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Zaid Ibrahim on why oppo people must rally behind Tun

Zaid Ibrahim: “If we can forgive Anwar for the use of the ISA, for Operasi Lalang, for the Sabah IC scandal, for the sacking of judges, for Islamisation in our schools—all because Anwar is now on our side—can’t we also give Dr Mahathir an ounce of kindness?”

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2 thoughts on “Zaid Ibrahim on why oppo people must rally behind Tun

  1. 900,000,000 views three days ago
    Today allealy 1,206,966,812 views

    Get lost la BERSIH4, menjijikkan aje..
    Count macam DAP CEC election ke?
    Kejap 500K kejap 100K kejap 80K
    Kasi malu sama dunia saja
    You olang motivate bulak kecik bawah umur
    Mencarut aje pandai

    Zaid pun tak payah banyak cakap la, BORING.

    Ini budak baru 21tahun pun bole dapat 1BILLION viewers.
    Ini baru la olang cakap ramai followers.
    Olang dah tua2 1million also cannot gather. MALU..

  2. Wow, Zaid pun sudah pandai main racial card sebab nak pujuk Melayu.

    ‘“The only way we can remove Najib, if at all, is to mobilise the nation. For this, we need a leader. Let me explain why this is important: we can have meaningful change in this country only when Malays accept those changes. Malays will change only if Malay leaders they trust tell them to do so. – See more at:

    Wonder what the anak, Ezra ‘Irshad Manji’s-Reza Aslan’s’ Zaid would think about his sell out father, dangling the racial card now?

    BFM89.9 takmau interview Zaid senior meh, Ezra? Bloody hypocrites!

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