok, lu tak payah kisah, maa, itu angmoh saja bikin kecoh, kata none of a kind la bagai, lu ingat Melayu give a fuck meh itu angmoh mau hairan, kasi masuk English dictionary semua?

      BTW, why you hate that ‘chibai’ so much, he looks like all of you is it? Don’t like what you see in the mirror daily meh? Curse you ancestors la like that! What to do!

      Haiyaa, own face oso don’t like. Everything oso don’t like…everything wan to komplen meh??

    5. As usual, an xxxx race cybertrooper who dares to show his bravery, manliness and keyboards warriorness only in cyberspace. But at the same time, i bet he must be among the xxxx race cybertroopers/ netizens that eagerly preaced for unity and moderation during lowyat fiasco few months ago. So dear xxxx race cybertrooper, why not for the next bersih 5.0 (or anytime as you wish), you together with your colleagues march towards kampung baru, keramat or if you are brave enough, to either bukit aman or padang tembak HQ and then repeat the same things that you mentioned here loudly so that all of malays around there can hear your voice. Then it would be interesting enough for me to see whether significant number of xxxx race do really own guns and ied’s or all of you are just talking cock. No offence to you dear helen.
      Btw i would like to give a heartly congratulations to both bersih 4 organizers and supporters. All of you have managed to make most of ordinary malays to rethink back about their support to pakatan rakyat and also reshape their current view on chinese community. So keep dreaming of changing govt during next 14th GE. Sorry for bad english.

  4. ‘your political master to come out using such stupid and highly sensitive statements’

    Aah, ‘political master’, ‘stupid’, how typical, kan WTJ?

    And as for ‘sensitive statements’ selalu kita akan dengar when the Malays decided to be like Cina and be your face about things.

    Cina is all about in your face maa, so why marah, can’t tahan is it when the Melayu sudah jadi ‘in your face’?

  5. ‘They say Tunku Aziz is taking such a “racist” stand. (They ignore the fact that he has a Chinese wife.)’

    Helen, Shuzeng tahu tak pasal ini??

    Helen (maybe Annie can help jawab), itu Shuzeng ada kawin Melayu meh??

  6. “Tunku Aziz has lost all his respect and honour by revealing that he is a racial supremacist and bigot.”

    In Malaysia, only the Melayu can be racial supremacist and bigot, the rest of the non-Melayu are 1st breed one of a kind Malaysians for the world!

  7. hehe i always admire how Helen can handle all the hatred from them. what amazes me more is how she can actually analyze and make a pattern out of it. Helen, you should probably be conferred some kind of honorable title. What about “The Iron Lady 2.0′? :)

    1. DAP memang dah KO.. Anti gomen anti Melayu Islam yang tak jalan sana sini bawa dompet, peminat2 tegar Alvin Tan dan Namawee. Elok Najib atau Utusan pi sembang aje dengan lembu dan kambing.

      Baki MCA kami rasa tak selesa,
      Masih ada yang talam dua muka,
      tengok sudah exPresident, amboi kat London pulak tu!

      You buka party baru. Ramai yang begitu mengharapkan bantuan dan bimbingan. Kesian anak2 muda kita, they really need someone sincere to lead them. Work hand in hand wth UMNO and other BN parties, sama2 share opportunities, fresh hope a brighter future.


      1. Rephrase;
        Melayu Islam yang jalan sana sini suka bawa dompet sendiri.. (bawa dompet bila minum teh sure bayar sendiri wan)… hehehe

  8. its a beautiful things these Malaysian…addressing its governments to clean itself. These were proud and patriotic Malaysian….deep in their belief in engagements….not shallow as the country thief proclaimed.

    For my overseas friends…these made me more Malaysian Proud.

    To the cynics in this blog previews,reviews and overviews…. that this is about Racial barriers and divides …you loose.
    Bersih is Malaysian at its best.That goes to those who participate and complaints.

    The best Merdeka celebrations.And I was born 4 years after Merdeka.

    Come join us…continue the dialog.You and your governments.

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