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Non-Muslim Tudung+Puasa ex-beauty queen asks PM to step down

Soo Wincci looks like she’s been infected by the evangelista bug.

soo wincciShe’s yet another one of those non-Muslim Chinese who parades in tudung (pix) to fish Malay fans.

The sexy model also often gets into the celebrity gossip news for her puasa antics during Ramadan – the most recent coverage by Berita Harian just a fortnight ago (26 June 2015).

In the beauty queen-turned-singer/actress’ latest stunt to grab the limelight, she records a video clip promoting her new song as well as supporting Bersih and asking Najib to quit.

Yup, a very opportunistic attention seeker … just like Hannah. ‘Soo Wincci sedia terima padah, rakam video desak PM letak jawatan‘ (mStar, 2 Sept 2015).

Soo Wincci Miss Malaysia


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15 thoughts on “Non-Muslim Tudung+Puasa ex-beauty queen asks PM to step down

  1. Bagi artis dan celberiti Melayu nak tunggu siapa yang nak mulakan ia la kita sama-sama faham perasaan masing-masing tetapi jika nak harapkan pagar pagar makan padi arts pun tak boleh cari makan walaubagaimanapun me salute pendirian Gob. BNM

  2. Sad, some people over perasan thinking they are popular, bet majority Malaysians don’t even know who she is. Anyway for Muslims, beauty contest tak lebih tak kurang sama macam cats or dogs show aje. We don’t bother. Kalo cats show itu my family will fly all the way to Singapore to see.. Meouwww

    Klo cik Helen tak buat posting ni… saya sendiri tak tau who this Amoy is, looks like any other liquor promoter kat kedai makan 99 tepi kampung. Dia dah kena rasuk dengan hungry ghost namawee. Nak promote video dengan cara memperkecilkan dan memperlekehkan Negara, memang suey la nasib masa depan dia. Takde fungsui..

    Generasi sekarang tua muda klo golek2 lompat2 macam Oppa gangnam style baru le akan membuka mata. Siapa la manager dia agaknya? Millionaire? Billianaire?

    1. re: “looks like any other liquor promoter kat kedai makan 99 tepi kampung”

      Beer girls will not pose in tudung. This is something only the evangelistas like to do.

    2. Can you articulate with brains. Try. Just like riding a bicycle, initially it is difficult, but with practice comes lately. Just because she commented Najib must step down, immediately she is a beer promoter. Believe me you will never see a tudung clad beer promoter.

      Had she said the opposite, you will be blessing her and hoping she finds hidayah.

  3. I suspect that the more winsome they are, the more ****** your comments!

    Could you have fallen prey to the “green-eyed monster” of jealousy?

    Or are you suspicious of female pulchritude in general?

    Much like recent remarks on “uncovered dishes” attracting “flies”.

    My, my…..

    1. re: “I suspect that the more winsome they are, the more [bitchy?] your comments!”

      There are thousands of “winsome” celebrities in Malaysia. I don’t comment on them.

      So far, I’ve commented on the Chinese ‘evangelistas’ or alike to evangelistas who wear tudung for publicity. I’m very specific.

      re: “Could you have fallen prey to the ‘green-eyed monster’ of jealousy?”

      If you want to take this line of argument, then the next time you criticize the Malays, I will simply say that you’re just jealous of the size of their manhood.

      re: “Much like recent remarks on ‘uncovered dishes’ attracting ‘flies’.”

      I did not say any such thing. It’s very evangelista of you to use this method of smearing. Tsk, tsk. Try to stay classy, will ya.

    2. Haiyaaaa jeles? I googled just nak tengok how popular this Amoy is…. Alamak! is willing to put her career, fame and even her citizenship..gila bayang mengoyan lebih!

      Kasi malu sama Rabecca Black aje.

      1. Haiyaaa, Risk losing citizenship? Nak tergelak as if anyone here will miss her.

        Di perairan Sabak Bernam, Selangor kejadian bot terbalik membawa antara 70 hingga 80 orang foreigners. Kes Rohinya and Bangla boat people.. beratus ribu sanggup mengadai nyawa just to come to Malaysia maaa.

        Ha.. ini Soo Wincci dok perasan syiok sendiri, hope she includes these picures in her video clips. Muka2 mereka pun sebiji macam muka dia;

  4. Even HA thinks Najib is doing an awful job, but can’t bring herself to say he should quit. When others think he is also doing an awful job it is wrong to ask him to quit? Ultimately, the voters can decide, that reckoning can’t be stopped by a reshuffle, promotions and demotions.

    1. The issue isn’t Soo Wincci asking Najib to quit. There have been calls from other quarters for him to do so.

      I’m pointing out that among the Chinese, it is the non-Muslim but tudung-posturing and puasa publicity-seeking ‘evangelistas’ (I don’t know whether Ms Soo is Christian or not, so I’m using the term in quotes, i.e. generic type) who pull this kind of stunts.

  5. I don’t think we should write Soo Wincci as a silly celebrity beauty queen. This lady is pursuing her PhD and judging from the article last year – she might be a Dr Soo by now.

    In fact, I predict this beauty queen who have a place in politics perhaps one day an MP or minister. Soo has far higher qualifications than Hannah Yeoh or Lim Guan Eng. If the current DPM has a doctorate, then it is time the Chinese have politicians with very high education. The current batch of PhD politicians are mostly Malay like the current divorce controversy Dr Hatta.

    In fact if Soo becomes Dr Soo, she would be the first Miss Malaysia contestant that breaks the beauty only ceiling. She joins only a handful of local celebrities with a PhD like Dr Fazley and Dr Muzzaffar.

    1. Mulan Malaysia,

      Generasi sekarang tak pandang sangat tu semua. Rebecca hardly attended college, she is only 18yrs old.

      Phd depending dia ambik ape. Ada accountant cannot even count 1 – 2500 votes properly. It was reported one famous Apek educationist claims to have a Ph.d in Business Administration from the Southern Cross University in Australia in 1999.

      His purported strings of other qualifications include a Ph.d from the Kensington University in USA in 1993 and another doctorate in Business Administration from Kensington University in 1991.

      It was reported that checks show that Kensington University has no classrooms, no laboratories or dorms.

      Sikalang paper qualifications pun payah mau percaya wan.

      1. What I am trying to say here is tolong jangan terlalu ego dan perasan diri pasai there are millions out there, even in Malaysia prettier and doing better that this Amoy (sorry cannot even remember her name, malas asyik kena scroll up all the time).

        Lets see if her video clip can beat these little boys video;


        Kalau tak boleh…please please shut up and hide your face… Kasi malu olang saja!

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